Opal fire.

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Opal fire wholesale black opal with money back policy guarantee, if testing opal and found otherwise then solid opal and with no treatment of any kind, no questions asked return money to you.



Opal fire gemstone from Australia.

Opal fire wholesaler save money and go direct to the miner, shape oval weight 2.52 ct natural opal no treatment of any kind, dimensions 11.48 by 6.99 by 4.30mm.

Gemstone certificate from research laboratory institute, stating all characteristics of the opal,stating no treatment of any kind. Certificate from the international gem capital of the world and jewelry institute gemstone testing laboratory.

Opal fire, fire opals

Red color fire opal gemstone.


Wholesale black opal fire buy direct from graham’s famous heritage mine in Australia and by cheap opals at wholesale price because your cutting out many middle people . Solid Australian opal is the term used in Australia for this type of opal, recognized by the primary produces miners and wholesalers as solid opal at lightning Ridge the location of this discovery.

This stone has mostly red color with black and very green, good shape cabochon, with play of color and bright lovely pattern.
Graham Black Opal will certainly give his lifetime guarantee that this opal is from Australia lightning Ridge personally to you, the opal has no treatment of any kind, solid natural opal gemstone,this opal guarantee wholesale price.

Graham has the sale of the century if you purchase one wholesale opal direct from his mine over $199. Great saving on his opals because priced at wholesale, wait another very big saving you will save about $900 just on his free custom handmade ring. Customers might have to be charge a small amount when it comes to very detail rings, customers pay for the materials gold and silver shipping free.

In this case you also have a second guarantee from the biggest Gem and jewelry independent Lab testing facility in Asia,as this Opal is still in the Seal lab testing bag , please excuse the stain on the plastic lad testing Seal as our gemstones are viewed by many customers and go back and forward to gem shows.

The guarantee is good unto open by GIT University testing facilities, this is a very good Wholesale price. If you are interested we can cut the Seal for more photographs, but I think your jeweler would like to open to see personally.

All information about opal fire gemstone on the independent gem testing certificate dimensions.

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Reference from grahams clients about his opals.

Opal fire Australian black opal stone .

Magnificent offer Sale opal fire, discovered at graham’s famous mine, Official Government Heritage mine situated in Australia.

When you purchase graham’s opals or opal rings and jewelry and you insurer his rings, and if found otherwise by your insurance company that Graham’s claims misleading or false, his policy is full purchase price money back return to the customer guarantee, you only need to send your item you purchase back not damaged along with proof, graham discovered this deposit of gemstones personally and this is why grahams integrity is never questioned in the opal jewelry trade.

The best opals must be natural 100% organic no treatment of any kind, and the best opals come from the country of Australia, the most famous location in Australia is where this particular stone comes from. Very famous gemstone place known internationally around the world by jewelers and at all gem and jewelry exhibitions shows, this famous opal location is known by the name of 3 mile Lightning Ridge in the Premier State Capitol Sydney Australia.

Opal fire Australian black opal  stone.

All gemstone and black opals semi black stones crystals and jewelry type of business needs to be taken serious, or it can cost you a lot more money. My sale special wholesale prices direct from the mine . This is usually a very special time of your life, you must consider choices of gifts and presence, opals very special gemstone for your future wife ring or maybe for your grandmother ring, but put your mind at rest because grahams gemstones are an excellent choice in black opals semi or Crystal opals.

Yours sincerely Graham Black Opal fire .