Opals cost how much.

Opals cost how much.

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Opals cost how much money?

Opals cost but how much money are you willing to pay, so first determine the type of opal you can afford.    Do you want a doublet-triplet opal they are cheaper than a solid stone,  do you want to make custom-design jewelry, rings earrings, brooch pendant necklace? Gifts etc triplets doublet are a good buy but if you have investment in mind, then buy a solid Australian black stone multicolor predominantly red, with good harlequins pattern or picture stones pattern or Chinese writing pattern galaxy pattern, all stones N1 N2 body tone and with good play of color,high dome cabochon stone with good fire.

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Specialist in how much does opals cost.

Master jeweler 40 years specializing in custom-design jewelry and opal cutting, why buy from Graham Black Opal Jewelry “wholesale prices direct from our Australian mines, free of charge when purchasing stones over $199, custom jewelry design made free with certificate of authenticity, but it is the beauty of this gem that makes it appreciate and there never is two stones the same. We have the only mine leased listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register .

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How much money do opals cost ?

How much money do opals cost.

Australian opal rings.

If value is important to you there are guidelines determining the value of an all types of gemstones emerald garnets or pearls ruby’s, jade sapphires, spindle, topaz tourmaline emerald diamond, have simple – guides weight clarity and flaws will add to the value. Not so with opal factor red on black opal with brilliance fire, fire stones of 3 colors green blue orange color will be more valuable than duller gemstones. Depth flash of color with an attractive pattern is valuable,stones that are colored are more valuable . Regular shapes are more valuable than irregular shapes, inclusions decrease the value of the stone noticeable cracks and other marks on the face . Opals are not easily bought from jewelry stores, some major cities and Australian tourists business you will fine opal jewelry.

Cate Blanchett wore lucky opal earrings at the Oscars, everyone noticed Cate’s jewelry as she collected her Oscar for best actress 2014.

Since the end of the Corcoran rush in 1990s there has not been a lot of crystal and black stones being produced in Australian, in the recent years around 2007 the country of Ethiopia has produced the greatest quantity of crystal that is on the market today about 80% in 2014. Opals first mined around 4000 B. C. in Ethiopia, their popularity did not start until the Romans loved them around 100 B. C. By then, the majority of stone were mined in Hungary. For over a 1,000 years Hungary supplied European rulers with the treasure of opals. At the same time, Australian gemstones appeared in the market,  buyer were hesitant but Australian stones are much more stable with fire and brilliant colors.

How much money do opals cost.

How much money do opals cost if you are going out to an Australian opal mining town there are local shops cheap, this reduce the cost of the stone along with shopping online,city stores will carry both jewelry and stones but get a certificate of authenticity. With normal care Australian stones wall last forever as they are at least 70 million years old. Specific Gravity: 2.15, hardness: 6 average some other gemstones are 8 sapphires and ruby 9 need little care Australian stones are still hard.
How much money do opals costs if value is not important then just choose a solid Australian black multicolor gem A + grade think about size, color and shape high dome cabochon is good superlative fire is good. If you just need a natural opal then look for inclusive flaws little tiny veins this lower the value, some people prefer multicolor or may be a single color blue-green-red, look for a stone that appeals to you some times it depend on what you are wearing white stones on a black outfit.

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Good quality opal ring with diamonds, opals cost the most and then the diamonds and gold and the custom Goldsmith wages.

After you choose your gem then choosing a jeweler this also is very important as opals are very rare gemstone, there are not many jewelers that understand how to design and set the stone into jewelry, when you’re down in Australia if you see a lot of opals in a jewelry shop then this is the place as they will no master goldsmiths that specialize in this particular gemstone. Unfortunately most of the jewelry is mass produced commercially in India and China and as these are third World countries the jewelry designs are often oriental and not Western and you will often have problems in the future.

The mining towns in Australia rarely have goldsmiths working as they sell single solid gemstones usually. The Internet is similar where there is mass produced jewelry design-all the same. And when you do fine a goldsmith online they will most likely work in semiprecious gemstones along with precious and do not see a lot of opals. Solid opal earrings brooches and pendants, necklaces are everyday jewelry, but opal rings are not an everyday stone like a diamond, when cleaning the home or dishwashing with your ring hard knocks cracking are note good” the water is find but abrasive cleaners and hard work is no good. Triplets rings doublets rings swimming and dishwashing may allow water penetration with time into the rings, triplets-doublets earrings brooch pendant neaklace are ok so its up to you how much money do opals cost.