Opal Formed ? How Is Opal Made.

Opal Formed ? How Is Opal Made.

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Opal formed made of ? What is comment Opal?

Opal formed different types of stones like commercial grade that is more common then gem quality A grade precious opal, gem a term for the best that usually have strong colours with amazing visual patterns resembling objects, for example butterfly pattern or Chinese characters writing pattern also the amazing harlequin pattern and displays a unique flashes and play of colour, and one of the most sought-after patterns peacock harlequin. Opal formed stones of hydrated silica and Science has determined specific gravity 1.98 – 2.20 with refractive Index 1.44 – 1.46 but the hardness varies up to about 6.5.
The best quality opal formed by far comes from the capital of the State of NSW Australia, the most amazing naturally gemstone but expensive only discovered around the town of Lightning Ridge. But only a small percentage of this black opal group of opals discovered will make the grade N1 – N2, this is the most amazing bodytone recognise worldwide as the best quality grade opal.

opal formed,how is opal made, how opal formed?

Opal formed millions of years ago, what is opal made of silica and silica sphere.

Also the most stable opal by far under all climatic conditions unlike Ethiopian opal very porous, and bolder stones can have amazing colour but is nowhere as stable as black opal with good amazing colours, and of course the patterns are the best by far of all the opals including Crystal opal white semi black and bolder opal. These types of opal all have floors that would naturally be there, but under extreme conditions very hot conditions or the opposite very cold conditions problems will occur, often just very fine faults that you cannot see with the naked eye, can expand and fracture overtime plus colours can sometimes not stable like black opal, and gray colour amongst the other colours can often expand with time and ageing, where 100% good quality very dense heavy black opals you’re never have this problem.

Opal formed millions of years ago made of silicon, most opal come from Australia.


Today’s science with the use of electron microscopy Scientists say the size of the spheres determines all colours, smallest ultraviolet but amazing things happen when the spheres increases to about 135 nm then they make violet colours, as the opal spears get bigger light blue colour appears and the size increase the spears generate dark blue colours and it goes on with every increase, then making green and then orange types of colours and over 240 nm the most rarest colour red, and when red is represented with multi-colours the most amazing and expensive of all gems. But bottom line your choice the most important and this is truly up to the eye of the beholder what bodytone each person prefers along with their favourite arrange of colours.


Video is about how to make a opal ring.



Back to the formation of opals Scientific theory small changes of silica spheres make beautiful patterns and colour that change, so people that are viewing the opals from different angle when light is present, they will all see different shapes and colours similar to holograms. Scientist discovered the reasons why precious opal is regular 3 dimensional without a clearly grid defined shape or form hydrated silica spheres divided by the smallest of voids. The scientist that specialised in this field of science and discovery in theory have explained the splliting of white light divides spectral colours, but the reasons why precious opal have such an amazing colours is best left up to the scientist because scientist explanation can get deeper, so just pick the opal if you’re out to purchase one that attracts your attention straight off, especially if it’s in your price range an comes from Australia.

Opal formed of ?

opal formed,how is opal made, how opal formed?

Image of semi black opal with the correct size silica sphere to give a good range of colours and quite bright colours.

The more valuable & precious the opal is will me termed black or semi black or transparent flawless crystal with special patterns and colours, all can be precious opal because it’s a lot to do with the bodytone of the stone, its not just about the dark background where the colours are usually located on the top and sometimes the sides of the underneath dark base colour. It’s a very bad mistake to think the colours don’t also have a darkness about them and through them and immediately under where the colours sit. Bodytone is really about all the stone all over blackness throughout with bright colours on top, this is valuable black opal, specially where there is a thick colour presents, this when polished and if predominantly all beautiful electric clear flawless colours the best, the strongest type of opal that should never have problems if treated with respect. These colours will sit face up when set into a beautiful ring or pendant, and deflect the colours to all passers-by because of the dark bodytone of the complete gemstone. Lightning Ridge opals are the strongest with the most brilliant contrast colours making this gemstone the most sought-after and valuable out of all of the different types of opals discovered around the world.

But don’t forget you can have the best colours brightest sitting on a grey colour background opal, and the reason why its still graded a top-quality with gem colours in particular and expected also, simply because there is a very thin layer of black between the colours and immediately colours will be sitting on top the black and the bottom will be a grey colour bodytone, but this type of opal will not be as stable during different extreme climatic conditions if you allow the opal to be left in the sun for a few weeks you will most likely find very small fractures when you look with good classes appearing amongst the colour.


How is Opal formed video is about opal ring and opal jewellery.

Common opal basically is the lowest commercial grade of opal because it has no play of colour, and most like only be cut and polished in third world countries because of the cheap labour, for example in India and it would fetch a dollar and just about nothing in first world countries. Common opal structure is unorganised and its silica spheres different in size as Science today with the use of electronic microscopes has determined diameter opal silica sphere above about 330 nanometres diffraction happens infrared area of spectrum and amazing some colour appears to the naked eye. Stones like this usually very pale that can consist of different types of colours with some other material, but naturally when that colour is more intense with brighter colour bands, opal formed better then the stone has some semi precious commercial value on the market.