Jewellery Opal Ring.


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Jewellery opal ring with the best quality opal gemstones from official Government Heritage listed opal site in Australia.

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Jewellery opal ring in silver and natural Australian opals with many colours 12E number .

opal ring, jewellery opal ring

Jewellery opal ring.

Jewellery opal ring with artistic jewellery design of mother nature a flower, this is about as natural organic as you can get. With some rings you have a choice because some rings have one red ruby in the centre middle of the solid silver flower, and the opals take over 100 million years for mother nature to form such a gemstone, and with best quality gemstones from official government Heritage site in Australia, big savings off for customers about 75% discount for the same opal ring jewellery in your Country or city, guaranteed natural opal gemstones. This is a freestyle ring that will fit all sizes amazing wholesale price, postage free on jewellery 10 days to about 3 weeks delivery time on free postage delivery depending on your city location, otherwise if you pay extra for FedEx about 4 to 5 days delivery.

Opal ring with all Heritage opals, location listed opal mine in Australia named the 3 mile mine’s Lightning Ridge, and only at this site. Opals from the most famous location in the world, Lightning Ridge is virtually depleted of the most amazing opal, the most amazing quality gemstone of it’s type with amazing patterns and this is why the area was Heritage listed in Australia.

Jewellery opal ring.

Jewellery opal ring on line a lot cheaper then at your jewellery shop, here save lots of money as most jewellers unfortunately and goldsmiths most time have to add on a lot more cost dollars to the customers price, because jewellery outlets in town have expensive shop rent and merchant cost middleman cost and outsourcing opals and gemstones and Insurance valuation replacement certificate for jewellery, only specialist International certificate excepted, but here Graham is a specialist in the Australian industry and the primary producer that discover the opals and jewellery designer silversmith goldsmith, that cuts out all the middle people down the chain of supply line, passing all savings on to you and all customers. All rings jewellery come with certificate stating natural Australian opals.

About jewellery opal ring on line opal ring is handmade, unique opal ring jewellery here we discover the rough gemstones uncut opals Graham cutt’s and polish saving you money, but jewellers have to outsource professional opal specialist, all this cost is passed on to their customers because they buy off merchant not direct from the miner primary producer like Graham. Add this website to your favourites and save it for the future when you need a big savings on opal rings, as Australia mines produces the best quality opal by far and no other opal mining location in the world can match this amazing opal.

Jewellery opal ring.

The first history about the Australian opal gemstone discovery in Australia by the aboriginals, possibly the oldest indigenous people in the world, there story pass down there dream time legend regarding this unique gemstone, a rainbow serpent made this magnificent multi colour gemstone when it come to earth, and opals were found on this location by the indigenous Australians. But here we are the second discovery ancestors from the first Europeans that survived the dangers sea crossing from Europe, to what was known in then days as Vance Demons land. Today Australian scientist palaeontologist have dated this gemstone over hundred million years old.

About the goldsmith only works with all handmade unique jewellery, opal ring with all natural opals fully guarantee, money back in full if found otherwise, just send original item back in the same condition as when received no questions asked as long as you have a recognised lap testing certificate from your country stating the jewellery opal ring is not natural Australian opal.