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Contact email details form below for Australian opal jewelry information best method to contact Graham is e-mail, excellent first choice he reply’s every day. If he is not handcrafting jewelry in his workshop he will be out in the Australian remote deserts opal prospecting,  but telephones do not work well in remote locations, so leave e-mail because graham will always reply back to e-mails every day. His jewelry business is mostly an Internet online trolley cart purchasing business.  At this stage no promotions available but please contact and ask about possible discounted opal ring jewelry.

Graham’s postal address send to Graham Black PO Box Lightening Ridge NSW Australia.

Contact email or Tel our users Name: midnight507.  Graham Black opal mining location below at Google map. Contact E-mail is at the bottom of this page please leave your e-mail address and if we are not available in the office in Australia, graham will e-mail you back anywhere in the world within the day.

All natural opals 100% guaranteed Australian opal gemstones, simply take the opal and have it tested our guarantee will be in writing and if the lab you choose is recognized as having high international standards and you can prove lab certificate stating otherwise, “no question asked money back in full” customers only need to have the opal jewelry return back to us in the same condition as you received the item.

Please complete email form below don’t forget to simply add up the calculation Captcha:  2 + 1 = 3 before you can e-mail, this stops automatic spammers.   I look forward to hearing form you and replying to your questions about Australian opal rings jewelry opal gemstones.

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