Opal Jewelry About 2 & Half Inches By 2″.

$6,980 $2,981

Carved Australian Opal. Jewellery About 2 & half inches by 2″.


Opal Jewelry carving depicting the horse, beautiful multi colour pedometer red colour black opal.

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Carved opal jewelry.

Opal jewelry must have if you have a horse and you love your horse, then you have to have this unique one-of-a-kind very rare natural carved opal jewelry pendant about 2 half inches by 2″ placed on a lovely necklace you would look beautiful, the opal gemstone was virtually left in its free form opal rough stone, that took nature about 100 million years of evolution to form this natural organic opal carving practically in the same formation when discovered, at the official government Heritage opal mine in the country of Australia. When discovered you could clearly see the outline of a horse’s head and neck, only the ruby was inserted to represent the eye. Some sand was removed and a little bit of carving was undertaking and highly polished, the jewellery design is a very artistic design and we fully guarantee the natural multi coloured predominantly red black opal solid 100% from Australia with no treatment of any kind.

Carving Opal Jewelry From Official Government Heritage Listed Worksite In Australia.

Why black opal you pay a little bit more for the course black opal is known as the best quality is more superior because it’s the most stable, and with much higher cabochon then Queensland gemstones, the mining areas in the state of South Australian are predominantly white and crystal is discovered, have high cabochon dome but lack the intense fire colours. Nevertheless if you prefer softer pastal colours, more elegant colours than the white and the crystal is perfect to purchase for your next opal jewelry. Opals from the country of Ethiopia are the less intense colours but do have very high cabochon gemstones in opal jewelry.