SOLD A+ Gem Australian Opals Best Fire Fire Opal.


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SOLD A+ Gem Best fire opals come from Australia currency in US dollars


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Red multicolor Australian opals best fire opals, A+ grade.

Best fire opal have good patterns A+ grade floral fantasia, high dome cabochon stone A+, shape cut A+, hardness 6.5 A+ grade ,play of color A+ grade, N1 body tone A+ grade, item number 1010 price US $15,000.00 SOLD * .
Official Australian National symbol icon “Graham Black opal mine Heritage submission read, opal more rarely, specimens contain precious black opal”And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The Australian opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance. Guaranteed 30 days Returns Period, with Certificate stating solid Australia heritage opal with no treatment.
Graham’s Australian opal mine was also “list as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register”. Sale I will make free of charge,”customers purchasing 1 stones over $191″. Graham’s jewelers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased ,clients personal designs excepted, you only have to pay for the silver and gold & gemstones, postage & insurance free.

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Australia’s national Women’s basketball team Head coach Jan, purchase opal gemstone from Graham Black Opal famous opal mine, official government Heritage mine in Australia. The head coach stated Graham’s Opal will remain Jan preferred lucky opal jewelry to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky opal jewelry during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout the world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, Silver medal 2006 World Championships and in Beijing Olympics.

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Handcrafted opal jewelry.



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Australian red opals best fire opals.

Best fire opal at Graham Black opal jeweler

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