Famous opals Halley’s comet opal Guinness book of record gemstone.

Famous opals Halley’s comet opal Guinness book of record gemstone.

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The famous Australian opal hunter mine is about 50 meters from where the famous Halley’s comet opal was discovered at Lightning Ridge Australia.

Opal hunter Graham Black author of this article has the only famous Heritage site left today near the Guinness book of record opal Heritage mine.
The famous gemstone discovered in 1986 at three mile Lightning Ridge in the State of N.S.W Australia,the Halley’s Comet Opal is one of the largest uncut black opal discovered in modern times with few flaws13.99 ounces 396.50 grams 1982.5 carats mostly green color on dark black blue. 0.63 in 1.6 cm thick color bar natural shaped color bar has been faced polished a little bit. Barclay brothers who held the least to the mine and Gary who provided the earthmoving equipment wanted $1.2 million once optioned in Japan for $6,000,000,000 but never made the price and was handed in. Measures 66 x 63 millimeters or 4 x 2 5/8 x 2 1/2 in.1986 Halley’s Comet could be seen from Earth as the opal resembled the comet it was simply named.

Video of miners that discovered this famous opal plus viewing the uncut black opal for the first time after 110 million year’s the gemstone was retrieved from beneath the ground .

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The YouTube video
below shows the last
famous old opal
mine being open cut,
a stones throw from
where the famous
Halley’s comet
Guinness book of
record opal gemstone
was discovered at the
three mile lunatic
hill mines.


Famous opals 3 mile Heritage mines in Australia at Lightning Ridge, Halley’s Comet & the Opal hunter mine”List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register”.

Photograph of Halley’s Comet Opal & the mine at Lightning Ridge Australia.

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Image Halley’s comet opal and also image of the mine.

About us jewelry designers specializing in limited heritage certificate of authenticity Australian opals ,Graham Black opal mine & leaning tree claim Heritage Register Submission read “Opal more rarely, specimens contain precious opal”And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red black gems of superlative brilliance,in every conceivable pattern including harlequin, picture stones and Chinese writing.

Story about the famous Guinness Book of record Brothers that discovered Halley’s comet opal Australia.

Two brothers who owned the claim finally uncovered this 100 million year old black opal by getting involved with a local company that provided all the earthmoving machinery and finances to undertake such a huge open cut mine, “I should know as I open cut the claim next to the Guinness book of record opal in 1998”. The Brother’s passed away not long after each other and was quite a tragic and sad finished to particularly the oldest of the two brothers Terry as the guys were very respected in town by the whole community as well as all the prospectors around the the opal fields .

The adjoining claims to the famous mine the leaning tree claim was named Scots,and not far away was one called the revolver claim and the Opal hunter claim which I open cut and still have the legal rights to mine today.  These days there is a protected order over all these claims to preserve for future generations in the State of New South Wales capital city Sydney Australia . For all gemstones lovers the State Museum is under construction a multimillion dollar Australian Opal Centre at the three mine just out of the township of Lightning Ridge opposite the Opal hunters claim and between the 3 mile flat and lunatic Hill . The Museum will have highly renowned Sydney Paleontologist and will have an exhibition of many rare opal fossil dinosaurs.

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Halley’s comet opal Guinness book of world Records mine is next door to Graham Black opal mine.


Graham is a custom jeweler wholesale prices direct from his famous Australian mine, Sale we will hand make your ring free of charge when customers purchase one gemstone over $191, your entitlement one custom ring design made free, but it is the beauty of this gem and the heritage that makes it appreciate, so the price goes up quickly another reason direct from the miner at wholesale prices.

First Australian’s been dated back to around 40,000 years, prior the first European arrival in Australia in 1770, the many aboriginal indigenous tribes are very tall very dark skin people that hunted naked, their theory dreamtime legend.  Numerous legends and tales surround this colorful gemstone which can be traced back in its origins to a time ancient lost time of the first Australian’s.   Their legends God came down to Australian on a rainbow to bring peace to all the indigenous tribes where God touched the ground. The opal became alive with all the colors of the rainbow spectrum, iridescent multicolors light green and dark green of jade the dark blue and light blue of sapphires, with the red color of spindle gemstones, topaz beautiful blue, the pink color of tourmaline, opal crystals colors as clear as diamonds opals can have all these colors yellow and the exotic black opal, green colors like emerald, red like garnets, white like pearls and the most beautiful color of all dark pigeon red ruby color superlative brilliance multicolors fire sparkling rainbow the dreamtime legend it was the birth of this gemstone.


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Our opals come from this mine, the only heritage mine left at 3 mile lightning ridge Australia. The mine is next-door to where the famous Halley’s comet opal was discovered.


The first British and European prospectors pioneers explores that heard about the rare multicolor that sparkled dazzling red fire from rocks and stones, travelled to these locations and started the first opal mining fields. Hard men it was all blood sweat and tears in the semi-arid deserts no fresh water most of the year, stinking hot summers and cold winters, all backbreaking work by hand. No machinery, candle lighting shovels and picks and a hand held windless to wind up a bucket of clay from the bottom of the shaft. A cable was connected to the bucket back to the handheld windless that have to be rotated 360° many times by manpower to allow the bucket to come to the surface under intense heat, image above is very near where the Halley’s Comet Opal was found.

View where famous gemstones come from,”Halley’s comet opal Guinness book of world Records gemstone”.


Some gemstones discovered not far from the Guinness book of record gemstone.

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Australian opal insurance replacement certificate gemstone discovered about 50 meters from Halley’s comet gemstone.


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Three mile gemstone discovered not far from famous opal ring hand made by Graham Black.


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Three mile gemstone Insurance replacement certificate the opal was discovered about 50 meters from Halley’s comet opal.