Opal Ring On Google Search.

Opal Ring On Google Search.

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Opal jewellery future is the Internet.

Since the virus pandemic opal ring website have been getting a lot more work. The Internet is the future in opal jewellery marketing. The public now has turned to sales strongly on the Internet & Google sites.  Opals are not only for presents and love ones in the year 2020, but an opal ring or opal necklace opal pendant or earrings and cuff links and all types of opal jewellery, make excellent gifts present every year. Birthday present anniversaries and particularly for people born in October as opal gemstones are the birthstone for this month. This particular gemstone is a very lucky gemstone in Germany China and Japan Australia Russia Britain USA and many more countries around the world.


opal ring with 3 opal gemstones.

Opal ring and jewellery will make fabulous gifts in the New Year 2020.

The best quality opals come from the country of Australia, and the most amazing comes from one particular area in Australia that produces the only gem quality black multicolour opals. And Graham is the specialist when it comes to this type of amazing opal that has the most intents colours of all the opal locations where this gemstone is discovered in Australia.

This gemstone has so many different colours and each gemstone is unique, so you will not find two matching stones of the same in your life time. So many different types of patterns, many different colours many different shapes sizes dimensions, cabochon cut stones and flat and very high cabochon stoneds. There is free-form shapes carvings one or two colours only, you can have four or five colours and more.

Opal Gemstones future is the Google on the Internet.


opal pendant jewellery with 1 opal gemstone.

Handcrafted pendant with large opal and beautiful pattern resembling a butterfly.

Opal rings 100% natural opal gemstones guaranteed discovered in Australia at Government Heritage mine, the official submission read opal more rarely specimens contain precious opal”And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth.
Graham when opal mining found an ancient lake shore wear dinosaurs used to forage for food at the only opal Heritage listed location at Lightning Ridge Australia. He worked to a death of about 6 m underground when he open cut his 3 mile opal mine, which is next door to wear the new Australian opal Centre will be built. Graham found an article on the National geographic website & the article was very scientific about a discovery of opal fossils reveal new species of dinosaur in Australia around Lightning Ridge. Graham discovered 6 m down an ancient water course with fossilise water plants weed beds, and fossilised opal shells some teeth and remains of an ancient creature that used to drink the water.
Regarding the new discovery specie of dinosaurs Robert Smith and courtesy of the Australian opal Centre would be the best people to talk to, and if I remember correctly they now have some of the dinosaurs fossilised opal bones discovery at the opal Centre in the township of lightning Ridge.


best opal gemstones location in the world hear in Australia.

Famous Opal site of Graham’s at 3 mile, with official government Heritage listed mine in Australia.

Google For Australian Opals.

Opal gemstones best quality deposits was only found around the Australian location known as Lightning Ridge, and the most famous of all opal discoveries was at the 3 mile official Government Heritage listed opal mines. Graham is the only 3 mile Heritage opal claim holder prospector alive today. Graham’s opal mine is right next door to the new under construction Australian Opal Centre. Graham also enjoyed using his gemstones when he was handcrafting opal rings and jewellery. The most exciting part of the industry he always said was down at his processing plant, during the tail-out going through and sorting the rubble to see if there was colour flashing in the sunlight, as this meant he might be getting close to opals pay-dirt or maybe dinosaur remains. Some times pay-dirt had some beautiful amazing Australian multi colour predominantly red black opals gems, but mostly tail-outs the gamble turns out to be disappointing a dream.
Graham Black opal jeweller logo.

Alan Hogg from New Zealand’s University of Waikato said there’s nothing like this around as this kauri is an amazing discovery unique. Ancient fossils like tree’s can give us record and reversal earth’s magnetic field, once such big dead tree discovered in New Zealand’s North Island, botanical Latin name is Agathis australis, or indigenous name Māori and comment English name kauri, during excavation work was found underground buried about 7 m, and was a massive tree when a life. This tree covers a point in history when the Earth’s magnetic field nearly reversed, the magnetic north and south did not quite complete a full reversal.
This tree was scientifically tested carbon dated it lived for 1,500 years, a very long time ago and this tree was alive when the continent next door Australia their indigenous people around 42,000 years ago were wondering collectors and hunters.


Parcel of Australian opal gemstones.

Have a goldsmith in your country design and hand craft you a fabulous opal ring.

Check out other jewellers opal stock at Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so your choice, any of these opals and have a beautiful opal ring or jewellery designed to your taste.