Australian black opals


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Australian black opals guaranteed 100% solid no treatment money back policy.


Black opals Australian opals package.

Australian Black opals polished stones 33 very bright mostly black opals, photograph under lights dark greens and blue colors from the only famous Australian Premier State Heritage listed opal mine. The official Government submission read about Graham’s opal mine, Opal more rarely, specimens contain precious opal. And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.
Australian black opals
Polished Australian black opals from Australia, you will make good money profit at these prices. Dangerous buying rough dangers because you can lose a lot of money, unless you have orientated lots of opals for many years. This is truly a Specialist profession, unless your jewelry business is in a third world country India China Bangladesh paying wages 1 dollar day. Orientated Cutting Polishing Grading opals takes a lot of time, this is why you lose money unless you buy very expensive parcels and cut out all this labour cost, but only look and buy expensive parcels on the mining fields only, “Not on the internet”. Professionals and buyers beware as you can lose a small fortune money also.

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opals guaranteed, guarantee opal package


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No expensive retail jewelry shop prices here or salesman you’re going direct to the Goldsmith, and direct to the opal mines, at wholesale so cut out all the middle men and women in the jewelry business, and save yourself a small fortune.

Polished Australian black opals wholesale for all customers.

Polished Australian opals parcel every jeweler and Goldsmith must have some Australian opals for australian black opals,opal parcelspotential customers, Graham’s Australian heritage opal mine, opals will have no changes in color even after 20 years, no crazing or cracking movement, unlike Ethiopian stones can have problems.


Grahams official Government Heritage opals can be placed in one of your drawers ready for clients custom made rings, and for people born in October. Birthstones gemstones on hand so you do-not lose business.


Polished Australian black opals parcels guarantee 100% and some black opal package multicolor, they opals SSl securelook good mixed shapes and sizes Australian opal gemstones, as Graham have just finished polishing and has taken some photographs.



Over 40 years experience in the industry prices in $U S dollars for custom Australia opal jewelry , Australian opal rings and black opal rings, handmade jewelry, black opal jewelry and necklace online opal necklace,handmade opal necklace also opal earrings.
Certificate of authenticity with the opal outlining qualities solid Australian Lightning Ridge opal no treatments. Our investment gemstones appreciate quickly in value price goes up, one reason is rare Heritage opals. Another direct from the mine at wholesale prices.


Graham’s official Government famous Heritage opal mine 100% guarantee best opals ever discovered in Australia.

Polished Australian opals 100% guarantee do not worry we have 30 day return policy, if product purchase is not as described.

australian black opals,opalsFamous opal mine listed in the State of N.S.W Capital Sydney Australia.
Graham Black guaranteed Certificate stating solid Australian heritage gemstones with opal packages with no treatment policy 30 days return period covers. And 30 days return period covers fine custom jewelry workmanship guaranteed.

Polished Australian black opals for sale.

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Handcrafted rings equivalent quality in America LA or New York & most other country’s, custom goldsmith’s shops will have to add this $900 onto the customer final price.

Do not forget the big sale Graham will handcraft free of charge one jewelry, just buy one stones over $199. Rare Heritage investment, gemstones appreciate quickly in value price direct from the mine at wholesale prices.

Graham’s jewelers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased, clients personal designs excepted postage and insurance free


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australian black opal mine

Our opal gemstones come from this mine, the only heritage mine in the country of Australia, the capital of the multicolor black opal industry. Click on this photograph to enlarge image to full size.

Polished Australian black opals for sale from Graham Black Opal famous Heritage mine, all photographs Copyright ©