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Guaranteed 100% Semi Black Opal Australian solid no treatment of any kind.

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Replacement opal Semi Black opal from Government Heritage listed opal mine.

Replacement Opal Semi Black opal multicolor cabochon shape symmetrical .

Replacement Opal from Graham Black no expensive retail jewelry shop prices here, or salesman you’re going direct to the Mines and Goldsmith,at Wholesale so cut out all the middle men and women in the gemstone and jewelry business, and save yourself a small fortune.

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Opal Semi Black multicolor cabochon.


Replacement opal Semi Black every jeweler and Goldsmith must have some Australian opals for potential customers, Graham’s Australian heritage opal mine, opals will have no changes in color even after 20 years, no crazing or cracking movement, unlike Ethiopian stones can have problems. Grahams official Government Heritage opals can be placed in one of your drawers ready for clients custom made rings, and for people born in October. Birthstones gemstones on hand so you do-not lose business.

Replacement opal Semi Black opal from Government Heritage listed opal mine.

Geology of opal mining a very clean industry no chemicals are used in processing of the mineral, only water is used to clean the rock and solids. Geology Greek word for study about earth science minerals rocks composed processes by which they change. The insight into the history of the Earth and Geology is important for mining exploration but unfortunately most of the world water and air pollution comes from science and the academics, the science of chemistry and many type of commercial mining activities, these science are responsible for the change in our climates for the good & bad. Opal most famous Geology mineral deposits come from Australia and usually the most expensive things in life are the best quality, so we will start with the Lightning Ridge deposit only place in the world you will find true black opal N1 N2 deposits the most expensive, so many gemologist say the best grade and most beautiful. But when it comes to buying jewelry it is always in the eye of the beholder. Lots of beautiful crystal from Coober Pedi South Australia along with locations named Mintabie and Andamooka . Australia in the state of Queensland a place called Koroit in the south west of the State has boulder, Winton in the northwest of the State and Jundah and the town named Quilpie in the central western region produces boulder opals. Other countries that produce mostly common opal is Ethiopia with some very good crystal, United States, Mexico. South America Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Eastern Europe the Baltic Slovakia, Czech, Southeast Asia Indonesia.

Replacement Opal from Graham Black Australian Opal Specialist.