Pendant Opal.


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Opal pendant.*Sold*. Was about 75% better price for same jewellery in your country.


Pendant opal necklace with solid rubies, *Sold*. Natural opal red multicolour gemstone from Australia, 7111.

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Pendant opal natural gemstone and jewellery handcrafted with solid ruby’s.


Pendant opal about 75% discount here for the same jewellery in your country. One-of-a-kind designs pendant opal necklace with many surrounding rubies, in a solid silver pendant setting that would look beautiful on a lovely necklace, the main feature gemstone comes from the only official government Heritage opal location in Australia at Lightning Ridge 3 mile Heritage open cut mine of Graham Black, and if you would like to look at some videos about this location or have a look at some opal rings YouTube Channel      go here to videos, on the subject of jewellery designs one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery online.    Save retail cost and go direct to the primary producer and opal miner goldsmith hear. This will allow you to cut out every person in the supply chain line, from retail jewellers that will purchase from the jewellery wholesaler factory adding more cost, but here the savings are passed on to you and all customers.

Pendant opal necklace.

Wholesaler manufacturer and goldsmith will purchase from the gemstone merchant dealer that will travel down to Australia and buy off the miner primary producer. Wow so many cost expensive air ticket and travel accommodation back and forward from Europe United States where ever to Australia, and everybody needs to cover costs and make money. And you the customer will have to pay about 75% more for the same jewellery item in your city retail jewellery shop.

Pendant opal necklace with rubies can be very colourful jewellery that are unique, as you will never find in your lifetime to opals the same, unlike most other gemstones graded into the same categorys, semiprecious or precious and when cut and faceted the same and all placed in the same weight, they are all identical that usually surrounds a major feature gemstone, like a very expensive high-quality red ruby or black opal looks absolutely fabulous surrounded with little sparkling diamonds.

Pendant opal ring at You tube.

Also to find a true Australian opal specialist in your city can be very difficult if not impossible because this type of gemstone is very rare, and if you fine solid genuine opal in a jewellery shop in your city then there will usually be only a couple of items of jewellery to choose from. And this is what makes gold jewellery with good quality Australian opals a great investment for the future specially a pendant that rarely if ever gets damaged or lost like earrings. With good quality jewellery you should always take care when taking the item off, you should be seated down over a table where you have placed your jewellery box, leaning on the table make sure you are concentrating remove your jewellery item and place the pendant opal and all types of jewellery into the box firmly closing down the lid.