Opal Jewellery Pricing Guide Natural Opals From Australia Wholesale Prices.

$3,000 $1,400

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Blue opal pendant priced wholesale money back policy guarantee, if testing opal and found otherwise then solid opal and with no treatment of any kind.


Blue opal pendant with ruby’s in solid silver handcrafted design.

Blue opal pendant with purple color also guaranteed solid Australian Lightning Ridge semi black opal. Policy no treatment of the opal gemstone natural 100% organic, opal about size 2″1/2″ by 1″1/2″. Big Opal from Official Government Heritage Mine in Australia.


blue opal pendant,blue opal necklace

Very big blue opal pendant necklace jewelry.

By direct from the primary mining producer and Goldsmith handcrafted jewelry designer about Graham’s handmade Australian opal rings and custom opal jewelry.