Opal Gemstones October Birthstone.

Opal Gemstones October Birthstone.

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Opal gemstones Australian National Museum.

Opal gemstones October birthstone Museum is being developed next door to where Graham found the last deposit of the best opal gemstones in the world.

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Graham Black Opal gemstones Heritage miner specializing opals, Master jeweler 40 years wholesale prices direct mines.

Opal gemstones certificate of authenticity best opal gemstones at wholesale prices, direct from the only Government official Heritage mine.

Australian opal gemstones from 3 mile are the best opal gemstones this is why I can guarantee you are buying the best gemstones and quality jewelry also at wholesale prices nearly 40 years experience master jeweler, appreciate your investments as the supply of black opal maybe exhausted soon, but I have certificate of authenticity black opal at wholesale prices direct from my heritage mine and this type of gemstone is exhausted .
Master custom jewellers with best opal gemstone birthstone for october.
Quality structure comprises spheres nanometers in diameter the 3 mile mines have this you need lots to reach noticeable sizes 3 mile mines have this impurities give the stones dazzling gem colors that make very good stones 3 mile mines have this also. The last prospector alive to mine the best quality opal gemstones deposit in the world, this 3 mile location in Lightning Ridge is now heritage listed in the premier State New South Wales the capital being Sydney in Australia .

Opal gemstones.

Gemstone October Birth Stone.

Because Graham’s mines scientific value and as its part of the largest opal open cut mine ever and the reason why is because of such brilliant quality gemstones is why we persevered with this location. The people developing this National museum has chosen this location next door to where I first started working nearly 40 years ago, “now a construct a underground 100 meter long two store Australian opal centre” wow times have changed from what I knew the 3 mile as only hard work and lot of blood sweat and tears as the area was heavily work under ground and very dangerous and this is why we gambled and open cut which is a very expensive mining operation, I am very hopefully that the museum will mention some of my old mining mates and characters I knew and worked with. Unfortunately none of these guys are unlike any more and no longer around to see this finish Museum.

I was mining for many years around this town of Lightning Ridge and mining in the state of Queensland prospecting for boulder opal also of course opal cutting was part of the trade, today I am mainly concentrating my time which is my trade and true passion goldsmith custom-made jewelry unique one-of-a-kind designs with limited heritage quality opals certified with certificates of no treatment 100% guaranteed at wholesale prices direct from the only heritage miner alive.

Opal gemstones.

In nearly 40 years of mining in Australia I only had one friend who found a deposit of good quality opal that actually got rich, my mate and his friend at 30 years of age in 1989 after mining a location about 50 km west of lightning Ridge for two years before they completely gutted the underground mine 50 x 50 m in diameter pulled out each about $5 million dollars in gem and commercial grade opal, this sort of money in today’s world and being a young person as they were with their future ahead of them is a lot of money as 25 years ago petrol in some states of Australia was $0.89 a litter. But most guys that tried their luck did no good and went back to their state of origin,and most locals make a very modest living and stayed the course they just loving the lifestyle and freedom of the outback of Australian opal mining towns.

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Image 3 mile open cut mine where the best opal gemstones and the Halley’s Comet opal Guinness book of world records mine is. A National museum is being developed next door to Graham Black Opal mine lightning Ridge Australian .

The reason why Australia has the best opal gemstone ? best quality for custom jewelers to work with is black because out of all the deposits around the world Australian stones are the oldest formed deposits-time is on its side, Australia is possibly the oldest landmass in the world it has taken about 100 million years of evolution to make such a rare and unique gem. About 100 million years ago a vast sea saltwater ocean covered about 70% of inland Australia what today is known as a semi-arid region which is sparsely colonized by large gum ( or Eucalyptus trees ) with much more dense under cover vegetation including species of trees like wattle trees (or Acacias), there is farming mostly wheat and cotton sheep and cattle grazing, the native animal consist of kangaroos many bird species with a 1.7 m bird that cannot fly, where during the evolution of this gemstone millions of years ago the animals that lived on the banks of the inland sea were giant reptiles crocodiles where dinosaurs roamed above these deposits of gemstone today. Other industries and activity is mostly related to open cut mining black coal and metals in the North.

The deposits have been formed by a natural organic aging process that has cured the gemstone slowly and this is why Australian opal stones are the best investment out of all the opal types around the world.

best opal gemstones?

A National museum is being developed next door to where I found the last deposit of the best opal gemstones and quality stones in the world

The British pioneers first brought these opals to the surface about 100 years ago, prior this there was stories passed down and told by the elders the old men to the next generation of indigenous hunters and collectors nomads that roamed near some of today opal regions, tails about a dazzling multicolor fire stone that came to earth from heaven on a rainbow. The evolution of the colors over many millions of years the first colors appear the purples which is the most plentiful and then many more millions of years blue and if the host clay had impurities the correct minerals to help the chemistry process to procedure these colors made underground in their natural organic labs, as time went by the colors merge into multicolored orange greens which is not as plentiful as blue hence more expensive, again as long as the correct mingle compositions and percentages were available around the silica magnificent colors appear, then many more million years when and the rarest of all the colors red is formed again with time the red multicolored will involve and this is why the red is the most expensive like rare antiques.

 opal gemstones,best opal gemstones in my jewelry rings

Opal gemstones in this ring with diamonds jewelry custom-made.

The many wonderful and amazing patterns that are only seen in Australian opals are also a process of the mixture of natural organic impurities minerals along with the aging affects of millions of years and if you have the combination of pattern such as harlequin with predominantly red multicolor solid jet black backing gem with a five out of five fire that dazzles in all lights that can be cut and polished into a high dome cabochon stone then you are looking at a one-of-a-kind gemstone unlike diamonds and rubies there are millions one carat stones with the same facet cut either A B C grade but all identical cut by a machine likely.

Australian opal gemstones.

The centre of the country is a extreme dry arid red desert resembling the planet Mars, today some scientist are claiming that this planet could have deposits of precious opals also. The centre of Australia is without any vegetation during the long dry season only a few snakes and small reptiles and when the wet season comes there is little plant life with virtually no vegetation in parts, this region extends as far as from the south of the country to northern Australia. This area alone dwarfs the country’s which make up Britain. The history of making such a gemstone it all started when the sea retreated from what is to day Australia’s red centre increased acidity releasing silica. As time when by making lower acidity helped to make precious opal ,the silica trickled down the poorest sand stone down the fault and rocky crevices then traveling along the fault lines through the clay and deposited at different depths.

The Australian opal centre will increase your awareness about this gemstone, increasing your awareness about mining and tourism education, the centre is being built towards the northern side of my mine, the 3 mile where in modern times over the last 50 years men like big Bill Williams that open cut the Scots clam which is either the riches or second riches mine every,I remember back filling the very eastern part of this very rich claim as Bill’s wife wanted it refilled as we all had government mining contracts that we had to rehabilitate our open cuts to the natural condition prior mining in the old days, The location is not far from the ramp that I’d built in the open cut mine on the North West side that was next to the Scots claim, I have never seen such a blow it reached from the second level to the surface of the claim and was half the width of a cricket pitch. Terry the wrecker Barclay and Lance have opened cut which was known as lunatic Hill in their time today its recognized as the only heritage listed opal mining area in Australia with the best opal gemstones of all time.


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