Opal 2019 New Year Opal Ring.

Opal 2019 New Year Opal Ring.

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Opal Ring.

Opal ring a great new year gift for love ones family and friends this year in 2019 opal jewellery is a great idea for birthday presents and a opal gemstone is a special present for Valentine’s day, give a opal ring for any special occasion you want to give a present. There are opals for everybody opal rings around $95 or a few hundred dollars, opal jewellery around $1000 and expensive opal ring for thousands of dollars. And even a opal ring for tens of thousands of dollars, a opal gemstone can have all the colour’s of the spectrum and if the gemstone is predominantly red with some other colour’s, and perfect clarity with cabochon symmetrical shape 2 to 3 ^ with colours with in a black body tone N1 opal gemstone, with good pattern and excellent play of colour in all lighting then this is the most expensive opal gemstone you we’ll ever see, and mostly only seen in a specialist jewellery boutique or opal specialist which are only in a few locations in most major cities around the world.

Opal Ring Information.

Lavender colours are most affordable then blue colour’s are next but body tone is important to understand, so if the red multi colour usually more expensive opal colour’s then say mixed lavender and blue colour opal, but the red colour opal has a white body-tone this means the red multi colour’s are sitting on a white base opal then its priced lower. Things change if the lavender and blue colour’s are in the black group, then the opal prices reverse and this gemstone is more expensive then the red multi colour opal, because the red is classed as a white body-tone and white base. This is usually confusing to the lehman so example green and blue colour’s with white body-tone is more affordable then the same colour’s mixed in a clear crystal opal body-tone, so this green blue colour’s in crystal body-tone is priced more expensive.

About Opal Ring.

Don’t forget there is always to consider the quality clarity and floors in the gemstones, cabochon cut opal stones are more expensive then flats stones, free form shapes more affordable then symmetrical shapes cut opals, and this can all change the price again and make the white opals with white body tone more expensive than the crystal opal ring and a black opal ring. Beside body tone there is play of colour and this is very important having very bright colour’s, compare to much more affordable dol colour’s if your budget is a big consideration.

If you want a very good and interesting ring but not spend to much money for a opal ring or the gemstone. Then bodytone is the first consideration and then go for colour’s like purple and blue but a little bit more expensive is greens and blue colour’s, also keep away from a cabochon shape opal ring more expensive, look more for a flat gemstone in the jewellery because this shape is more affordable, this include opal pendants opal bracelets and earrings. Just remember all opals are unique so matching earrings are expensive as matching stones are very difficult to find hence the prices can be held higher for very rare gemstones, this includes diamonds and sapphires and all rare gemstones and a rare opal ring.

Opal Ring Where To Get At Good Price.

On your next Holiday go to a mining town and by direct, and buy a cut gemstone and on your return back to the city look for a jeweller that understands opal so they do not break it when setting the opal. If you are looking for a black opal ring go to Lightning Ridge Australia on your next holiday the only place you will find the best quality, and by direct off the primary producer and save lots.

Most people cannot have a holiday overseas or even if they’re living in Australia go to these type of locations so the next best place is, in just about every major city as a gem & jewellery show and there is lots of Ethiopian opal at the moment always available at good prices. Downtown often the most expensive at jewellery boutiques and shops outlets, difficult to find and they most likely do not have a good range of opal rings so look around your local shops. Talk to you your local goldsmith they might be able to outsource a opal & look hard around the local jewellery shops but usually you will not find what you’re looking for in the correct colours and price.

The internet has a very large range of cut opal gemstone’s and you will definitely get what you’re looking for, but no guarantees if you will save any money, and of course first world countries goldsmiths don’t come cheap to custom made a opal ring. Here at this site we have a collection of hand made unique rings very affordable and inexpensive price opals direct from the miner, you can then have your own opal ring made up by your local goldsmith.

Go have a look at this post about opal ring, it has lots more information at www.grahamblackopal.com/handmade-opal-ring and have a look at the homepage www.grahamblackopal.com opal specialist and the only Australian, with a Heritage listed opal mine claim holder still working and still design’s opal ring jewellery.

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