BlackOpal Ring.

BlackOpal Ring.

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BlackOpal ring jewellery handmade opal ring.

black opal ring,opal ring,opal jewellery


black opal ring,opal ring,opal jewellery

BlackOpal ring please contact to have this opal designed and handcrafted into beautiful jewellery.

BlackOpal ring possibly rarest gemstones on earth and black opals are in the top very rare minerals, there is a budget opal semiprecious and gem predominantly quality gemstone also that is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. BlackOpal ring unfortunately this unique industry is facing a severe downsize and in the very near future there will be no supplies of good quality Australian black opals. The full story hear recently Graham was talking to many professional jewellers and shop owners that travel around the world, that purchase their gemstones at jewellery exhibitions that showcase rough and uncut material, but predominantly semiprecious and precious cut and polished gemstones. Also the latest jewellery designs are on display at all international jewellery shows, at Bangkok and Hong Kong and USA they all told Graham they rarely see Australian blackOpal rings any more.

BlackOpal Ring Jewellery.

BlackOpal ring jewellery from Australia has to compete with the low grade opals from the Country of Ethiopian, this opal rush strike of gemstones discovered in a very poor third world country in one of the poorest countries in Africa . Africa with no or very little environmental and safety standards like Australian government regulated including workplace and safety on labour. Indian multinational jewellery and gemstone factory owners travel to Ethiopia and purchase most of the uncut rough opals, virtually no environmental checks and balances in India also, factories with very cheap underpaid lower cast people cutting gemstones. India has lots of corruption the industry and jewellery business in Bangkok flooded with India cut opals, as the Indian manufacturers are taking over the industry in these countries. Graham thinks the Australian industry is slowly being destroyed because first world countries like Australia, Japan Singapore and many Scandinavian and western European countries have regulations such as environmental laws are very strong with first world safety and workplace regulations practices very strong.

opal jewellery,opal jewelry

Opal gemstone in handmade jewellery with rubys.

Australian black opal mining regulations are possibly the toughest in the world because small time exploration prospectors and primary producers are basically gambling thousands of dollars just to be allowed to start opal mining, State government payments cost going up all the time before you even start. About 95% of people will not make one dollar with a 50 x 50 m piece of government mining lease in the desert. Farmers can never make money off a 50 x 50 m piece of dirt, but miners we’ll keep the towns alive, miners go bankrupt even after 2 years expiration by then costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars all spent in town. So one-day shortly not even the government will make any money if something is not done quickly about the Australian black opals supply, and possibly many Australian opal mining towns will become ghost towns, common sense offices that regulate the industry need to be more balance when it comes to economics safety an environment.

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BlackOpal ring specialist jeweller Graham Black opal expert with official government Heritage opal mine in the country of Australia.


Great investment guaranteed graham’s BlackOpal ring jewellery and opal gemstones more information at Home Page.

Invest in gemstones and gold and silver because In these very uncertain financial times pressures metals, gold silver and very rare gemstones like Australian black opals are your best investment. Because European currency is down British currency down Japanese yen down, well the American dollar has been up and down for years. Conflict in many countries in the middle East for over 15 years now, plus petrodollar changing from $US to where China and Russia currency, plus involved in middle East and Europe conflict, Russia and America are not seeing eye to eye again, we all thought the cold war was over. North Korea China and problems with South Korea and America Japan conflict everywhere, investments uncertain sharemarket stocks and bonds not like they used to be, there is so much uncertainty with money in banks with virtually no interest you can make and we have seen big banks collapse.

BlackOpal Ring Jewellery.

Best investments in 2017 – 2018 is gold and expensive gemstones and homes and land and black opals have always been very rare hard to find in jewellery boutiques, but in the future a very good gem blackopal ring will be a lot more expensive as all gemstones now going up in price, but they are still plentiful diamonds and rubies, but 5 ^ gemstone are great investment.

As most of the Australian black opals supply is exhausted around the capital of the industry at Lightning Ridge, with not much supply coming from any of the surrounding fields that has in the past produce Australian black opals. These days the industry is facing a downturn as prices skyrocket for diesel and operating costs keep going up, government cost its ever more expensive bills to pay, transport laws and regulations not allowing miners to drive an old cheap unregistered vehicle across a dirt road and with no infrastructure on a farmers property, but miners still being financially panelized by police or State government road transport, which has made the industry uneconomical, to maintain a truck in the condition for registration is so much different to what people in the first world concrete jungles with all the infrastructures traffic lights cement curving is so much different, there needs to be more relaxed laws in the third World outback where there is no or very little infrastructure money spent. Independent primary produces farmers and miner prospectors need basic transport, where rust on a panel door with scrapes and marks on the paintwork, does not stop people from working and it’s not dangerous, but State RTA is turning some independent mining and farming towns and the countryside into a ghost towns. This type of City urban regulation and political correctness only allows the multinational Alien Insurance companies to make money out of the industry, unto such time the insurance companies make it unaffordable to work in the industry or even have an industry, and then no one makes a living or feeds their families and the insurance company and government public servants lose their jobs also

Workplace and safety Insurance companies and political correctness has allowed Aliens multinationals Indians mining companies and Chinese commonest to get the first pick and pick the eyes out of everything first before the Australians private businesses and working class can do, so maybe the only people that can operate in Australia in the future will be multinational companies, so very few professional independent Australian miners are now willing to invest in exploration as most have left the area and gone into the cities to look for work.

The state of Queensland opal regulations are much more relaxed in the outback, Queensland boulder opal now is what they are all prospecting for, boulder opal prices going through the roof but will never be a substitute for black opals, as the quality is not the same as Australian black opals, much more stable but Queensland opal can have very beautiful colours intends like black opals.

True opal specialists will always recommend as an investments Australian black opals over all the other opal deposits in Australia and outside Australia including Ethiopian crystal opals that seemed to be on the market, and there is quite a lot of treated Ethiopian opal and look alike blackopal rings being passed off as a Australian blackopal ring.