How To Price Opals. And Pricing Black Opals.

How To Price Opals. And Pricing Black Opals.

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How price opals when buying.

How price opals before buying opal jewelry learn how to price opals, look for the best opal quality. Very easy to answer Australian industry has the best quality in every grade, semiprecious commercial grade and the best gem quality. I do not want you to get deeply into the professional dealing and wholesale side of pricing as this gemstone is the most difficult to price by far and will only confuse you.

Simply buy the black opal that appeals to you about black opal rings , purples and lavender colors most affordable, then you’re looking at blue color, going up in price green color, then orange and the most expensive red. Remember you want a big deduction in price if any of these colors are not dazzling bright and clear, also without black and grey in the face of the gemstone, but little bit of black is quite acceptable.

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Girls Love jewelry guys so learn how price opals and keep your woman’s heart close to you, Graham at his jewelry fashion show in Japan.

How opals price.

But you must remember two colors are more expensive than single colors, purple and red is not always necessary more expensive then orange and green, if the red color is only noticeable from one direction when viewing and turning the ring jewelry. Simply if the orange and green color is more intense visually from two or three angles when you are viewing, this will make the green and orange color gemstone more expensive then the red and purple opal.

If the gemstone is a high dome cabochon you’re looking at 30% up from a flat gemstone. White opal is a lot less than Crystal in price but a predominately black body tone N1 or N2 very dark around the sides. Another term semi black, where this jet black color comes through the centre where the colors on top will sit directly on the black background is priced 30% higher than Crystal opal, and Australian Crystal is much more stable then Mexican or Ethiopian Equivalent.

The back of the gemstone is not that important as long as it is not to thick or thin without to much sand. The bottom line is it is always in the eye of the beholder simply by the one appeals to you the most, so this guide will be enough with out confusing the new first time opal buyer. Last of all good symmetrical shapes, oblong and round cut gemstones are very sought after so they will have a higher price tag then none symmetrical shapes.

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Famous Heritage opal mine of expert in the industry Graham Black at Lightning Ridge Australian.

How price opals and how opals are formed.

Opal are formed in different way’s and many theories have been published, along with evidence to demonstrate how the gemstone opal formed. Opal fields have many things in common sedimentary host rocks Jurassic and Cretaceous period around the great artesian basin situated in the outback of the semi and arid regions of Australia. Unfortunately some of the different associations like GIA classifying systems of the rarest opal, that come from the town of Lightning Ridge know by the name black opal, differs in their Lab testing report grading systems significantly to other companies involved in the same industry, but we all know and share one thing in common the most spectacular gemstones and opal fossils, dating 110 million years old particularly at the location known as the 3 mile lunatic hill. The states of Queensland and south Australia mining locations for this gemstone have their own characteristics. But there has to be silica and sedimentation conditions, there are still some questions to be discovered before any definitive upgrade on this subject is constructed.

How price opals and how opals are formed.

Unfortunately everybody and all my old friends have passed away that least claims on the 3 mile Heritage sites, I love telling the stories of these guys as I was the last guy to finish open cut mine in the now heritage listed area, I want people to know the facts about the old days and todays industry, along with the best opal undisputed location in the world the only heritage listed opal mines 3 mile and please do not forget, its very important and I hope you take note with my how to price opals.

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Official NSW Sydney opal museum signpost is situated next to the construction of the new Australian opal Centre, under construction next to Graham Black Heritage mine 3 mile road Lightning Ridge NSW.