Crafted Jewellery With Natural Opals.

Crafted Jewellery With Natural Opals.

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Crafted jewellery opal ring handmade.

Australian opals 100% natural gemstones for crafted jewellery.

Crafted jewellery with solid Australian natural opal gemstones, guaranteed 100% money back if the opals are ever found otherwise not to be an Australian opal. Gold these days seems to be a great investment always going up and opals and gemstones so you can resell for profit by many ways, including today’s World Wide Web on eBay or Alibaba website, there are many different gold sites and jewellery sites. There always and will still be the traditional sale methods for crafted jewellery at boutiques jewellery shops, and gem and jewellery trade shows. Many good quality crafted jewellery and gemstones are handed down to love once and often later in life if people have financial difficulties, this type of inheritance can help your next of kin get out of the problem. Currency money regardless of what country we are talking about seems to be up and down and mostly down a lot more these days, American dollar problems and bonds and of course bit coins are cider coins so do they have any true value maybe buying a coffee, but if you lose your password you lose your asset in bit coins. But gold jewellery with a beautiful opal and diamond are solid assets as rain and time will never damage gold or silver or sapphires or a beautiful ruby etc.


opal ring.

Opal ring crafted jewellery with Australian opal in the black opal group N2 bodytone contrary to the certificate rating of natural opal.

Crafted jewellery opal ring custom-made.


Cleaning method if the stone is not a solid stone like a doublet opal which is a natural thin layer of Crystal opal glued on to a darker background to either strengthen or inhands and make the colours more intense and beautiful.
To avoid damaging the glue never use jewellery cleaning chemicals or water on the opal, and never soke opal rings or jewellery items either in solution.  Best method for crafted jewellery with opals, is using a cotton bud you can apply chemicals to the gold or the silver but never to the stone, leave chemical on jewellery 15 minutes about then wipe the chemical off, or if you used soapy water with a clean tissue dry and clean the ring from all detergent and stains.

Then proceed with a new and cleaner tissue and go through the procedure again, after this make sure you have a very clean cloth and polish the jewellery and you are done.
But now for the opal this time only clean the gemstone by fogging the opal with your breath and immediately with new very clean tissue that came out of the packet only polishing the opal, repeat a few times with cleaner new tissue every time.
Always work close to the ground and always make sure there is a rug under wear you are working so if you drop the crafted opal jewellery or a crafted opal ring, you will not damage the opal gemstone on the hard floor.


Crafted jewellery opal rings take care of your investment.



Crafted jewellery with solid opals cleaning method, with a cotton bud you can apply chemicals to the gold ring or the silver jewellery but never apply any chemicals at all to the opal gemstone,  leave chemical for 15 minutes about then wipe the chemical off,  but if you’re soaking in soapy water you can leave for longer, yes solid stones are okay to soak.

But hey i did not say drop your jewellery into chemical solution of any kind including turp’s or thiner,  this will most likely not make a problem for Australian opal, but can seriously damage Ethiopian opals.

Please if the ring is very dirty only on the crafted ring jewellery use a soft toothbrush to remove hard tarnish from the gold or silver part of the ring only, never on the opal. Ok now removed jewellery from the warm water “but never use hot or cold water”. With a clean tissue clean ring but not the opal, then proceed with the cloth and remove the chemical a second time then polish with a cleaner tissue.
Now how to clean the opal only with a new dry tissue, discard any tissue left out of the packet and with the new tissue clean the opal only, repeat with a cleaner new tissue a second time and fog the opal with your breath and immediately with new tissue again start polishing after this you should be finished. If the solid opal gemstone is still greasy or dirty still, then only use this method as last resort.
Get some good quality body alcohol rub and applied to a clean cloth and start wiping the opal and immediately use a second cleaner tissue or cloth, you can repeat with the body rub alcohol second time if still not clean, and then soak immediately in water for one minute, take the solid opal out of the water and go through normal cleaning procedure with dry cleaning tissue.
Please do not forget work close to the floor surface and make sure there is carpet something soft under wear you are cleaning the crafted jewellery or opal ring, so if you drop the jewellery you will not make any problem or damage the crafted jewellery in particular the gemstone on the hard floor surface.