Gemstone October Birthstone.

Gemstone October Birthstone.

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Gemstone October Birth Stone,Tourmaline Or Opal Rings.

Gemstone October birth stone lot cheaper hear because you have gone direct to the primary producer goldsmith designer that open cut his own Australian opal mine. Here you are going direct wholesale prices to Mr Graham Black site and shopping cart, with the best deposit of Australian opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed opal mine in the country of Australia, Heritage listed because the quality is the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world.

Gemstone October birth stone marks your unique birthday date so opal is your private domain birthstone gemstone, opal birth stones identifies us as you are a very individual person, opals like your individual facial identification, opal gemstone October birthstone unique also,  you will never find two identical opal birth stones gemstones ever in the course of your life time.

Diamonds all identical with no individual markings, rubies all identical also, sapphires again all identical gemstones the only difference is the gemstone size, one carat or two carat , and of course clarity equals quality A grade B grade or C grade gemstones and this is like most of the other gemstones birth stones tourmaline etc, they are all graded and placed into their size groups 0.5 carat or 1 carat or 2 carat etc.   Gemstone October birth stone opals is your unique identification and when passed down to your family in the future, your opal jewellery will always carry your memories on throughout the future generations of your family tree.
Opals Australian National Women’s basketball team name, opals Head coach Jan has one opal gemstone from Graham Black Opal famous opal mine, which is next door to where the famous opal named Halley’s comet, the Guinness book of world records largest uncut black opal gemstone that was discovered in modern time, also in the same year 1986 the year when Halley’s comet could be seen from Earth.

Opals Australian National Women’s basketball team name, Opals Head coach Jan has one opal gemstone from Graham Black Opal famous mine, which is next door to where the famous opal named Halley’s comet, the Guinness book of world records largest uncut black opal gemstone that was discovered in modern time, also in the same year 1986 the year when Halley’s comet could be seen from Earth. About Graham Black official Government Heritage mine in Australia more information at Wikipedia Article famous Halley’s Comet by Graham Black Opal. The head coach stated his Opal jewellery will remain Jan preferred lucky opal jewellery to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky opal jewellery during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout Jan’s world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, medal 2006 World Championships and Silver in Beijing Olympics.


Astrological sign of Libra 12 Zodiac signs birthstones Gregorian calendar September 24 to October 23 Gemstone birthstone for Libra Opal, 7 Sign of the Zodiac ruling planet of Libra Venus and ruling Element of Libra Air, birthstone and Zodiac Sign.

Gemstone October birth stone history opal gemstones also the birth stone for the zodiac sign of Libra. Healing properties beautify’s the body inner beauty and faithfulness, and eyesight properties. Gemstone October birth stone opals is the lucky gemstone for many people and countries, like Australia and in China after jade, opal comes second as the lucky gemstone, the most powerful country in western Europe, Germany opal is the lucky gemstone but the spelling is not the same, but a very lucky gemstone is opel as spell in Germany. People in the United States of America love this gemstone but particularly Australian Opals, and the home land of the international language England Britain opal is the official engagement ring. So many famous people are known to have opal jewellery, Rockefeller, Sultans and the most famous Royal family in the world the British Queen.

Gemstone October Birth Stone Gold Opal Rings Handcrafted Design Jewellery.

All our gemstone birthstone for October was discovered at the only working opal mine, listed opal mine State Heritage Register Sydney the capital. List as item of environmental Heritage in LEP National Trust Australia Register.

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Gemstone October birth stone lucky jewelry .

Lucky gemstone because Australian’s made this gemstone opal the official gemstone, as opals was the most popular lucky charm, that many soldiers in the Second World War was given to take to war by love one’s. And the gemstone birth stone for October can also be your lucky charm, as the Australian soldiers were the first soldiers that were able to halt the Japanese military advance and conquest of the whole of Asia, as the Japanese was controlling 75% of China by this stage had defeated the greatest empire ever the English in Malaysia and Singapore and Burma, the Dutch defeated in the country of Indonesia all the French were defeated in their Indochina colony’s, and Korea Taiwan Hong Kong Thailand the Japanese were controlling and many islands of the Pacific, they had devastated and destroyed the American navy in Hawaii, the Japanese had made the Americans evacuate territory of American land location known as Guam . Wow hours after Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese aerial bombings of USA of Guam, after 2 days the Imperial Japanese forces came ashore, hours later the USA naval Governor surrendered the American territory. The island remained under Imperial Japanese forces control for 31 months until 21/6/1944.

The Imperial Japanese forces were undefeated in early 1941, the Japanese military made about 60,000 American soldiers troops evacuate their biggest colony in the Philippines, then the Japanese Imperial forces headed to the country of Australia, undefeated at this stage and was controlling most of Asia and South East Asian countries. As the Japanese reached the island above Australia known as Papua New Guinea, the Australian military that had been fighting the Nazis in Europe were called back to Australia to stop the undefeated Japanese advance. The Japanese invasion force after one month were devastated by the Australian soldier known as the Australian diggers, and many Australians had their lucky Australian opal jewellery charm with them. The Australians on their own without any help from their European allies and America fought hard as the Japanese would not surrender and would prefer to die in battle like Ninjas Samurais. There was not one Japanese soldier that would surrender as it was deemed only for cowards they would not retreat. So unfortunately the Australians had to fight to the death and eliminate every Japanese Imperial military guy, not one Japanese was left standing or survivor, only the wounded highly trained Japanese Ninjas who laid unconscious survived and were taking for medical treatment, by the very well-trained discipline and even compassionate Australian diggers who took care of the losers that were brainwashed to fight to the death .

This action by the brave Australians showed courage and courageous endurance show the Americans that after their first three defeats, that the Japanese were not invincible. The Americans decided to come back into the Asia Pacific to help the Australians, and about 175,000 Americans soldiers were given permission to base themselves in Australia. Helped a lot to drive the Japanese back out of the Asia Pacific that they were controlling, and force them to retreat back to where they come from the country of Japan. As Australia is one of the countries that are primary producers of gemstone opals, you can now see why its one of the official National Emblem of Australia the official gemstone, and also the official gemstone of two states of the country from the land down under, that showed the world that one of the greatest invasion and empires in the world could be stopped and defeated. So October gemstone is not only a birth stone but recognised as a lucky charm jewellery around the world.

Gemstone October birth stone Gold Opal Rings Handcrafted Design Jewellery.

Gemstone October birthstone jewellery gold opal rings or opal birth stones in silver opal rings, october birth stones all set in handcrafted jewellery in18 carat gold, or %100 sliver with natural opal gemstones in all our silver and gold opal rings. Available custom made rings all handcrafted in either white gold opal rings and yellow gold opal rings, Graham Goldsmith will make you a one-of-a-kind design that you would like to see finished with a beautiful natural Australian opal set in the ring.

Gemstone October birth stone with Australian opals and Goldsmith made by the official heritage primary producer, jewellery design with natural solid opals from the only heritage listed opal mine in Australia. Graham is the primary producer and discoverer that has this particular official government heritage listed opal producing mine, heritage listed because the quality of the opal gemstones are of the best ever discovered, the opals were discovered at the most famous opal location in the world, at 3 mile open cut mine now heritage listed. Being built next door to the heritage claim two-storey one underground official Australian state Museum named the Australian Opal centre.

Location nearest town is named Lightning Ridge in the state of New South Wales capital Sydney Australia. As this area now is virtually depleted of this most famous multicolour dazzling black opals, Graham would possibly be one of the only if not the only person alive that still has heritage Australian opals. So go director to the producer discoverer and Goldsmith and have a look at the handcrafted Goldsmith workmanship on this web site, and please do not hesitate to contact to arrange your custom design gold opal rings, and all gold opal jewelry opal pendants and gold opal necklaces, are all available in your favourite personalised design at the most affordable prices wholesale.

Gemstone October birth stone Gold Opal Rings Handcrafted Design Jewellery.

Our October gemstone birth stone discovery and location is recognised internationally as the most famous area in the opal gemstone and jewelry industry, which is just a few kilometres out of town and the nearest town is named Lightning Ridge in the Australian state of New South Wales country Australia, capital Sydney of this State a good day to drive from the capital west through the Blue Mountains and then to the flat country of the Australian outback. Coming from the northern state of Queensland capital Brisbane its a much straighter drive, slight undulating country leaving Brisbane, where a few hours drive out west you come into the flat cattle country, and then a few more hours mainly sheep stations, and after that you will start to see a lot of native animals like kangaroos and 2 m bird that runs through the outback, similar distance from Brisbane to Sydney to lightning Ridge a full day’s drive 11 hours. And in this particular country the towns can be a one hour drive apart from each other, and fuel very expensive but very interesting country so many different types of native birds Eagles parrots and cockatoos.

When driving from this direction into the most famous of all opal mining locations, you will have to come about 50 km back over the state border down the highway into Lightning Ridge, this is where the most spectacular and expensive and the most famous opal gemstones were discovered in and around this town. There has never been a deposit ever discovered as good, but there was another area in modern times discovered on the other side of the Corcoran lake about an hour’s drive, the second-best quality and intense multicolour black opals location that is also virtually depleted.

Lightning Ridge Australia is also the only place in the world where you can truly fine good quality amazing multicolour black opal gemstone October birth stone, and on this site all opal gemstones are from Graham’s heritage mine location, and that can suit every budget from intense clear colours high grade to commercial grade and down to semiprecious groups of opal that can cost a couple hundred dollars only. The history of the first European and British pioneers that entered into this part of the land from down under today known as the Australia wild outback is free, as there is no extra charge for the official government heritage status of this most famous of all opal location in the world.

So if you’re looking for good gemstone October birth stone set in gold with opals in your ring, which here are wholesale pries very good buys and have history that comes from the most famous location, then look no further and have your handcrafted gold opal rings designed by Graham. Obviously budget of $200 for one stone most people cannot afford gold because the labour and gold would cost $1000 alone, solid silver is a great option, and our unique special treatment finish make our silver jewellery resembles white gold if you keep the silver clean, and the easy way and cheapest way is to get some lipstick and rub it all over the silver, and then with a clean cloth rub unto clean, and no one will know the difference between your gemstone October birth stone silver or white gold opal ring.

Gemstone October birth stone rings and jewellery are individual like private domains,opal gemstone is unique compared to the other official international gemstone for this month October which is tourmaline. Because tourmaline is like most other birth stone gemstones they are mostly placed into coloured groups after cutting and polishing, graded into sizes one carat two carat three carat and on, each tourmaline gemstone then is graded for clarity faults shape size etc and then placed into the finish polished parcels ready for jewellery manufacturers to purchase.

But its very difficult to find one unique tourmaline gemstone that has its own individual pattern and mixed colours, and you will most likely see hundreds of tourmaline gemstones the same when you visit jewellery shops often during your lifetime, you can only make the jewellery design unique and custom-made handcraft. In America Britain European Union Goldsmiths workmanship in most first world countries can cost up to $1000 for a Goldsmith to handcraft your birth stone jewellery. But even then when using gemstone tourmaline for your October birth stone its still quite common and has no unique private domain that you can control for ever.

You may ask what is domain its basically something that you have sole rights to and cannot be copied or ever used by anybody else. And this is why opal rings jewellery also are the best gemstonees, the most unique and pressures remembering to receive from a loving grandfather or your grandmother inheritance. Opal jewellery truly unique gift that they chose to wear and give to someone that they loved, and if you enjoyed their company and loved them as much, then this type of jewellery and gemstone is truly a one-of-a-kind unique object on this earth gemstone October birth stone opals .