Opal What Are Opals.

Opal What Are Opals.

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Opal ? Opal Information From Graham Specialist In The Industry.

Opal? what are opals there gemstones in rings and jewellery is where you will see opals, this information is by the only producer Graham with the only Heritage listed opal mine in Australia.    Opals cater’s for all budgets semiprecious too precious, the word opal in dictionary’s will clearly explain opal is a gemstone, but today everything has changed like privacy and the word opal can come up on a search referring to many thing’s like an Australian card, and a name of a person.
But all dictionary’s will define opal as consisting of many colour’s and are all unique individual stoned with so many different patterns and different strengths regarding play of colour and body tones, from clear crystal with colours with in the crystal an black body tone’s that has the strongest colour’s that can have electrifying colours. So many bodytone white body toned and the country of Australia produces the best quality opals and the vast amount of the world’s deposit.

Opal ? Graham Has The Only Official Government Heritage Listed Opal Mine On Google Map In Australia .

Over the last 10 years there was a very unusual discovery of opal gemstone found in Africa the country of Ethiopia, a much lower grade in general and mostly crystal semi transparent crystal with colours.

Opal can change and reflect different colour’s from different angles when rotating the opal in your hand. The rarest of all the high quality is a multicolour predominantly red in the black opal group that has to be no less then either N1 or N2 classification black, the top-quality black gemstone’s are the most expensive and would have to have a very symmetrical shape cut with a very high dome cabochon and a fabulous pattern, and excellent play of colour with fabulous pattern like Harlequin pattern or a pictures stone something very unusual, plus no flaws specially in the viewing front of the gemstone, it must have a nice thick strong back and from every angle the play of colour must be dazzling to the eye when turning a gem quality stone, also the gem must be not only very bright around light’s but also good in darker areas with no sun or light.

 opal gemstone can have many different colours mixed into 1 opal.

Images of opals as you can see they all different and opals could have so many covers so many patterns shapes and sizes.

Opal Guinness book of world records gemstone video at Wikipedia or hear at YouTube video.

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But as most budgets cannot afford such opal rings or jewellery but you love such a gemstone, then never worry about your budget because there is one of these gemstones for every budget. You could pick up a stone for $50 or less but handmade handcrafted custom Goldsmith work not cheap, so it’s best to look for mass-produce rings and jewellery, you should be able to find jewellery for hundred dollars or less, obviously nothing spectacular like I had described above regarding gem quality stones, but the stone will be unique one-of-a-kind that only you have, as there are no two of the same type when it comes to opals, unlike diamonds and most other coloured stones if you buy a 1 ^ for $100 then there are millions around the world identical same shape and cut facet or cabochon and most likely enhanced to bring out the colour, not 100% natural.

Opal ?

image green colour opal gemstone from Australian.

Opal image the true meaning is a gemstone.

image multi colour black opal gemstone from Australian.

Image of opal and you can clearly see the image’s are all different but they are all opal gemstones.

 opal gemstone with multi- colours mixed into 1 opal.

Opal image the true meaning this is multicolour opal. gemstone.

 opal gemstone mixed blue green colours.

Image of blue colour opal and you can clearly see there all different colour’s but they are all opal gemstones.

ring with opal gemstone multi- colours mixed.

Opal ? yes this is a multicolour opal set in 22 ct gold with diamonds .

 opal gemstone multi- colours mixed with red also.

Opal ? yes its a gemstone.

opal?, opal

Multicolour opal gemstone with N1 body tone black group.

opal pendant with beautiful pattern lovely jewellery.

Opal yes image of an amazing butterfly pattern opal set in 18 ^ gold In jewellery.



This can also occur with opal’s there is a doublet consist of thin layer of crystal glued to a synthetic back, and triplets the only different there is a third layer on top synthetic cabochon, is also glued to the natural crystal which is in the middle, there is also treated and they call it matrix opal, sugar or smoke treatment to enhance the colour’s. The country of Ethiopia does not have black opal N1 or N2 classification so if you see a very dark stone then it would be treated most likely smoke or dyed with black ink. Last of all there is synthetic 100% not natural gemstones often goes by the name of Gilson opals.

If you want to buy a beautiful ring with a gem quality stone or in other words a very good quality without the price tag of the best quality black opals, then Australian crystal opals have beautiful colour’s and all the same colours of the more expensive black bodytone gemstones, but unfortunately not the electric strong colour’s, still beautiful colours crystal opals have but softer more pastels.

And there is white bodytone opals with all the same colour’s but without the intensity of the black bodytone, crystal can be clear transparent or it can be semi not transparent a little bit cloudy with beautiful colours. Crystal you will at least save 30% of the price of the same quality as black bodytone gemstone, the black does have some extra benefitsis stronger can handle heat more.

But bottom line for the wholesaler prices will always depend on the amount of this gemstone available, and as it is very rare and difficult to discover a patch, you would have to drive around in different states and if your market is white there is no point in driving to Queensland for boulder, even low at the moment there is quite a bit of matrix Queensland Boulder being discovered at different locations. It can be expensive driving and time can be a problem for many buyers merchant as the state is about 2000 km in length .

So back to retail I would advise if you would like to purchase a ring with this gemstone then you will need to look around jewelry shops a lot and when you see something you like that’s the one, buy it because you’re most likely never find another one as lovely as that gemstone because they are very rare indeed.