Birth Stone October.

Birth Stone October.

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Birth Stone October Opal or Tourmaline Gemstones.

Birth stone October opals another choice tourmaline gemstones which is not as popular as opal gemstone, the birth stone for October and Libra dates starts September 24 to October 23 birth stone, you found the right website because Graham’s site you are going direct, wholesale prices because you are cutting out all the middle people and going to the Australian Opal mine and Goldsmith Opal Specialist, that also handcraft jewelry with October gemstones about custom opal rings.
This is the only official government heritage listed Opal mine in the country of Australia, you can outsource natural opal jewelry 100% guaranteed no treatment of any kind, handmade direct from the Goldsmith handcrafted opal rings, you are going direct to the miner primary producer and the Goldsmith artisan jewelry designer, inserting only the finest opals from their heritage mine.

Birth stones October but some people prefer tourmaline but you have got lucky if your love opals, because this site is the right place the only famous Opal mining place in the world, the mine is in the same area as the Guinness book of record opal, where you can find good budget semiprecious and very expensive amazing precious opals the best quality opals ever discovered from Lightning Ridge.

Opal gemstones birth stone October from graham’s opal mine discovered 3 mile open cut, the only leased listed opal mine on the Australian State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register. Official government Submission read “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal and these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.

Birth stones October from the most special and unique mining location a place where only gem dealers go to purchase opal gemstones at the lowest prices wholesale, and knowing that they are natural opals direct from the source, this website are on now you can contact direct to the hard-working prospecters and Goldsmith, the most famous mining opal discovery ever found. Contact Graham because he also handcrafts beautiful natural opal rings, plus all Graham’s opals comes from the only officially Heritage listed mine, awarded heritage stages because the opals are known to be of the best quality ever discovered anywhere in Australia and the world.

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Birth Stone October Opal Gemstones.


Opal birth stones are not only for the month of October because they are outsourced by jewelry designers and Goldsmith’s from all around the world, opals are beautiful gifts jewelry engagement rings for love one’s and birthday presents and Christmas time, as many jewelers customers love unique colored stones. October birth stone have the most colors to choose from, so would have to be the most unique gemstone of all color stones. Tourmaline birthstones also comes in many colors mostly faceted cuts, but do not have the uniqueness of opals as every opal has a unique world print, you will never see two of a kind opal gemstones ever.


Birth Stone October Opal or Tourmaline Gemstones.


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Birth Stone October Are Opals.


Birth stones October opals take over 100 million years for nature to make the finished rough material, opals come found under the ground at different depths which can be less than six meters for Australian black opal and deeper, this is the same with Australian crystal and white opal, but boulder Opal is usually found much closer to the surface and usually open cut mining is undertaken to remove the color gemstones. Opal gemstones are found in regions that can have very hot summer conditions and cold winter conditions, most opals are found in very dry semi arid regions with low rainfall most of the year.


birthstone october,opals

Opals birth stone for October gemstones.

Birth stone October is opal or Tourmaline gemstones, opals are more internationally officially recognized gemstone for people that have birthdays that were born in the month of October but the home of opals is Australia but they are not getting the full story about their national gemstone and birth stone October, as it would panic Australian jewelry businesses that have a range of the Australian national gemstone which is the recognized international official birth stone for the month of October.
Recently I was talking to a lot of the the professional wholesalers of raw and rough mineral businesses that travel around the world doing different exhibitions showcasing material predominantly semiprecious and precious, along with jewelry designers at the international show in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

They all told me that the Chinese have been slowing up every year the last couple of years, and have virtually stopped coming to international exhibitions this year. The Chinese economy is restructuring from old world technology coal power stations to clean energy and will take possibly another 10 years to get going again, I was talking to quite a lot of business people from all around the world like capital of European Union Belgium diamond guys, middle east and of course the famous country that was once named Persia, that had a beautiful display jewelry booth at the Bangkok International exhibition, and I was talking to some of them that deal in China and gave me all the latest news on the Chinese economy. After the Bangkok gem and jewelry show finishes, the companies doing well in Bangkok all move to the biggies rough minerals & gem and jewelry show in Asia Hong Kong. One Chinese business guy that I met buying Ethiopian Opal in Bangkok said, wow the end of China altogether about to collapse like America did real estate is a disaster there.

I think the Australian national gemstone industry is slowly being destroyed, because first world countries laws and regulation plus labour cannot compete with countries like India that are so corrupt, very sad for the Australian official government national gemstone and industry, birth stone opals are also the official emblem of the state of New South Wales and South Australia. The Indians exporters now control the rough opal mineral that comes out of the country of Ethiopia, the Indians will soon control the world’s pricing structure including the Australian national gemstone and international birth stone October.

The industry and jewelry business in Bangkok wow this place flooded the most in the world with this particular birth stone for October, as the Indian manufacturers are taking over the industry in Bangkok. How unlucky for the industry in first world countries because this started about seven years ago when I first come to look at the international gem and jewelry exhibition fair and show in Bangkok Thailand. Wow this very unusual never heard of big Ethiopian rush strike of opal gemstones discovered in this very poor Third World country, in one of the poorest countries in Africa, with no or very little environmental and safety standards, like government regulated workplace and safety on labour.

Indian multinational gemstone factory owners travel to Ethiopia and purchase most of the uncut rough opals, virtually no environmental checks and balances in India also, factories with very cheap underpaid labour shops. First world governments workplace and safety regulations have forced a lot of their countrymen manufacturers offshore to compete in these countries. It used to cost miners in Australia when I was a young man and now I am in my late 50s $12 for one year to lease government land with no bureaucratic or public servant interference that had never worked a day in their life in this industry, telling hard-working professionals many years experience how to go about their jobs like they do today. You could walk in and have a go, and walk away basely only losing your free time labour if you did no good.


Birth Stone October Opal or Tourmaline Gemstones.

Australian regulations is possibly the toughest in the world because small time exploration prospectors and primary producers need thousands of dollars a year for government cost, and this is just to get started and 99% of people will not make one dollar with a 50 x 50 m piece of government desert, were even the aboriginal indigenous people never entered because there was no water and working cost going up all the time. Government very serious environmental considerations has virtually brought the industry to a grinding halt, workplace and safety making the multinational insurance companies offshore richer, now professionals have to stop work lose money and go back to school to government control mining courses, or they cannot continue working in the industry, even if they are a third-generation Australian opal miner at any age, even 60 years of age that has worked in the industry all their life, will be stopped from ever continue mining their own opal mines.

Valentine’s opal jewelry for valentine day opal rings or maybe a valentine opal pendant, maybe you will consider looking for an opal necklace for valentine’s day. You have come to the right place for handcrafted valentine’s day jewelry for someone very special in your life, so leave a great impression this Valentine’s as Graham the Goldsmith designer was also the primary producer with the only official government state heritage listed opal mine capital Sydney Australia. The most famous of opal stones locations was heritage listed by the government because the most beautiful intends colors greatest quality opal gemstones ever discovery anywhere in the world.

Valentine’s opal jewelry would have to be the best valentine’s day gift you could give to someone special, because opals unlike diamonds ruby sapphires, are unique and you will never find two identical opals in your lifetime, birth stone October for your special friend and love one’s at any time of the year, because Opal jewelry is truly a unique gift one-of-a-kind beautiful present, and this is why opal unlike most of the other gemstones are unique, diamonds 100 million all identical just like rubies hundreds of millions all identical sapphires the same, as they are graded shape and cut all the same 100% identical.

Birth Stone October Opal or Tourmaline Gemstones.

Valentine’s opal jewelry comes in all ranges of designs from opal necklace for valentine’s day, Opal rings for valentine’s days custom-made, and this site you are buying direct from the mine at wholesale prices, and direct from the best quality location in the world, this is why next to Graham’s open cut mine they are building right next door 2 story official state government Museum and the capital of the state is Sydney Australia, because now this region is virtually depleted mined out of the best quality opal gemstones ever discovered, where the first white pioneers of the country the British discovered this part of Australia where the indigenous that had been around for thousands of years never wanted into because of its dry arid conditions. But what a amazing discovery the only place in the world with amazing quality dazzling black opal gemstones.

The official government state Museum in Australia will be called the Australian Opal centre, under construction now two-storey one underground one above ground 100% environmentally friendly, sustainable recyclable just like opal mining no chemicals used in the processing, and this area that Graham worked in recent modern times late 1980s ,was originally work by hand pick and shovel and candle power, wow totally organic the opals even cut by hand no electricity needed if you still want to work this way and go opal mining.

But these days it has all changed everybody drives to the workplace in cars or trucks, but most people still use ladders to climb down underground where many people still work with a pick and shovel wheel barrow. On the other hand there is mechanized machinery, but the laws are very strict in Australia for mining and when people have finished working the opal lease, everything must be returned back to the natural nature the shaft filled in tops all placed on top and if there was trees, they must be replanted back on top.

Gemstone October Birthstone.

Valentine’s or if your birth stone October then opal jewelry comes in all ranges of designs from multicolor opal necklace, multicolor opal rings for valentine’s days or virtually any colors including single colors 2 colors plus many amazing opal Patterns. Maybe blue and green opal necklace for valentine’s day, or if you prefer purplish colors or mixed purplish and blue color ring, but just remember the Australian national gemstone and the birth stone October can make gifts for all occasions.