Australian Black Opal Rings.

Australian Black Opal Rings.

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Australian black opal rings handmade with natural Australian black opal gemstones.

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Handcrafted Australian black opal rings with diamonds are the most beautiful of all opal jewellery.

Australian black opal rings handmade lot cheaper hear because you have gone direct to the black opal primary producer and goldsmith handmade opal ring designer,  that open cut his own Australian black opal mine. Here you are going direct wholesale prices to Mr Graham Black site and shopping cart, with the best deposit of Australian black opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed black opal mine in the country of Australia, Heritage listed because the quality is the best deposit of black opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world. Sale 75% Savings Off your own free personal custom design, if you purchase one of our wholesale opals over $199 US, we make free your choice in design pendant or Australian opal ring, you pay International going price for gold or silver, delivery insurance free to your address.

Australian black opal rings and Australian opal rings handmade jewellery with all Australian opals from the most recognised famous opal gemstone location in the world, Heritage opal discovery in the country of Australia and the goldsmith’s only user opals from this place named Lightning Ridge last 3 mile discovery open cut mine.

Australian black opal rings with special gemstones place in all the handmade opal rings on this website, this famous location was officially government Heritage listed in Australia, on the site every opal ring is handmade and has natural opal gemstone 100% guarantee from this location, official Heritage site because the quality of the opal gemstone are recognised around the world, the opals are internationally known as the best and finest quality deposit of Australian opals ever discovered in the industry.

Opals Australian National Women’s basketball team name, Opals Head coach Jan has one Australian black opal from Graham’s famous mine, which is next door to where the famous opal named Halley’s comet, the Guinness book of world records largest uncut black opal gemstone that was discovered in modern time, also in the same year 1986 the year when Halley’s comet could be seen from Earth. About Graham Black official Government Heritage mine in Australia more information at Wikipedia Article famous Halley’s Comet by Graham Black Opal. The head coach stated his Opal jewellery will remain Jan preferred lucky opal jewellery to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky opal jewellery during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout Jan’s world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, medal 2006 World Championships and Silver in Beijing Olympics.


Handmade gold Australian black opal rings with diamonds are the most beautiful of all opal jewellery.


Australian black opal rings and Australian opal rings handmade jewellery.


Video above about Graham Black Opal official Government Heritage site in Australia more information at black opal jewellery.

The Internet is amazing as it can save smart customers hundreds of dollars and downtown top end customers thousands of dollars on black opal jewellery, if all these savings are passed on to consumers like Graham does.

What is the best cleaning method people should undertake with their opal jewellery. If you’re Australian opal ring or black opal jewellery looks reasonable, you can simply place the ring very close to your mouth blowing quickly a few times quickly blowing your warm breath over the Australian black opal, and very quickly clean your jewellery item with very clean tissue, take the tissue out from dust proof tissue wrapper. You can do this every week to keep the shine on your Australian opal rings and jewellery.
Start off with new or old toothbrush but it must be a very soft brush, no strong course hard toothbrush allowed when cleaning opal jewellery. Find a small bowl of warm water only lukewarm, add some good-quality detergent and scrub the ring band and the diamonds, but not the opal patients is a virtue. Remove the dirty water and place some new warm clean water in the bowl with out detergent.After cleaning a second time with a new clean soft brush this time clean all sides of the ring and try to get as close as possible to the opal but stop just on the edges of the opal and do not touch with the brush.

The very last step have some very clean tissues on hand that has been taken out of the dust proof tissue container, with clean water clean the opal. If this does not remove grime from the opal, you can place some methylated spirits or body rub spirits on the tissue and clean the diamonds and ring band only, but keep away from the opal unless the opal is covered in grimy greasy stains, get some new cleaning tissues only for the opal, make sure there is no dust on the tissue and it has been in a sealed container. Immediately after cleaning the opal with the tissue that has been placed in methylated spirit  spirits, quickly remove all the body rub spirits or methylated spirits off the opal with this tissue, get a new tissue quickly and do this procedure again second time but with new cleaner tissue.

If your opal gemstone or black opal looks tarnish and the colours not clear are not shining like the opal ring used to do when the jewellery was first purchase, most likely than wear and tear on the opal, many little very faint wear and tear scarves and scratches that can only be seen under magnification. This can be fixed as long as there is no big chips as they can never be removed and re-polish. To have the colours shine like new again there will be financial cost to you, because specialist will most likely have to removed the gemstone from its jewellery setting, the opal must be taken to the gemstone cutter that understands opals, you will have to pay for repolishing the gemstone before having the Australian opal or black opal reset back in the jewellery item again. This is a major undertaking so please do lots of research, look for opal specialist not just go to your local jewelry store or boutique because most are just retail sales business people, you need to go beyond your goldsmith and addlease find gemstone cutters and polishes, and make sure when resetting the opal back into the ring the jeweller understand setting and is not just a Goldsmith.

Australian black opal rings and Australian opal rings handmade jewellery.

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Australian black opal rings handmade are very affordable at Mr Graham Black opal mining site and he is the website owner, Graham is also the Goldsmith and designer handcrafting black opal jewellery and all Australian opal jewellery, which in this case allows him to pass on the best deals and gives his customers the best prices for handcrafted Australian black opal rings. Best prices here for custom-made Australian black opal jewellery that you will find anywhere on the Internet and in jewellery shops.
Graham cuts out all the business houses and there are so many people middle men, gemstones brokers along with wholesale jewellery factories Goldsmiths and owners and retail jewellery shops salespeople staff owners, in most industry around the world there is no differents, and this will add up to hundreds of percent extra cost. Its quite amazing some of the big commission and galleries displaying jewellery designers items in art exhibitions around the world, would amaze you as most owners most likely need at least 50% commission if not a lot more. But in their defence prime real estate renting these boutique jewellery shops galleries are very expensive and all cost must be passed on to consumers.

Australian black opal rings custom made jewellery is very popular in many countries around the world as gifts, and for special engagements where someone gives are truly amazing gifts like giving Australian black opal engagement ring to your future wife, this type of engagement ring is very popular in countrys like Britain and Australia and USA. Australian black opal wedding rings with diamonds surrounding the feature Australian black opal gemstone is also a truly amazing wedding, but all types of opal rings and all types of opal jewellery is very popular in China south-east Asian countries Singapore and many more Japan and most countries.