ebay opals.

ebay opals.

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ebay opals or buying on websites.

ebay opals cut out all the middlemen like people selling Opals on ebay, and save lots of your hard earned money by going direct to source, Graham Black the custom opal jeweler and the primary producer opal miner.

We mine solid opals so we cannot sell on eBay opal auction but on our e-commerce site you will not get synthetics for the same price as solids like on eBay.   We had genuine gemstones with certificates stating black opals or semi black from the capital of the Australian Industry. We have collection of custom jewelry all handmade unique one of a kind design.


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Australian black opals on ebay opals jewelry for sale but lot cheaper hear.


I am Australian opal prospector I am also the last miner to work at the famous ‘3 Mile Lightning Ridge’,which is internationally recognized for best quality opal gemstones. It is also the only location that has a Heritage listing in NSW Australia of which Sydney is the capital.
I provide Lab testing certificates to verify the authenticity of my genuine opals & can verify my claims with an Australian mining lease. A museum,’The Australian Opal Centre’ is currently being constructed next door. Please take a look: http://mgnsw.org.au/organisations/australian-opal-centre/
If you purchase high quality opal over the amount of $199,the jewelry item will be made free of charge with your custom made design,you pay only for your preference of silver or gold. This is available at Graham Black opal, a word of warning do not buy stone without a proper grading report. For example,GIT,IGI,GIA. be very careful when dealing with an unknown grader, never trust an in-house grading report.

ebay opal policy.

Australian Opal Rings.

You can return the item within 10 days if it does not match the description seen on eBay. I also have a 45 day return policy if the opal proves not to be a genuine solid Australian opal gemstone containing no treatments or enhancements. There is no misinterpretation as I provide a professional Lab testing report from institute GIT with certificates to verify my claims. I also provide a written guarantee stating that the gemstone is a solid Australian opal, if found otherwise the full cost will be returned.

ebay opals payment method PayPal.

PayPal offers incredible buyers protection in the case of a dispute,for example if the opal is delivered and does not match the description, both you the dealer are allowed 20 days to resolve the conflict. PayPal will investigate the issue, provided your claim is reasonable the ruling will be in your favour.  But if you prefer other methods of payment please do not hesitate to contact me.

People that like purchasing eBay opals that have PayPal accounts are also protected and safe on my site with the same policy when using this Internet banking company.

ebay opals and opal jewelry cut out all the middle businesses like sellers of Opal jewelry on ebay, and save lots of your hard earned cash by going direct to source, Graham the custom opal jeweler and Graham is the primary producer opal miner.