Opal Information Opal Rings.

Opal Information Opal Rings.

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Opal Information black opal gemstone also.

Opal Information 75 per cent of all opal on the market in 2008 2014 comes from the country of Ethiopia, and the majority is C grade and lower grades crystal. This opal lacks play of color Ethiopia stones simply are named common stones, the country supply come from the dry and remote deserts of Ethiopia Wello. Prior year 2008 crystal came from Australia with all fine stones along with A+ grade group of fine gems includes all number of wonderful red/black gems of superlative brilliance gemstone . Characteristic fantasy Australian gemstone, “sparkle in a continually fire or play of colors”, in every conceivable pattern – including harlequin, picture stones and Chinese writing,play of colors describe opals.

Australian opal rings.


The first British and European prospectors pioneers explores that heard about the rare multicolor that sparkled dazzling red fire from rocks and stones, travelled to these locations and started the first opal mining fields. Hard men it was all blood sweat and tears in the semi-arid deserts no fresh water most of the year, stinking hot summers and cold winters, all backbreaking work by hand. No machinery, candle lighting shovels and picks and a hand held windless to wind up a bucket of clay from the bottom of the shaft. A cable was connected to the bucket back to the handheld windless that have to be rotated 360° many times by manpower to allow the bucket to come to the surface under intense heat. The history of Australian Opal began about 75 million years ago,the country was covered by an inland sea, sediment deposited on the shoreline,water flooded back and flushed water silica niches into the rocks also the remains of animals trees . Water silica stone transformed into this gemstone. In 1960s a team of scientists analyzed this stone with an electron microscope the phenomenon play-of-colors was discovered spheres interference and refraction responsible for turning colors of the rainbow new and always different in every Australian gemstone.

Australian opal Information .

Information about us jewelry designer specializing in limited heritage certificate of authenticity Australian opals , Graham Black Opal mine only leased listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register. Wholesale prices direct from our Australian opal mine, free of charge when purchasing stones over $199 Custom jewelry design made free, but it is the beauty of this gem that makes it appreciate and there never is two opals the same. Master jeweler 40 years specializing in opal cutting and open cut mining.

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Pprice of dollars stones value per carat- 1 grams = 5 carot to a gram, based on criteria number of colors, pattern type, color brilliance, the cut, the size , perfection of the stone, black N1 N2 N3 to N9 body tone ,play-of-color, imperfections fine cracks . You will find professional dealers buyers using a magnifying loop to study ruby sapphires and pressures colored stones along with diamonds but opal you do not need a magnifying loop if you have good eyes, you need to take the stone away about a half an arm’s-length and study the stone very close then a full arm length to get an over all perspective. Sure take a very close look also for very fine cracks. The most difficult thing for young buyers is not to get taken away by the magnificent dazzling colors fire. As this will definitely blind your judgement when it comes to all the steps in my buying guide for opal gemstones that you must remember before your final judgement and price.

Opal Information.

The country of Ethiopia around 4000 B. C opal where discovered, Romans loved the gemstone around 100 B. C. by then the majority of stone were mined in the Country of Hungary, over a 1,000 years Hungary supplied European rulers with the treasure of this gem. The gemstone is found in Indonesia ,Honduras, Czechoslovakia, Peru,Mexico, Brazil, USA . Since the start of the new millennium South Australian crystal and white has not been producing a lot.  And since the new corcoran rush 1990s there has not been a lot of black stones also being produced.

First Australian’s been dated back to around 40,000 years, prior the first European arrival in Australia in 1770, the many aboriginal indigenous tribes are very tall very dark skin people that hunted naked, their theory ,Dreamtime Legend .        Numerous legends and tales surround this colorful gemstone, which can be traced back in its origins to a time,ancient lost time of the first Australian. Their legends God came down to Australian on a rainbow, to bring peace to all the indigenous tribes, where God touched the ground, the opal became alive and all the colors of the rainbow spectrum,iridescent multicolors,light green-dark green of jade and the dark blue-light blue of sapphires,red color spindle gemstone, topaz beautiful blue , the pink color of tourmaline, opal crystals colors as clear as diamonds and can have all these colors yellow, and the exotic black opal,green colors like emerald, red garnets, white pearls,dark pigeon red ruby’s,superlative brilliance multicolors fire sparkling rainbow, the dreamtime legend it was the birth of gemstones.

Opal Information.

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