Opal Diamond Designs.Opal Rings And Diamonds.

Opal Diamond Designs.Opal Rings And Diamonds.

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Opal diamond designs with brilliant cut diamonds make designs special.

Opal diamond designs wow magnificent a jewelry design that is truly unique in the color stone industry, you will never find two matching Australian opal gemstones the same anywhere in the world.

Heritage stones for sale from our Goldsmith that did not majored in English and our graphic web designer did not major in English, but the Goldsmith Master Artisan and Graham’s site has the best prices for unique opal jewelry and the best quality opals ever discovered.

Australian opal rings.

All handmade Australian opal jewelry at Graham Black custom opal jeweler, these gemstones can come in many color tones from very bright strong colors light pastel colors, Australian opals can have fire in these gemstones or can be very dull depending on the client wishes. There are no opal deposits around the world including opals from America Mexico Ethiopia, South America that come anywhere near the quality of Australian opals, these countries deposits are considered a lot less valuable so naturally inferior, Australia has fabulous transparent crystal from South Australia known to be the best quality in the world, this might be disputed by mining companies that have found deposits of crystal at Lightning Ridge, Australia white opal is known to be of the highest quality also.

Opal diamond designs special.

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Images Australian opal diamond designs.

Your own designs welcome also so please contact us,Graham Australian Master goldsmith designer and he loves to better most custom jewelers by 50% in price, he has a great special on at the moment for customers. Buy one Australian opal over $199 Graham will make one jewelry free of charge, your custom Australian opal diamond ring will appreciate quickly as his the primary producer miner also. You are purchasing direct from the source at wholesale prices this investment is hard to beat, a great investment at the moment American dollar is the highest in a long time, Australian dollar is the lowest it has been in a long time a win-win situation for Americans.
Guys we have the best quality opals available confirm for yourself Google maps simply do a search ‘longitude-latitude -29.462290, 147.968577 Graham Black Jeweler has the only heritage Australian opal mine lease in Australia at Lightning Ridge, listed on the State government heritage the capital Sydney, this Australian opal mine has the highest and best quality.

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Goldsmith custom Australian opal diamond designs, rings necklaces pendants all handmade designed.

Opal diamond designs special.


So guys I can give you very good advice when it comes to the subject of Australian custom opal ring design jewelry, I never majored in American English or Australian English or received a degree in business but if you want good advice, from a specialist when purchasing stones. Then this is very good advice you must have local knowledge on the area and mine that the stones come from before you purchase, as the vast amount of gemologist and labs around the world might have finished their university degree but are not specialists in my field, guys some deposits have problems cracking or even losing color fire,most of the good gem labs around the world can tell the difference between synthetic and natural treated or no treatment of any type but they cannot tell you where the deposit come from maybe Lightning Ridge or South Australian opal crystal or South American opal crystal or maybe Ethiopian crystal but one thing you can guarantee none of these gem labs will state on the certificate where the stone came from.

Most of these mining locations the atmosphere above ground is very hot and dry, but where the miner discovered the stones where they have been for 100 million years in a cool atmosphere moist and deep in the earth, so the deposit must come from a trusted location where the gemstones will not craze with time. When it comes to the finish jewelry item it will come down to two things the design and the particular gemstone in that design, the gemstone does not need to be expensive just something different like unusual multi color opal that comes from a safe location with lots of diamonds with a special design, or an expensive gem and when it comes to A+ grade opal you need nothing else but the Australian gem in the ring design .

Opal diamond designs.

Diamonds 10 rubies 9 which are rated at the top of all gemstones in strength, and can come from many countries Africa Burma even India and Australia, but Australia is known to have the best quality brighter’s best fire the best beautiful and outstanding gem quality opal in the world. Australian opals are all unique you will not find two matching or identical stones in the world, unlike diamonds 100,000,000 cut shape and graded into the identical basket all the same, diamonds are a great contrast and will make handmade opal diamond designs,Australian opal rings,black opal rings,handmade jewelry rings,but Australian opal diamond designs look magnificent.