Opal Natural Gemstones Pricing Guide.

Opal Natural Gemstones Pricing Guide.

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Opal Natural Australian Opal Gemstone Educational Article, Opal Pricing Guide.

Opal natural in rings and all opal jewellery from Graham Black is fully guarantee, with money back policy if opal does not fit the description. Policy 30 days only return policy you must pay for postage to Australia and be responsible for the opal until it reaches us. The opal sent back to us in the same condition as receive it in, and return the same opal back to Australia described for each individual jewellery item or gemstone.


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Natural opal gemstone on sale wow big promotion amazing weight 4.42 Ct with lap testing certificate, size 15.86 by 9.21 by 4.68 mm, with good play a colour.


Opals from Graham Black Opal specialist personal guarantee, 3 mile Heritage opal mine’s are recognised as having the finest quality, and most amazing opal ever discovered. Graham Black fully guarantees this is a natural Australian, black opal with no treatment of any kind, N1 bodytone with good play of colour. Graham also agrees totally with the lab testing certificate that this is a solid black stone, and all measurements size description ^ weight is correct.



Opal Natural Educational Article How To Prices Opals On Brightness.

Here Is Two Very Good Examples Opals To Compare For Brightness Play Of Colour Or Fire For Jeweller’s and Goldsmith’s.
The gemstone for sale is a on special to promote our business, amazing very good price because you can compare gemstones for yourself, the opal gemstone in the ring does not have as bright play of colour and is very much more expensive then the stone here for sale. Simply because the opal in the ring has only a semi-black opal set into the design. The opal on special is brighter because it has a 100% black bodytone N1 grouping the best. This certificate is for insurance replacement purposes also, certificate showing the value of the opal ring if lost and need to be replaced by your insurance company, where lab testing certificates do not show the retail value, only provides size description cts and stating natural or treated gemstone. More information about opal rings jewellery from Graham and his official Government state Heritage opal mine, from 3 mile rd in NSW and the capital of this state is Sydney Australia

opal, natural opal,opal natural

Natural opal ring jewellery.

This opal natural no treatment of any kind and is much more expensive with similar brightness in full sun light, as the gemstone for sale about, and this opal with insurance replacement valuation is a little bit more brighter without light, then the opal for sale above. A great example because the black opal red multi colour has a certificate for insurance purposes, professional valuation replacement certificate showing the value of the opal if damage stolen or lost and need to be replaced by your insurance people.

opal, natural opal,opal natural

Natural opal stone.



There are many factors to valuing natural opal gemstones and many crystals and white opals along with semi-black can be brighter, have more fire then some natural black that only have very pale light or very doll colours. Symmetrical sizes usually much higher prices then nonsymmetrical sizes, patterns play a part and cabochon much higher better prices than flat colour bars. No sand in the face or gray webbing a good back, a thick stone is strong, good clear clarity in the face of the stone, very good black bodytone is very sought after, and when the opals is bright from every viewing angle, ^ weight not under 1 ^ and not too big a opal for rings, the colours determine the price red is the most expensive and when mixed with other colours more expensive again, so there are many factors to consider when valuing opals not only on there brightness play of colour. And you must not forget Australian stones natural are rated the best by far in the world, and there are no other deposits including Ethiopia opal and Mexican opal that come anywhere near the top quality of Australian natural opals.