Custom Made Opal Wedding Rings.

Custom Made Opal Wedding Rings.

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Custom Made Opal Wedding Rings Or Engagement Rings With Diamonds.

Custom made opal wedding rings lot cheaper hear because you have gone direct to the primary producer goldsmith designer that open cut his own Australian opal mine. Here you are going direct wholesale prices to Mr Graham Black site and shopping cart, with the best deposit of Australian opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed opal mine in the country of Australia, Heritage listed because the quality is the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world.

Custom made opal wedding rings and custom engagement rings all the colors red like ruby rings blue like sapphires rings, the color of turquoise green of jade in one gemstone, and if you have the custom jeweler surround the handmade opal rings with diamonds you have a spectacular looking opal diamond wedding ring.

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Australian custom-made black opal ring with diamonds.

Graham has a sale on now free delivery and free Insurance no charge for custom make opal wedding ring delivered to your home for your loving wife.

Graham has the highest quality strongest and best fire opals that come from lightning Ridge 3 mile mine, Graham Black is the only claim holder left that can prospect and discover gems in one of the state heritage mine in this state of NSW Sydney Australia, he still holds the sole rights to a government lease which is registered in his name. The reason why the 3 mile mines were listed as an item of environmental heritage in LEP national trust of Australia register is because the opal gemstone was of the highest quality ever discovered, and this is why the mine also achieved State heritage, this black opal mine has the gemstone which is the national symbol of the state Sydney capital, also these gemstones are the official national symbol of his country Australia. 3 mile is where the Guinness book of record uncut black opal was discovered, now there is official state Government Museum being built under construction right next door, 2 story one underground one above ground attraction that will be called the Australian opal Centre and maybe have custom made opal wedding rings.

Australian custom made opal wedding rings with diamonds.

Opal Jewelry Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Opal Rings Youtube Channel.

What ring design would you like us to custom make maybe a little diamond either side of the Australian crystal custom opal wedding rings or maybe two diamonds either side of the wedding ring. You can simply leave the design up to us and tell us your future wife favorite colors as this is often enough and you will not need diamonds, we can give you many examples diamonds either side of the main gemstone or diamonds totally surrounding 360°, place one Australian gem or maybe two in the middle of the wedding ring.


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Australian custom made opal wedding rings.

Custom made jewelry most likely will be unique but as Australian crystals along with white and black gemstones are all unique, opals are all one-of-a-kind virtually impossible to find identical matching opals. This gemstone along will certainly make your wife wedding ring unique, but there are many options white gold wedding rings-yellow gold rings and so many different types of shapes in diamonds that the jewelry designer-goldsmith can handmade. Beautiful artisan Australian custom opal wedding rings .

Australian custom made opal wedding rings diamonds also.


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Australian custom made opal wedding ring with diamonds for sale.

The trolley cart has some gemstones but not the only gemstones available for customers, simply e-mail to us your recommendation colors dimensions and of course your budget, as this will save a lot of time and confusion as there is Australian opals to suit all budgets from the most expensive to commercial grade and as you can see we have a special offer under $200. Customers can have free custom made artisan work man ship, you only have to pay for the gold so depending on the size of the ring at lease one third of an ounce or about 10 grams gold will be needed, you can simply look at today’s international price of gold on the Internet, but as most people like a couple of little diamonds your most likely looking at about $571.   This is wholesale price direct from the goldsmith direct from the Australian miner,this is the only reason why Australian custom made opal wedding rings with diamonds can be handmade at such a great price for customers.


opal mine

Our opals come from this mine, the only heritage mine left at 3 mile lightning ridge Australia.