Handmade Opal Jewelry From Most Famous Opal location In Australia 18 ^ Gold & Black Opals.


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Sold.Handmade opal jewelry Opal rings, SALE 100% guarantee.


Handmade opal jewelry Opal rings 18 ^ gold pendant.

Handmade opal jewelry is a lot cheaper at this site because you are going direct to the primary producer mines and goldsmith the hand makes opal jewelry designer,  that has their own open cut opal mine in Australia. This online site you are going direct at wholesale prices to Graham shopping cart, from the best source of Australian opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed opal mine in the country of Australia, the opals from this location are internationally recognised by the jewelry industry and Gemologist because the quality is the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world.

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Natural handmade opal jewelry.

Big Sale On Now about 75% Savings Off your own free personal custom design information at YouTube Channel handmade opal jewelry.  The deal is purchase one opal at wholesale, in the category opals over $199 US and we will make free your design choice in opal pendant or Australian opal rings handmade, you pay the international going price for gold or silver, free delivery and insurance free postal service to your address and free goldsmith.

Handmade opal jewelry all custom made opal rings all fully guarantee with natural opals in the rings and opal pendant or black opal rings guaranteed with natural black opals,  all handcrafting opal rings 100%  in 18 ^ gold with solid Australian opals rings from the country of Australia. This  opal necklace pendant green color jewelry size about 1″1/4″long is on sale.

Handmade opal jewelry Opal rings Wholesale for all customers.

Handmade opal jewelry safest investments in 2017 that can be cashed in immediately and you receive local currency at international going rates for gold.  If ever your financial institutions bank have problems or your Visa card doesn’t work, particularly when you’re overseas away from friends family love ones on your yearly vocation holiday trip, gold and gemstones jewelry is the king of money all around the world.  Like an item of handmade gold jewellery with nice gemstones in the design, as most people in the world can cash there gold rings their gold jewellery in and immediately receive local currency local cash. But because gold is heavy to carry a good quality gemstone weighs little, but can increase the value of the gold ring tends to hundreds of times over the International gold price of the day that you will receive.  Have Graham make a beautiful handmade opal pendant that can be mounted on a very good size necklace with about 3 ounces of gold, and a beautiful handmade opal ring, you have a complete set of handmade opal jewelry. Of course if you have extra money authorised Graham to custom make jewelry in a beautiful opal diamond jewelry setting.

Handmade opal rings 100% guarantee opals from only Australian state Heritage opal mine, official Government submission read, “Opal more rarely, specimens contain precious opal”And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.

Amazing Offer Sale for Customers, free Custom made jewelry simply if you buy one opal over $199. Graham will hand make free of charge one custom ring or pendent design jewelry free of charge. Best prices here Graham has better prices then you will fine any where for handmade opal jewelry.

jewelry stores at wholesale prices, you will not find more affordable custom goldsmith. Cut out all the middle people and go direct to the primary producer, Australian opal gemstone specialist in the Industry . Graham the only opal expert with Government official Heritage listed opal mine, because the stones are known as the best quality. Free certificate the only Heritage opal producer from the Capital of the black opal Industry in the Premier State the Capital Sydney Australia.

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Pendant 100% 18 ^ gold and 100% solid black opals.

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Graham Black Australian Custom Handcraft jewelry designer.

Over 40 years experience in the industry prices in $U S dollars for custom Australia opal jewelry , Australian opal rings and black opal rings, handmade jewelry, black opal jewelry and necklace online opal necklace,handmade opal necklace also opal earrings.
Certificate of authenticity with the opal outlining qualities solid Australian Lightning Ridge opal no treatments. Our investment gemstones appreciate quickly in value price goes up, one reason is rare Heritage opals. Another direct from the mine at wholesale prices. Graham’s official Government famous Heritage opal mine 100% guarantee best opals ever discovered.

Handmade opal jewelry Opal rings Wholesale for all customers.

Opal carving pendent 100% guarantee do not worry we have 30 day return policy, if product purchase is not as described.

opal carving pendent Famous opal mine listed in the State of N.S.W Capital Sydney Australia.
Graham Black guaranteed Certificate stating solid Australian heritage gemstones with opal packages with no treatment policy 30 days return period covers. And 30 days return period covers fine custom jewelry workmanship guaranteed.
Sale will save you about $900 on custom design rings & jewelry in the USA.
Handcrafted rings equivalent quality in America LA or New York & most other country’s, custom goldsmith’s shops will have to add this $900 onto the customer final price.

Do not forget the big sale Graham will handcraft free of charge one jewelry, just buy one stones over $199” Rare Heritage investment gemstones appreciate quickly in value price direct from the”Mine at wholesale prices”.

Graham’s jewelers will hand make professional goldsmith design jewelry to suit the gemstone purchased, clients personal designs excepted postage and insurance free


Handmade opal jewelry opal rings for sale

Don’t forget our free custom-made jewelry deal, you only have to pay for the gold or silver we supply certificate stating 18 karat or 14 karat gold, and if you like diamonds you pay free certificate provided.handcrafted opal rings,australian opals,october birth gemstone,opal gemstones, custom made opal rings,custom made opal jewelry,hand made opal rings,hand made opal jewelry, australian opal rings,black opals


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Mr Graham Black official Australian Heritage opal mine, Australia’s best opal deposit ever official National symbols Australia.


Australian opal jewelry stores contain precious gemstones and semiprecious among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, chemical composition SiO2.nH2O water around 3 l0% by weight sometimes higher 20o/o .custom made opal rings,october birth gemstone,handmade opal rings, custom opal rings,handmade opal jewelry,handmade black opal rings The English name comes from the Ancient word Opalus witch is Latin, meaning to see play of colors and precious stones. Precious Australian opal has a refractive index 1.450 +. 020, -.080 . Hardness 6 average starts from 5.5 to 6.5 Opal’s consists of Hydrated amorphous Silica that makes for unique play of colors seen by the human eye “characteristics” Of most opal gemstones discovered around the world, caused by silica spheres cemented together silica, and depending on the amount silica spheres the arrangement tightness of the silica spheres, determents the grade either reaching commercial grade, semiprecious and Gem quality the most expensive.

Volcanic rocks in cavities and cracks sedimentary volcanic percolating water in the ground with timing factors dissolves silica that precipitates to make raw untreated silica spheres opal colors, can replace wood or fossils shells and animal bones that lived 100,000,000 years ago, that the original material had dissolved. If opal silica spheres arrangement form regular type groupings in or on the black material around the most famous mining location Lightning Ridge region of Australia,the specimens contain precious opal among the most beautiful natural objects on earth.

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Famous Australian opal mines Graham Black opal mining. October birthstones from Australian producer.


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Our opal gemstones come from this mine, the only heritage mine in the country of Australia, the capital of the worlds industry. Click on this photograph to enlarge image to full size.

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