About Opals Gemstones .

About Opals Gemstones .

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Opal Rings.

About opals by Graham Black has the only official government Heritage opal location in the world. Recognised internationally as the most amazing and best quality Opals in the world, the Heritage location of 3 mile in the country of Australia where he worked, still is recognised today as producing the best Opal ever discovered. Graham handcraftes jewellery in 18 ^ gold or solid silver – Graham is a goldsmith jewellery designer, he guarantees all his custom made opal rings and designs along with a guarantee that the Opals are solid natural gemstones. Next door to graham’s workplace they are building an official State Museum, and from the capital of the state Sydney palaeontologist will be based at the official new Australian opal Centre when completed.
Good quality Australian opal you will have to pay more for in 2001 unless there’s a new deposit discovered.


ring opal

Image of Opal ring, with top quality Australian multi-colour opal andsurrounded by clear diamond, the ring is made of 18 ^ gold.


This opal location has lots of scientific value, where remains of many creatures and fossils were discovered while men prospecting for this amazing gemstone. When the Australian opal centre is finished it will be a must tour for every gemstone lover and amateur palaeontologist. The nearest town has plenty of good commendation, free artesian therapeutic very hot ball barfs, amazing wildlife in the surrounding areas with many kangaroos & emus amazing bird life.


Opal Ring Images.


mens ring opal

Image of gold Opal ring.


opal ring

Image of white gold Opal ring.


Many famous Opal gemstones came from this 3 mile location in Australia but now virtually depleted. The last famous opal discovery made it into the Guinness book of records name the Hayleys comet opal, that was discovered a stone’s throw from graham’s location. The claim holder Terry Barklay was not working was cook at the time, the other members of the syndicate Terry bought into finance the open cut operation was all in attendance at the processing plant, a pocket of very good quality black Opals along with the Guinness book of records Opal rolled down the shoot. This Heritage location was recognised for producing fabulous pattern Opal, and the most expensive pattern type the Harlequin pattern, Chinese character patterns and many more. Fabulous multi colour red black opal gems dazzling just as bright in the dark as in your living room. So many fabulous Opals come from today’s Heritage listed site.


ring opal silver

Image of solid silver ring with 3 multi colour opals.


white gold opal ring

Image of ring  the Opal is surround with diamonds.


Why is black opal colours so reflective simply because lights do not penetrate through the very dark body tone material that the colours form on, so they bounce back and reflect where crystal opal the light can penetrate through. Black opal it’s also the most stable that can handle long periods of heat and dry conditions, and will not craze or produce fracture lines under these conditions. But obviously recommend not to avoid leaving your ring out in the summer sun all summer long. Good quality black opal is not porous unlike today’s deposit on the market that comes from the country of Ethiopia.


Ladies ring opals

Image of jewellery opal ring.


gold opal ring

Image of custom made ring Australian opal surrounded with 4 different types of gemstones.


About opals In Australia.


There are many types of Australian opals some people prefer the white body tone with beautiful colours, very elegant some people say. Others love transparent clear crystal opal with beautiful colours, and most deposits are in south Australia. Most of the Opals in Australia today are coming from the state of Queensland Boulder and matrix Opal. Australian opal you will have to pay more for in 2001 unless there’s a new discovery in south Australia, this is why boulder Opal is now the most available Australian opal on the market. But when it comes to crystal the very unusual discovery of Ethiopian crystal opal seems to be everywhere available in jewellery shops.


colour opal ring

Image of Opal ring.


gold opal ring


White body tone opal gemstone with beautiful colours is a lot more affordable than the same beautiful colours in black opal, black body tone in the black opal group.     Semi transparent crystal opal is a lot more affordable than transparent crystal opal. Australian boulder and matrix Opal low grade should be the most affordable along with low grade Ethiopian semi crystal opal stones.


Green colour opal ring.

Image of big silver Opal ring.


ring opal

Image of ring the opal gemstone surrounded by ruby’s and white gold.


Google Map go to the only official government Heritage listed Opal site in the world, and where the Guinness book of records opal was discovered also and was name the Hayley’s comet opal.


People have a budget so don’t forget purple & lavenders then blue colours are the most affordable, specially if they are dull not bright colours. But if they’re very bright colours, the price goes up. If the stone have good black body tone the price can go up by 30%. And with high dom cabochon cut price goes up again, about 3^ with thick colour bar they can be quite sought-after so then you have to increase your budget bit more specially if all these colours are in the same Opal. Don’t forget Australian opal is much higher quality than Ethiopian Opal.


Australian opal is much higher quality than Ethiopian Opal, so then comes green and then orange colour is middle range prices, unless the gemstone is not bright in colours. Bright colours the most sought after the price goes up, because they’re rare on the market. Good black opal N1 and N2 body tone can increase the value by up to 30%. Thin colour bars are not as desirable as high dom cabochon stones and about 3^ with colour throughout most of the visible stone appearing from the jewellery setting increases value. If all these colours are in the same Opal purple blue green orange then it’s a very unique stone and quite expensive.


Do not forget clarity in the face of the stone is very important, little bit of sand in the back of the stone not a bib problem or grey colour webbing, but if this is in the front of the stone then these floors will drop the price a lot. Okay down now to the most expensive predominately red with multi-colour like blue and green orange maybe some yellow and lavender, N1 black cabochon very bright very clear no floors. The perfect size for custom-made rings and have the goldsmith surround the main gem with little diamonds. The opal should be the most expensive outlay, as the 18 ^ gold and small diamonds and goldsmith work together would come nowhere near the price of the amazing and very rare gemstone. You can only outsource this type of gemstone from Australia and is only discovered around the location and town of lightning Ridge.