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All natural Australian opals and handcrafted opal rings at Wholesale prices Save Money guaranteed only one of a kind jewelry designs ever made at this site.
Custom opal jeweler at this stage no promotions available but please contact and ask about future discounted jewelry. Opals with certificate guarantee in writing from this website, stating natural Australian opal no treatment with the best quality opal gemstones ever discovered, direct from the only official government Heritage opal mine, from the capital of the opal Industry Australia.  Our Jeweler will make customers opal ring or opal pendant from Graham Black opal jeweler specialist.
About jeweler designer specializing in custom opal jewelry and limited Heritage opals with certificate of authenticity.   Graham have the only leased listed on State Heritage Register List as an item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register. Submission read, “Opal More rarely, specimens contain precious opal” and these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance, in every conceivable pattern including harlequin, picture stones and Chinese writing.
Hear Australian opal gemstones are the best quality ever discovered, graham work with such a unique quality stone simply because he were the last guy to open cut this location, copy and paste the official website into your browser of the State museum capital Sydney Australia official website http://mgnsw.org.au/organisations/australian-opal-centre. Under construction being built right next door to where graham discovered the last amazing quality opals, and still is the claim holder of the most famous site in the industry at 3 mile open cut mine, this is why graham’s stones are at wholesale prices direct from the miner and goldsmith designer.Custom design jeweler A+ goldsmith specialist in this gemstones, at wholesale prices direct from an Australian black opal mine, all sales in US $.


Custom opal jeweler handmade opal rings.


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This is a reference from one of our clients,about us we are Custom opal jeweler.

Opal ring jewellery Sale On Now about 75% Savings Off about the same jewelry item in your country, goldsmith work free if you purchase one good commercial grade opal, your entitlement one very free elaborate handmade jewellery your own free personal handcrafted opal jewelry design goldsmith work free, amount of gold that is needed will be at your cost and any other gemstones and materials.
Another good offer free of charge handmade goldsmith work if you purchase one of our wholesale opals over $199 US, the goldsmith will make free your choice in basic design pendant free or Australian basic design handcrafted opal ring free, you pay International going price for gold or silver delivery insurance free to your address. Custom crafted goldsmith specialist in opal jewelry a lot cheaper at this site because the owner is the primary opal producer mining in Australia, plus you have gone direct to the goldsmith graham handcrafts jewelry and designs and has open cut his own Australian opal mine which is famous, the best opals ever discovered in Australia at official government Heritage listed opal mine, Heritage listed NSW because the gemstone quality is know internationally as the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered at 3 mile opal mines. Wholesale prices all welcome Australia opal jewelry handmade jewelry and all natural Australian opal 100% gemstones, fine goldsmith craftsman will place firmly your favourite choice in our stoned secure into each opal jewelry we design. Guaranteed money back if the opal is not natural Australian opals and the jewelry is well made, just send the opal ring back in the same condition as when you received it in the post, with International Lab testing certificate stating the opal is otherwise. Mr Graham Black Policy is good for 12 months from the commencement of customers receiving jewelry in the post, plus your certificate stating this will be emailed to you also description of the natural Australian opal and the jewelry description.

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Photograph of opal mine owner.

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Australian opal gemstone, with Harlequin patton.

 about us,opal jewelry,ring opal,jewelry,graham black opal mining,about graham black opal jewelry,fire opal ringCate Blanchett has her own custom opal jeweler and wore lucky opal earrings at the Oscars, everyone noticed Cate’s jewelry as she collected her Oscar for best actress 2014.

Custom opal jeweler.

Lucky opals charm 70 years experience dad worked in this industry, my father and his 3 brothers all had lucky opal charm with them during the Second World War in the Pacific volunteered and seen front line action. All survived after the Japanese and Germans were defeated, one uncle was one of the most decorated hero after the war . His best friend who idolized him was a State RSL-return Soldiers league President who was nominated also for Australian RSL President. Officer L Black Australian Z force unit was also rewarded Americans submarine metal. Black always joked how the opal was his lucky charm and this is why he said he became a hero as he was never scared, he used to joke and say his lucky Australian opal gave him the courage .   Uncle Col Black and 3 other brothers volunteered world war 2, Col Black volunteered also for the North Korean United Nations campaign and again he had with him, his lucky Australian opal gemstone charm that he had with him when he volunteered with his brothers in the Second World War.


Custom opal jeweler.

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Custom opal jeweler outsources his Australian opal from the only Heritage mine.

Custom opal jeweler collection is all unique therefore you will never find two of a kind of this gemstone collection anywhere in the world.

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Custom opal jeweler Australian opal design necklace.

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