Opal jewelry ebay.

Opal jewelry ebay.

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Opal jewelry ebay many are not selling Australian black opal.

Opal jewelry ebay cut out all the middlemen like people selling Opal jewelry on ebay, and save lots of your hard earned money by going direct to source, Graham Black the custom opal jeweler and the primary producer opal miner.

Opal jewelry ebay or from Graham Black famous opal mine with Australian Government official listed premier State Heritage Register, Graham Black opal mine list as item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.
Opal jewelry eBay Warning a lot of Ethiopian treated black opal is being past off as Australian black opal gemstones , stating with no treatment. Sellers should state with no treatment or treatment, many Ethiopian opals are being sold as Australian opals also.

Opal Diamonds Rings Still Available.

Graham’s Amazing Offer Sale for Customers, free Custom made jewelry simply if you buy one opal over $199. Graham will hand make free of charge one custom ring or pendent design jewelry free of charge. Best prices here Graham has better prices then you will fine any where for handmade opal jewelry.

Opal jewelry ebay compared to the Australian produces 100% of black opal on the market, has very strong regulations and the industry produces the most outstanding, highest quality-best opal gemstones used in quality jewelry around the world. Unfortunately a lot of inferior Ethiopian opal being sold on eBay as Australian opals-along with opal jewelry eBay, seller have on display jewelry usually manufactured in India and the gemstones not Australian but from the country of Ethiopia.

Opal jewelry ebay amazing the black opals on eBay wow over 90% of opal sold as black opal or semi black opal gemstones N1 N2-N3-N4 on eBay,would not be classified as black opal by gemstone testing Lab’s, for example the largest Gemology institute GIA-headquarters based in the United States of America. Regardless where the opals are sold in a jewelry shop or online internet, “But a word of warning”. Do not buy stones without a proper grading report, for example, GIT, IGI, GIA are very good. Be very careful when dealing with an unknown grader, Never trust an in-house grading report.

Opal jewelry ebay.

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Opal jewelry eBay rings necklaces but I would advise buying from good quality websites from Australia.


As i am the gemstone producer miner i know what i found and where in Australia, so i do not have time to have all my stones tested by Gemology institute and grading labs, I do have quite a few reports from institutes, I simply advise people to purchase one gemstone then simply have GIA institute test, if the gemstone is not solid without any treatment and they will give you a report in writing. I like to give 30 day minimum guarantee 100% money back no question asked if found otherwise, my guarantee is good and starts the day of delivery to you. This way you know what you have then simply have your jeweler make a ring for you but unfortunately, this will be very expensive in your country as jewelers labour is around $500 on the goldsmith work only this is not including the price of silver or gold.

Opal jewelry ebay.

I like to provide a great deal on opal jewelry eBay or my jewelry website, Simply contact as any time to ask about great deals, we sell our stones at wholesale prices direct from the only heritage lease mine in Australia. Simply e-mail us some clear picture of Australian opal that you can purchase from another site, and we will try to better the price or at least match the price and custom make your jewelry design still free of charge.
We have a special offer if you purchase one of our gemstone over $199 dollars our master goldsmith free, one jewelry design with opal from Australia will be custom-made free, you only have to pay for the gold used for a ring design or pendant, if you need extremely detail custom goldsmith artisan work with other gemstones incorporated into the jewelry design with opals, then you will have to pay a little bit extra cost for this special new year sale, we give money back guarantee for at least 30 days, if the jewelry is not made to good international standards and the opal gemstone is not solid Australian, and the photographs on our site resembles the item you purchase from us, no questions asked money back.

Cut out all the middlemen like people selling Opal jewelry ebay, and save money by going direct to source, the custom opal jeweler and the primary producer.