Opal Google Maps.

Opal Google Maps.

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Opal Google Maps, Famous Opal Gemstones.

View Google Maps famous Opal site with the most amazing Opal location that was ever discovered in the world.

opal maps

Location 3 mile country Australia state NSW.

The only site with official government Heritage listing in the Country of Australia. So many famous Opals were discovered there like the Guinness book of records opal name the Hayley’s comet. Graham Black about the Barklay brothers who had the claim in the now Heritage area, 2 very hard-working men the salt of earth types honest, and this is why Graham was the last guy to work with the brothers. Soon under construction next to grahams Heritage claim an official State Museum, the Australian opal centre. This will be a must for all gemstone lovers from all around the world to visit when completed.


Opal Google Maps Heritage Location below .


About Opal Jewellery Pricing.

After mining I orientate cut and polish my stones and design and handcraft my own jewellery, so I recommend if you only like unique handmade opal rings and you fine such opal jewellery “purchase the opal jewellery item”.

colour opal ring

Multicolour opal in a gold setting.

Because unfortunately purchasing just the gemstones and having a goldsmith custom make your jewellery, you will find the handcrafted work is usually a lot more expensive than the gemstone. Many opal gemstones are cut all to the same size and placed into identical jewellery factory made by machine, often thousands of rings identical so you do not have a personalised item of jewellery in your possession. If you have a very high budget this is never a problem handmade jewellery custom-made rings, as the very good commercial grade gemstones will be so much more expensive then the goldsmith.