Opal good luck gemstones.

Opal good luck gemstones.

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Opal good luck jewelry lucky charm.

good luck gemstones

Australian Heritage opals.

Opal good luck charm for Z force special unit Laurie Sydney Black OAM Lieutenant, was one of the secret Z men in World War 2 and had with him opal good luck charm. Lucky because narrowly escaped capture, “beheaded by the Japanese”.One operation behind enemy lines in Indonesian island-Ambon, Black & another Australian Z man was chased for 10 days by 200 bloodthirsty Japanese, Laurie outsmarted his hunters and caught up with an Australian Catalina flying boat, so Black lived to fight another day. “Two other Z special force soldiers who were tracked down like animals by the Japanese headhunters received the ultimate penalty”beheaded”.

Laurie Black a great charity volunteer worker for Red Cross-Legacy-Salvation Army, he retired from the Veterans review board at 65. Laurie Black 1990 was awarded the medal of the order of Australia.

Laurie Sydney Black was one of the few Australians awarded US submarine combat pin for service behind enemy lines for American submarines.

Opal good luck gemstones opal jewelry.

Hal Black and his 3 brothers all had opal good luck charm with them during the Second World War in the Pacific, volunteered and seen front line action. All survived after the Japanese and Germans were defeated, uncle’s L Black was one of the most decorated hero after the war, his best friend who idolized him was a state RSL-return Soldiers league President who was nominated also for Australian RSL President. Officer Laurie Black Australian Z force unit was also rewarded Americans submarine metal, as well from the Australians. Officer Black always joked how the opal was his lucky charm, and this is why he said he became a hero as he was never scared, he used to joke and say his lucky Australian opal gave him the courage . Uncle Col Black and 3 other brothers volunteered world war 2, Col Black volunteered also for the North Korean United Nations campaign and again he had with him his lucky Australian opal gemstone charm that he had with him when he volunteered with his brothers in the Second World War.

Opal good luck gemstones Australian opal rings.

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Z force special L Black Australian opal jewelry was good luck for the decorated Australian military officer.

Z special unit ,Z force special unit, Australian Z special unit

Z special unit Laurie Black received one US submarine combat pin, World War ll one of the few Australians awarded US submarine combat pin for service behind enemy lines for American submarines.

lucky opal charm kept him alive.

Uncle Black very old now X special Z man from Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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A very young Australian Z special officer L Black.


Photographs by Peter Algie and George Derham

Photographs by Peter Algie and George Derham.

Gemstone October Birthstone.

Z special unit or Special operations executive special operations Australia, a joint allied special military unit Second World War. The soldiers operate behind the Japanese enemy lines,mostly operating on the islands of Indonesia & on Borneo Z unit carried out 81 operations in the Second World War South West Pacific theatre, by submarine officer Laurie Black received the US submarine metal or parachute conducting guerrilla warfare.
Australian mostly made up the force of the Z Special Unit it was a commendo and reconnaissance unit that included of New Zealand, Timorese and Indonesian members, British & Dutch.
Famous missions were Operation named Rimau and Operation named Jaywick, involving commando style attacks shipping in Singapore. Operation named Rimau deaths 23 Australian Z men some guys were captured and executed, the Japanese beheaded then by the method of samurai sword.


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One special Z unit man and two of his brothers that helped to defend Australia from the Japanese army.


very lucky gemstone

Australian opal multicolour gemstone.

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Australian gemstone named opal good luck.

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Australian blue green opal.

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You are very lucky if you find this opal gemstone, $ 400,000.00

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Opal good luck Australian black opal gemstone.

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Green blue color gem opal.

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Lucky gemstone opal good luck.

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Green yellow colors of Australia national colors in a beautiful opal gemstone official national symbol.

Opal good luck gemstones Australian opals because there are so many good luck gemstone stories of Australian family striking it rich throughout the different states of Australia where these deposits of opals laid for over hundred million years waiting for someone to strike it rich.
One of the biggest international sports in the world American basketball and the Australian team have named themselves after the lucky opal, and beat the mighty famous invincible American team in the world cup in modern times, also silver medals in the most famous sporting arena Olympic games,coming second to the American invincibles.

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Beautiful gem opal electric green blue colors.

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Opal is a international symbols for Australia.

australian official symbol green and yellow color,symbol opal gemstone

This opal is international recognise symbol for the country of Australia.

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Fire opal flaming red colors.

australia state emblem, NSW black opal australian treasure

Green and blue color opals are more common than red colors.

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Black opal is a international recognise symbol for the country of Australia.

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Green and yellow opal 2 official Australian symbols in 1 emblem.

Opal good luck still but Australia political correctness gone mad.

Let us not forget the digger’s the Australian heroes the, men that died in vain. Because Lieutenant Lawrence Black last and final words on paper to his next of kin, stated just put my ashes in the bin and put then out with the rubbish.