National Symbols Australia.

National Symbols Australia.

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National Symbols Australia National gemstone opal, Birthstone for October good luck charm.

National symbols Australia are opal gemstones and the best ever discovered in Australia and the world came from down the 3 mile road,  Graham’s opals are from the only Government Official listed Heritage Register opal mine. List item environmental Heritage and LEP National Trust Australia Register, and his opal mine is also down the 3 mile road Lightning Ridge Australian.

National symbols Australian opals and Graham is opal specialist and has over 40 year goldsmith experience. Opals are the official gemstone’s of Australia official symbol like the culture and mining history of its country.

Australian opal specialist Graham has the best prices for the Australia gemstones opal from the 3 mile the best quality opals ever discovered. Here jewelry direct from good Artisan that maybe did not major in British English, but you will not find most honest affordable custom jewelry, excuse the graphic web designer also because the guy’s from India.
Australian official symbols the countries flag the national anthem is Advance Australia Fair would be recognized firstly by Australians, most likely coming the third symbol maybe the Coat of Arms then Wattle tree most likely known by its Latin name overseas as Acacia Pycnatha is recognized internationally. The English flag has the union jack the Australian flag also, Australia’s flag is linked to the British flag simply because Captain cook from Britain was the first non Aboriginal indigenous people to colonize the country, officially the Commonwealth of Australia the name Australia is derived from the Latin australis-meaning-southern.

National symbols Australia gemstone birthstone for October.

Australians identify with this gemstone pioneers that lost their life hard work its in their history all blood sweat and tears like the Anzacs soldiers 100 years ago 10,000 massacre without a chance, “Many were only teenagers” . This is why the gemstone is one of the official national symbols, it’s very difficult to win in this business as this gemstone is very rare. Unlike the Australian flag represents the lucky country the land down under rich, another beautiful symbol one specie of native green flora with yellow flower the national Australian colors and the sporting flag the boxing kangaroo.

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Opal mine list as an item of environmental Heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register listed on State Heritage Register. National symbol Australia opals, mine was open cut by Graham Black opal jeweler in 1998.

There are many nonofficial symbols like kangaroos, movies like Crocodile Dundee, sports like AFL football,Ayers Rock Uluru the Diggers the term for Australian soldiers, the first nation in the Second World War that defeated the Japanese, in there first two battles out of all the allied forces including the Americans against the Japanese were all defeated up to this stage.

Famous locations in Australia that are recognized internationally, places like the World Heritage site Great Barrier Reef one of the wonders of the world and the State heritage site of Australia opal mine 3 mile Lightning Ridge Australia next door to where the State Museum name the opal centre is under construction, the capital of the State is Sydney Australia has many famous Australian icons and symbols Opera house Sydney Harbor Bridge lots of history.

National symbols Australia gemstone birthstone for October.

Australia has more then one official symbol, nations symbols represent unique things about there countries, different aspects of there peoples life’s history cultural, like rare objects the Australian gemstone opal production was worth about $70 million Australia dollars 2003 but year 1990 to about 1993 the previous figures of 2003 were totally smashed prices were at the top of the market and the amount discovered was massive and the quality was the best seen outside of the Lighting Ridge township. This location of Lighting Ridge under construction is an Australian State government Museum being build, as New South Wales capital Sydney is the gateway to Australia it is very fitting that they are naming the two-story one underground one above ground environmentally friendly building the Australian opal centre. The State Museum will be next door to my old open cut mine because the mine is listed on State Heritage Register, mine was open cut by Graham Black jeweler, only Heritage mine claim least in 2015 in Australia also List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register. Quality of the official Australian national gemstone at Heritage location 3 mile road mine is the best ever discovered in the world.

Official government Heritage Register Submission read “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal and these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth”. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.


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National symbols Australia national gemstones opals.

This gemstone production was worth about $50 million Australian dollars in 2007 to 2008 there are three states in Australia that mine this gemstone, the stone and jewelry design like custom made opal rings supports many communities in the state of South Australia, the premier’s State of New South Wales and the beautiful state of Queensland that has the Great Barrier Reef one of the wonders of the world and Australia’s most famous natural marine wonders.

National symbols Australia gemstone birthstone for October.

Australia national gemstones are semiprecious and precious the Australian Government states : Australian opals valued for their stability as well as brilliance.  Opals from other countries are associated with volcanic rock and have high water content and tend to crack or craze during cutting or polishing, or during hot or dry conditions. Australian Governor-General is the Queen representative of the United Kingdom for Australia, Hon Bill Hayden AC, proclaimed opal Australia’s national gemstone on 27/7/1993.

Gemstone October Birthstone.

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Opal National symbols of Australia .

We are the Goldsmith miners for National symbols Australia, you can buy direct at wholesale prices because the Internet has made the world a very safe and small place, we give a 30 day guarantee money back if our jewelry craft man ship does not reach international standards. On receiving your jewelry with one of our gemstone the item must come close to matching our description. Wait another 60 day money back guarantee is added if our Australian gemstone is not natural organic opal no treatment or enhancement, but you must provide us with a certificate from an international gemstone Lab and jewelry testing service of good reputation stating otherwise, there will be no questions asked money back in full, customers only have to return the jewelry not damage in the original condition safely back to us.


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National symbols Australia semiprecious or commercial grade and precious opals include black opal, white, crystal opal, fire and boulder.  Birthstone for October and for people that like gemstones that are unique as you will never see two identical opals anywhere the same.