Gemstone opals Australian .

Gemstone opals Australian .

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Gemstone opals low cost because we are mining opals.

Gemstone opals this stone is for sale $14,000.00 but worth over this, can be resold at $30,000.00 dollars. One reason is that we sell at whole sale prices direct from the mine, but its the beauty of this piece that makes it appreciate and there never is two opals the same.

Gemstone opals specialist Graham has the best prices for unique opal jewelry, and the best quality opals ever discovered direct from Goldsmith Master Artisan that did not major in British English, but you will not find more honest affordable custom jeweler,please excuse the graphic web designer also because the guy’s from India.

Gemstone October Birth Stone.

Looking for gemstones around the old mining claims specking which is the term used for people that prospect by going through other people’s waste material. So people make a living out of this type of production, it is always better to work on a clear sunny day looking for material that might be carrying color.   And there is no better way to find opal by this method then to go out after heavy rain, as the clay and dust has been washed off any material and the color. Stones are so much easier to see with the naked eye.

Gemstone opal.

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Gemstone opals makes beautiful jewelry.

Gouging gemstone opal which is the term use for people that prospect claims that are no longer leased by any mining company. And as the claim has already been open up by mechanized machinery, it is now possible for people with a small gouging pick to lower some hanging lattice , this is a very inexpensive and cheap way to look for color by chipping away underground looking for trace that the previous miners might had missed. If you find gemstones you will naturally head up to the government mining Department and re-lease the claim into your name.

Sorting through the tailings ? we mean by tailings the solid materials that are left at the end of the week in your tumbler or processing plant. Processing plant usually has 7 or 9 yard cement mixer and if you can process two 8 yards trucks a day then at the end of the week, you will have a large amount of solid material left in the agitator barrel. The clay is a fine clean potting clay which will turn to silt and run-off through the mesh plates in the side of the barrel of your agitator every time it rotates you have a water flow running constantly in the drum.


Gemstone opals.

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This is an amazing gemstone opals and  I have held it in my hand before.

Processing the gemstone opal tailings i cannot emphasize how important this stage in the business this is all the hard work is done and if there is opals in the tailings then do not miss any color, the secret is to slowdown work in full sunlight and have plenty of water as al the porch is rolling down the chute onto the exception table, slowly rotate the material and make sure they are washed clean of clay for good viewing . All good looking the material should be taken home for further viewing and to pinch the corners with a hand-held title cutter to view the inner part of the the material just in case there was gemstone opals forming inside the material.