Sold Leopard Eye Opal Ring, In 18 ^ Gold Ring.

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Sold Opal ring wholesale $2,991 with certificate, we priced the item at $8,400 retail. Mans opal ring multi colors price in US dollars.

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Mans Ring Multi Colors With Gem Black Opal.

Opal ring sale price wholesale $2,991 with certificate, we priced the item at $8,400 retail as we are very qualified to do so,we are the only opal experts with a Heritage listed work site at the capital of the black opal Industry in the Premier State, Capital Sydney Australia our estimate is a very responsible price for this item in this catalogue.

Natural black opal, a gem %100 opal & very bright with a special pattern unique, because it looks like a leopard cats eye. The ring is handmade all handcrafted with 18 ^ gold, there was only one ring ever made.

From the famous 3 mile open cut mine at Lightning Ridge Australia, mans opal ring body tone is N1, with very good play of color and nice pattern cats eye. Only ring in stock like this we never make two rings the same,green orange red blue colors item number 454 price $2,991.00 US dollars.

Mans opal ring at Graham Black Opal professional goldsmith Jewelry designs, mans jewelry.   We have every conceivable gemstone patterns for opals including pattern like harlequins, picture stones pattern and Chinese writing pattern or galaxy, pin fire and gemstone patterns broad flash, this mans opal ring has the pattern cats eye for sale.

Mans opal ring multicolors black opal ring.

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Australian opal jewelry mans opal ring for sale with black opal in 18 ^ gold settling handmade jewelry. This natural opal gemstone comes from 3 mile open cut mining claim, the only opal location officially Heritage listed in the country of Australia.


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Opal gemstone 18 ^ gold handmade ring .

Opal rings jewelry custom made Sale On Now about 75% Savings Off. Custom crafted goldsmith specialist in opal jewelry a lot cheaper at this site because the owner is the primary opal producer mining in Australia, plus you have gone direct to the goldsmith graham handcrafts jewelry and designs and has open cut his own Australian opal mine which is famous, the best opals ever discovered in Australia at official government Heritage listed opal mine, Heritage listed NSW because the gemstone quality is know internationally as the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered at 3 mile opal mines. Wholesale prices all welcome Australia opal jewelry handmade jewelry and all natural Australian opal 100% gemstones, fine goldsmith craftsman will place firmly your favourite choice in our stoned secure into each opal jewelry we design. Guaranteed money back if the opal is not natural Australian opals and the jewelry is well made, just send the opal ring back in the same condition as when you received it in the post, with International Lab testing certificate stating the opal is otherwise. Mr Graham Black Policy is good for 12 months from the commencement of customers receiving jewelry in the post, plus your certificate stating this will be emailed to you also description of the natural Australian opal and the jewelry description.


Gem black opal ring 18 ^ handmade gold ring.


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Natural solid Australian opal gemstone in this ring.


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Photograph of Mr Graham Black custom handcraft jewelry designer. Only official Australian Heritage opal claim holder. Goldsmith all hand made rings & jewelry.

Investment gemstones appreciate quickly 1 reason is rare Heritage opals & another direct from the “mine at wholesale prices”.
Graham’s official Australian government national icons,“His famous opal mine 100% guarantee best opals ever discovered, Heritage opal mine submission read,” “opal more rarely, specimens contain precious Australian opals”. And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The Australian opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.
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Opal mine listed in the State of N.S.W Capital Sydney Australia, Graham Black guaranteed Certificate stating solid Australia heritage gemstones with no treatment with 30 days Returns Period and fine custom jewelry workmanship.

Our Australian opal mine was also list as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register.  Big sale Graham handcraft jewelry, rare Heritage investment gemstones appreciate quickly because direct from the”mine at wholesale prices”.
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Graham’s jewellers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased 100% guarantee,clients personal designs excepted, you only have to pay for the silver and gold & gemstones, postage & insurance free.
Handmade mans opal ring handcrafted opal jewellery with natural opals please contact Graham for all natural opal gemstones Custom made jewellery engagement opal rings, handmade opal wedding rings, handmade Australian opal rings, handcrafted black opal rings at wholesale, rings handmade opal diamonds priced very low.

Mans opal ring multicolors black opal ring.

Australia’s National Women’s basketball team Head coach Jan, purchase one opal gemstone from Graham Black Opal famous opal mine, official government Heritage mine in Australia. The head coach stated Graham’s Opal jewellery will remain Jan preferred lucky opal jewellery to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky opal jewellery during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout Jan’s world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, medal 2006 World Championships and Silver in Beijing Olympics.


Opal Jewelry Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Opal Rings Youtube Channel.


Australian Opal Rings.


Handmade Opal Rings.


Handcrafted Opal Jewelry.


Handmade Opal Jewelry From Most Famous Opal location In Australia 18 ^ Gold & Black Opals.


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Mr Graham Black official Australian Heritage opal mine, Australian opals official National symbols of Australia.


Australian opal contain precious gemstones among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, chemical composition SiO2.nH2O water around 3 l0% by weight sometimes higher 20o/o .custom made opal rings, handmade opal rings, custom opal rings,handmade opal jewelry,handmade black opal rings The English name comes from the Ancient word Opalus witch is Latin, meaning to see play of colors and precious stones. Precious Australian opal has a refractive index 1.450 +. 020, -.080 . Hardness 6 average starts from 5.5 to 6.5 Opal’s consists of Hydrated amorphous Silica that makes for unique play of colors seen by the human eye “characteristics” Of most opal gemstones discovered around the world, caused by silica spheres cemented together silica, and depending on the amount silica spheres the arrangement tightness of the silica spheres, determents the grade either reaching commercial grade, semiprecious and Gem quality the most expensive.

Volcanic rocks in cavities and cracks sedimentary volcanic percolating water in the ground with timing factors dissolves silica that precipitates to make raw untreated silica spheres opal colors, can replace wood or fossils shells and animal bones that lived 100,000,000 years ago, that the original material had dissolved. If opal silica spheres arrangement form regular type groupings in or on the black material around the most famous mining location Lightning Ridge region of Australia,the specimens contain precious opal among the most beautiful natural objects on earth.

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Famous Australian opal mines Graham Black opal mining.


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Our opal gemstones come from this mine, the only heritage mine in the country of Australia, the capital of the worlds industry. Click on this photograph to enlarge image to full size.

Geology of opal mining a very clean industry no chemicals are used in processing of the mineral, only water is used to clean the rock and solids. Geology Greek word for study about earth science minerals rocks composed processes by which they change. The insight into the history of the Earth and Geology is important for mining exploration but unfortunately most of the world water and air pollution comes from science and the academics, the science of chemistry and many type of commercial mining activities, these science are responsible for the change in our climates for the good & bad. Opal most famous Geology mineral deposits come from Australia and usually the most expensive things in life are the best quality, so we will start with the Lightning Ridge deposit only place in the world you will find true black opal N1 N2 deposits the most expensive, so many gemologist say the best grade and most beautiful. But when it comes to buying jewelry it is always in the eye of the beholder. Lots of beautiful crystal from Coober Pedi South Australia along with locations named Mintabie and Andamooka . Australia in the state of Queensland a place called Koroit in the south west of the State has boulder, Winton in the northwest of the State and Jundah and the town named Quilpie in the central western region produces boulder opals. Other countries that produce mostly common opal is Ethiopia with some very good crystal, United States, Mexico. South America Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Eastern Europe the Baltic Slovakia, Czech, Southeast Asia Indonesia.

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Australian official Heritage black opal mine at lightning Ridge.


Mans opal ring from famous Australian opal mines, investment gemstones rare Heritage opals.

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Rare Heritage opal mine next door to an Australian State N.S.W museum, name the Australian opal Centre.


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