Opal Rings.

Opal Rings.

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Custom Rings With Opal Gemstone.

Custom made opal rings and jewellery are excellent Christmas presents and great fashion for this New Year 2001. Australian opals are of the finest quality in the world, and theirs no better but getting very rare and difficult to find good quality Opal gemstones, so custom rings and opal jewellery in boutiques and jewellery outlet in your country very difficult to find gem quality Australian opals. Unfortunately your local Goldsmith and jewellery designer will also find it very difficult, if not impossible to outsource good quality Australian opal these days. Semiprecious commercial grade and low-grade opal jewellery hopefully not a problem in your country.


 ring opal

Custom-made Jewellery design by Graham Black, opals from his official government Heritage listed opal gemstone mine in Australia.


Opals are unlike diamonds sapphires and ruby’s etc, as you do not have as much choice in colours, and virtually no choice in patterns unless you outsource a star Sapphire. Do not make your request too difficult to outsource for good quality Opal, specially a stone that fits your criteria perfectly unless you’re prepared to spend lots of money and go through an opal specialist shop, if you even have one in your country. You maybe will find a few sites only on the first few pages of an internet search will be able to get what you want if you feel comfortable making a large transaction.

 gold opal ring

Ring multi-colour opal surrounded with diamond.


Custom made Opal Ring.

Even though opals can give you the best choice in colours and shapes patterns and sizes compare to gemstones like diamonds and sapphires ruby’s Jadeite etc, so don’t forget a good quality clear multi-colour opal with red with black body tone, black opal group is the most expensive so obviously very rare and can only be outsourced from only one location in the world. And only one location in Australia and the place is known as Lightning Ridge.  There is still a small amount of this type of Opal being produced around the surrounding district, but be prepared to pay as you will be buying a completely unique gemstone unlike diamonds rubies sapphires, many the same identical gemstone as millions of other people will have the same shape colour size clarity grading.

October birth jewellery

Silver ring 3 opals flower design colour 2 blue and green and one red opal.

Regardless of the jewellery design custom-made or straight off the shelf, there will only be one Opal and you will have it as they are all unique, so basically custom design rings you do not have to pay a fortune for the best designer, as your custom made opal ring will truly stand out in a crowd.
Most of today’s opal in jewellery shops come from the country of Ethiopia and this gemstone is very porous, compare to Australian opal rings and are best kept out of the rain as the colours can deteriorate over time.  Often when you’re buying and shopping in stores etc It’s buyer beware, not pay too much and be very careful when you’re on a holiday tourist are often scammed, and you will find you have purchased Ethiopian Opal ring not an Australian Opal ring.


Custom made gold opal ring

Custom made ring in 18 ^ with blue green Opal surrounded by four gemstones sapphire ruby diamond and emerald.


All the opal ring jewellery are guaranteed to have solid opals and all from Australia.

graham black custom made opal jeweller


Custom Opal Jewellery With Australian Gemstones.

Rings with opal gemstones are unique jewellery because of the gemstones, and I would recommend only Australian opal gemstones in rings. The strongest and most amazing play of colour is the black opal, and the N1 classification black group means jet black, this is the strongest type to have in your ring and will handle the most extreme weather conditions, from very hot sun light very hot days to very cold winters when snow skiing.


 custom opal ring

Ring with multicolour Australian black opal.


Black opal comes in a very wide range of colours and mix colours & patterns, shapes sizes so there is an opal for your ring or any type of jewellery.  Opals make excellent pendant and necklaces, and for a man my personal preference is a ring with a magnificent unique multi colour black opal cabochon shape, that has been designed and in-placed in a very good unique design ring.


 silver ring opal

Silver ring with 3 opals.

Check out on Google Maps the most famous most amazing Opal location in the world with official government Heritage listing in the Country of Australia.

Guinness book of records opal was discovered here name the Hayley’s comet. Graham was the last guy to work with the Barklay guys who had the claim in the now Heritage area. Soon under construction next to grahams claim official State Museum being the Australian opal centre.