Blue Opals Or Multicolors.

Blue Opals Or Multicolors.

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 Purple color and blue opal fire is common when processing mining clay .

Blue opals we design jewelry using blue opals in the design,  you can have all the colors of unique rare and different gemstone from around the world in one jewelry design. “Special Graham Black opal offers clients free of charge” when purchasing fire opal over $191. His jewelers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased ,clients personal designs  excepted also a limit of 15 g – 1/2 oz of free solid sterling silver, we include free insurance and postage to your home. Opal from Lightning Ridge three mile field have been recognized  of the highest quality . We have the only mine lease, listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.Submission read “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal” and these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance, in every conceivable pattern including harlequin, picture stones and Chinese writing.

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Extremely big blue opal from Australia.

 Purple color and blue opal fire is common color fire .

All colors plus blue opals when all the clay has been clearly washed out of the agitator barrel make sure you turn the engine down so it is running very slow as there will only be solids left in the agitator and you do not want to break any single color fire opal or multicolor fire in the barrel.
Put the agitator into reverse and naturally all the material will come up and out and run down the chute to your processing table, make sure you have a good sorting table with access to water and I cannot emphasize  tailing out should be done extremely slowly” patient is a virtue.


You do not want to miss blue opals or any colors, this is where a lot of businesses make a huge mistake .   Many people noodling often days after looking for what you have missed  please this final job you must do in the middle of the day where there is plenty of light and sun available , good luck hope you find lots of gem black because you will be very rich wisely invested you can live off your interest for the rest of your life.   One more time sorting through the  tailing’s this truly is most important job because it is so easy to miss seeing stones color amongst the material when you are sorting through this final stage of opal mining.   It is important to have a 12 meter water holes handy  to keep the tailings very clean and wet you must rotate the material looking for color the whole time on a sunny day if you follow this procedure and have patience and you are working country which is carrying material then you will certainly see and not miss any opal if you follow my advice.      After collecting all the color and material that you would like to crack open for a better look for stones than head back to the cutting office. Some people like to have a small  tumbler which they will then rewash the  stones for a hour or so before pinching and cracking the sides of the material which are not carrying  color just to make sure there is not any color carrying inside the material before discarding this material , then you are ready to orientate and rub down the opal. How to study rough black  } first step is to separate the color from the non color. All the black material I would snip with title pinches around the edges of the material just to make sure there is no color inside. Ok now down to the business orientation opal there is only one advice lots of practice on inexpensive low-grade ruff parcels, it always helps if you can purchase a good book on the particular type of opal you wish to learn on. There are also CDs and VCRs tapes available these days, the internet also and down the track you will become more comfortable cutting and polishing.  It is certain that you will be a lot more professional and move into more expensive parcels.

“Don’t forget Graham’s Special blue fire opal,he offers custom make jewelry free of charge” when purchasing fire opal over $191.