Custom mens opal rings.

Custom mens opal rings.

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Custom mens opal rings we offer a special deal to new customers.

Custom mens opal rings mens jewelry often more masculine when considering males are usually bigger body size, so big rings are in favor when making custom mens opal rings. Designs need a large gemstone and usually a large setting in silver or gold. We offer a special deal to new customers we will hand make the ring free you only need to purchase 1 gemstone from our famous Australian Heritage open cut mine over US $199 and our goldsmith is free of charge and will make your ladies jewelry designs, we accept your designs or we can design together to suit your needs,all my opal rings are guarantee to very high international standards of jewelry craft man ship.

 custom mens opal rings,Australian black, opal gemstone and diamonds ring

Images custom made black opal ring with Australian black opal gemstone and diamonds.

Grahams Custom mens opal rings should save you around $900 because you’re buying direct from the primary producer the opal miner, cutting out all middle people gem merchants and dealers, jewelry manufacturing factories, wholesale jewelry outlets, and of cause your local retail jewelry boutique. We also cut and polished from the rough stones we mine and our main passion is custom goldsmith crafted rings jewelry.

Custom mens opal rings.

We guarantee the opal is a solid Australian gemstone with no treatment of any kind money back in full if you find otherwise, we will also pay for a recognized gem lab testing certificate stating otherwise. But you can rest and be assured our Australian mine was not heritage listed in the state of New South Wales capital Sydney Australia for no reason at all, the 3 mile was Heritage listed as it was recognized as having the best quality deposit ever discovered.

Tour from the safety of your home via the amazing internet, see for yourself on Google the location only Heritage opal mine worldwide, “see the amazing construction being built right next door to my open cut mine the state of N.S.W Museum Australia under construction, on Google maps see the most famous location in the industry right next door to the biggies opal open cut mine in the world where I found the last collection of gems, the area is virtually depleted as the area was heavily worked as this location was known to produce the best quality of its type in the world. The big blue link button at the very bottom of the page below has the longitude-latitude that will take you to Google maps, you will see Graham Black jeweler famous Australian mining location.


australian opal rings,custom Australian black opal rings ,silver opal ring

Handmade custom mens opal rings in silver opal ring dark blue green color cabochon cut.

The Internet is amazing because it has allowed independent prospectors mining in Australia along with small businesses, craftsmen goldsmith designer’s to sell at low discount prices direct to the public, where the public is 100% protected by PayPal banking. The blood sweat and tears independent small miners persevere with,”otherwise the multinational jewelry sweatshops in China and India South America etc would dominate every countries industry because of their cheap labour base and little workplace and safety human rights.
And of course first world countries companies have become multinational taking their work offshore to these third world and developing countries to take advantage of cheap labour, which in turn has sent most artisans goldsmith in our first world countries bankrupt. If not for the Internet i would had to sell my gemstones i discovered at lightning Ridge Australia, direct to the merchants that flew in to Sydney from overseas and travelled overland to the outback, by the time they purchased at wholesale there would not be much meat left on the bone for me to develop an internet business keep my trade Australian opal mining and goldsmith business.


Grahams offer a good deal to new customers on custom mens opal rings.

black opal rings, fire opal rings, opal ring,custom made gold green blue opal color ring

Custom-made gold green blue opal color ring.


We recommend the best centre stone to use is the Australian opal, when designing with silver I like to use 20 grams of silver depending on the size of the man’s hands. Gold designs can have the same weight depending on your budget, as custom goldsmith jewelry is a lot more expensive than silver jewelry simply because of the extreme difference in prices.
Gold custom men’s opal rings.
Opal mens rings look special when designing with diamonds around the centre opal, square cut diamonds place tightly side-by-side by professional gemstone setter,this is a skill and trade on it own. Particularly when it comes to gemstones that are not rated above 6 in hardness, as you do not want the goldsmith to crack the stone when locking it down in the setting. I like to place the diamonds down either side of the gold band and place smaller rectangular shape cut diamonds stacked perfectly side-by-side around a dome cabochon shape Australian opal.
Blue green in color would have to be one of the most magnificent contrast with clear diamonds in a handmade custom opal mens ring, blue green very natural and masculine colors. Baguette diamond designs are another choice for mens jewelry but its always up to the customer’s preference what color he chooses, multi colors of the rainbow in a high dome cabochon cut is another excellent choice if the design is big, and some people like to add diamonds in the setting.


black opal ring ,certified opal ring, ring gemstones opal with certificates,fire opal ring

Handmade opal ring pattern cats eye multicolor.


Options available octagon style diamonds jewelers can design mens ring with prefer princess cut diamonds if they prefer this style more feminine, one of my favorite for men emerald cut diamonds,shape named-trilliant-style-diamonds can be designed into the ring, ladies love pear cut diamonds so many options like the shape named-briolette-cut-diamonds ladies love round diamond cabochon, i also recommend emerald cut diamonds set into a handmade custom opal mans rings.


australian opal ring,opal ring, custom opal jewelry

Custom mans and ladies opal rings.


Now let’s go on a tour via google maps to the semi-arid outback of Australia where over 100 million years ago dinosaurs roamed the gem fields around Lightning Ridge, where in very recent modern times the indigenous aboriginal tribes roam completely naked, they had no written language nomad’s hunters and collectors wandering, where i found an ancient underground water stream inlet and remains of ancient creatures that used to drink from the inlet, was possibly eaten by giant water creatures that resembled today’s 5 meter man eating crocodiles that live in Australia, along with the discovery of one of the rarest gemstones in the world when I opened cut part of the biggest opal open cut mine in the world, just click on the big button below and let go touring.
Click on this big blue button you will go to one of my other page first, scroll down a little bit and you’ll see a big blue button below like this one it will take you direct to google maps.

Custom mens opal rings Australian opal rings,black opal rings,handmade jewelry buy Graham Black Opal Goldsmith.

View our heritage opal mine, famous gemstone discovered there go to google maps.