Opal rings

Opal rings handmade jewelry.

Opal rings opals from official Australian state Government opal mine, Capital Sydney Australia Heritage site submission read, opal more rarely, specimens contain precious black opal”And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth. The Australian opal is of the highest quality, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance. Guaranteed 30 days Returns Period, with Certificate stating solid Australia heritage opal with no treatment.

At this stage no promotions available but please contact and ask about future discounted jewelry. Graham’s Australian opal mine was also “list as an item of environmental Heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia Register”. free postage & insurance yes free.

Opal rings.

opal rings.
Graham over 40 years experience in the industry prices in $U S dollars for custom Australia opal jewelry , Australian opal ring and black opal ring, handmade jewelry, black opal jewelry and necklace online opal necklace,handmade opal necklace also opal earrings.
Certificate of authenticity with the opal outlining qualities solid Australian Lightning Ridge opal no treatments. Our investment gemstones appreciate quickly in value price goes up, one reason is rare Heritage opals. Another direct from the mine at wholesale prices for Opal rings.

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