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SOLD Handcrafted opal pendant genuine with money back guarantee.


SOLD Handcrafted opal pendant with 100% guarantee black opal gemstone.

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Handcrafted opal pendant Save 75% Off Money $ Go Direct Opal Mine Discovery Prospector & Goldsmith, Save 75% Same Opal Jewelry In Your Country, All Natural Opal Gemstones.

Handcrafted opal pendant in solid silver, 100% jet black N1 body tone Black opal, colors red multi color predominately black free-form shape. Handmade opal pendant with one opal gemstone, that was discovered at the only heritage located opal mines in Australia,the black opal will have no changes in color even after 20 years, very strong opal no crazing or cracking movement in the gemstone, unlike opals from the country of Ethiopia much higher risk the stones can have problems. The black opal from Graham’s official Government famous Heritage opal mine, opals 100% guarantee Australian best opals ever discovered at Lightning Ridge.

Custom Opal Jeweller Handmade Opal Rings.

You will not find a more affordable crafted jewelry with such a multicolor black opal anywhere. The official Government submission read about Graham’s mine, Opal more rarely, specimens contain precious opal. And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.

Handcrafted opal pendant.

Don’t forget our super promotion the best deal ever, 1 free hand crafted ring or pendant, yes custom handmade free you only have to purchase one of our opals over $199. We will do all the Goldsmith work free but do not expect us to pay for the silver or gold this is your responsibility, you can look on the Internet for the international price of silver and gold. This will give you a good idea about 4 grams for a small ladies ring 10 to 14 g for a large ring possibly up to half ounce for a big mans ring.

If you’re looking for a very detailed engagement or wedding ring there is a lot of Goldsmith work, a simple design free but very detail handmade jewelry that takes a lot of time there will be a small charge about $50, but in your country anywhere from $500 to $1000 so our deal promotion is looking very good, the best promotion of its kind ever.

The handcrafted work will be to the highest international standards. The opals as we have already told you come from the only official government heritage listed Opal mine in the country of Australia,opals direct from our mine and this is why we can offer such a great deal wholesale, you can cut out all the middle men international gemstone buyers dealers, salesman in your jewelry boutique stores all have to get a cut payed by you.

Handcrafted opal pendant.

You can save a small fortune in labour when it comes to handmade engagement rings as Goldsmiths in your country are not cheap, as the basic wage protects gardeners and laborers, we can pass the savings on because you are purchasing direct from the opal mine, cutting out all the gemstone dealers and middle business jewelry stores and salesmen.

We offer the most affordable handcrafted Goldsmith service if you prefer very detail rings or jewelry with our Australian opal gemstones. Graham can add other gemstones such as rubies diamonds around our opals, you will only be charged the minimum as the basic design is free, you only have to pay for the extra detail Goldsmith workmanship needed, again you pay for 1 of our opals over $199 also any extra opals if needed in the design at wholesale prices, you pay for the material gold or silver, we will handle shipping and insurance also.

Don’t forget our best promotion 1 free handcrafted opal rings , yes handmade with your personal design, all you need to do is choose one of our opal gemstones over dollars 199, your free design should be 1 basic ring design or pendant, our Goldsmith will spend days on your design, you only have to pay for the material silver or gold and we will handcraft with the best Goldsmith workmanship free of charge.

This pendant guys don’t forget is handmade in solid silver, one of kind custom-made jewelry, 100% jet black N1 body tone Black opal red multicolor free-form shape gemstone, design unique handcrafted opal pendant.