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Opal Sale price wholesale $2,601 with certificate, we priced the item at $4,000 retail cowboy belt buckle.

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Only 1 handmade Cowboy belt buckle made with Australian opals, handmade jewellery & Burmese Ruby’s.

Price wholesale $2,601 with certificate but retail priced for item would be $5,980 retail ,we are the only opal wholesale  with a Heritage listed work site at the capital of the black opal Industry in the Premier State, Capital Sydney Australia our estimate is a very responsible price for this jewellery item.

Opal cowboy jewelry please contact us if you are interested in similar hand made inlay jewelry, more information regarding Australian opal inlay jewelry, jewelry item number (3002 ) multi colors quality black opal inlay from Lightning Ridge Australia.

From the only mine Australian opal lease, listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.

Custom made ring jeweler will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased clients personal designs excepted.   Opal Heritage  submission read “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal” And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance, and graham include free insurance and postage to your home.

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Opal inlay jewelry handcrafted special piece with ruby’s in solid sterling silver.


Opal ring and jewellery is very difficult to understand all the different qualities and groups of opal gemstones, because there are so many opals and are all unique unlike diamond and ruby’s to price are easy, so here is some information to give you a rough guideline, but I always recommends stickin with a opal experts rather than jewellery shops.

Opal ring with the best opals in the jewellery then this gemstone must come from Australia, and the best quality are natural multicolor black and semi black color opal ring. The most stable opal ring has to have a N1 or N2 black grouping with beautiful different colors. The colors in the opal ring depends on the eye of the beholder favourite colors, but don’t forget budget. Unlimited budget can have predominately red multi colors and clear with bright colors and with special beautiful pattern, plus a beautiful cabochon with good symmetrical shape and in the N1 black grouping, and a nice thick gemstone in the opal ring are the most expensive of all the opals.

Opal ring more commercial budget can have multi colors ok but no red color and maybe clear with bright colors maybe, most likely have no special beautiful pattern, and maybe not have a very good cabochon and maybe more flat with good symmetrical shape and in the N3 black grouping, and a nice thick gemstone in the opal ring this is what you could describe as good quality commercial and much more affordable then gem quality opals.

Opal ring for people with a very small budget can have one or two colors maybe three ok no red color orange yellow green most likely and not so clear and colors not so bright, no pattern and maybe more flat with symmetrical shape and in the N4 or N5 N6 N7 grouping, and maybe not very thick gemstone or a strong opal in the ring, this is what you could describe as a small budget and much more affordable then commercial opal ring, most likely with purple Lavender different shades of blue.

Opal Customers Comments.

Customer name : Mr Mrs Thomas  New York City United States of America ,Dear Graham Black was more amazing than what I would had ever thought possible, we will be certainly contacting Graham again if we ever decide to purchase another jewelry .

Thank you very much Graham.

Brian Jackson :London England ,Hello great service also very affordable prices, we were pleasantly surprised by the speed of delivery.

Mrs Betty :Scotland United Kingdom ,The Black opal was exactly as you described, it was well presented in a lovely parcel and was delivered to my house by a postal man.

Korea Seoul : Mr Youngnanpuk, we are very happy with the service we received from your web site ,and will recommend your  site to other customers buying jewelry .

Mr Bill Wires :USA : I am very satisfied with the opal i purchase from Graham it matched the picture and description on Mr Black’s web site.

Mrs Carol Tomkins :European Union  Yes OK I was happy with the service and the price was extremely affordable compared to most other web site .

Mr Brian Miles: South Africa ,I have bought  found Graham’s site very easy to use, his prices seem to be better than any site, jewellery shops in my country do not have good opals.

John Thomas :European Union ,a lovely looking gemstone, just what I was looking for I can highly recommend the web site.

Mr Hashemi :Tokyo Japan ,Your prices are very good value compared to the high prices that we pay for black stones in Tokyo,and the quality is also very good, the delivery was quite prompt, and the service was excellent,thank you Mr Black.

Mr F White :United States of America California , the 2ct gem gemstone is magnificent exactly as you described, the colours are extremely bright I have never seen colour so bright in my life. The pattern is also great, it did take a few days longer to arrive here then we had led to believe, otherwise we are extremely happy with the integrity of your business, and your Internet web page is also very easy to use.

Mr Brian Myers : United States of America loss Angelus , we are very happy with our purchase from your web site, keep up the good work and good luck with the mining.

Mr Mrs Miles : European Union Germany ,Opal is our lucky gemstone in Germany, so I hope the stone that you sent us brings us good luck. It certainly looks  very beautiful,  arrived at our home within one week of the purchase.

Mr Robert Smith : Australia Sydney This gemstone is my birthstone, as I was born in the month of October, and as your web site had so much information about birthstones I was happy to purchase from a site with so much information related to the subject .  I will be visiting your Web site because it is regularly updated with information, and many good stories and excellent photographs also on the history of the mining fields in Australia.

Miss Carol Grace: New Zealand Auckland ,I have always wanted a Opal pendant as my Zodiac sign and birthstone is Opal for the month of October, I was very happy when I received the parcel from you and was even more happier when I seen the beautiful Opal Jewelry, the colours were dazzling and the Jewelry design was beautiful it must have took a lot of time to design and hand make such a beautiful piece of jewelry thank you very much it was truly as you described and more.

Ms Gale Blacksmith : United Kingdom : I readily check your web site GrahamBlackOpal.Com as there is a lot of information available to Opal lovers, I love your Opal tips on your homepage which you readily update. And i always recommend your web site to my friends.


Australia opal mine

Opal mine in Australia

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