Birthstone October Rings .

Birthstone October Rings .

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Birthstone October Rings Handcrafted To Suit Every Budget for October birthstone.

Birthstone October rings lot cheaper hear because you have gone direct to the primary birthstone October producer and goldsmith for all handmade opal ring designs,  that open cut his own Australian birthstone October opal mine. Here you are going direct wholesale prices to Mr Graham Black site and shopping cart, with the best deposit of Australian opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed opal mine in the country of Australia, Heritage listed because the quality is the best deposit of birthstone October gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world. Sale 75% Savings Off your own free personal custom design, if you purchase one of our wholesale opals over $199 US, goldsmith make free your choice in design pendant or Australian opal ring handmade, you pay International going price for gold or silver, delivery insurance free to your address.

Birthstone October rings handcrafted natural birthstones, October rings from Graham’s opal mine which was announced officially by the Government in the country of Australia, that the opals are among the most beautiful objects ever discovered, and containing gem quality opals. This is why his workplace was officially Heritage listed. There is no other opal producing area in any country, that matches the quality and intensity. Graham’s mine has been officially Heritage listed in his state capital Sydney Australia.

Birthstone October discovered at the only working mine, listed opal mine State Heritage Register Sydney the capital. List item environmental heritage in LEP National Trust Australia Register. Australia is where most of the world’s opal are discovered by far.

Astrological sign of Libra 12 Zodiac signs birthstones Gregorian calendar September 24 to October 23 Gemstone birthstone for Libra Opal, 7 Sign of the Zodiac ruling planet of Libra Venus and ruling Element of Libra Air, birthstone and Zodiac Sign.


Opals Australian National Women’s basketball team name, Opals Head coach Jan has one opal gemstone from Graham Black Opal famous mine, which is next door to where the famous opal named Halley’s comet, the Guinness book of world records largest uncut black opal gemstone that was discovered in modern time, also in the same year 1986 the year when Halley’s comet could be seen from Earth. About Graham Black official Government Heritage mine in Australia more information at Wikipedia Article famous Halley’s Comet by Graham Black Opal. The head coach stated his Opal jewellery will remain Jan preferred lucky opal jewellery to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky opal jewellery during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout Jan’s world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, medal 2006 World Championships and Silver in Beijing Olympics.


Birthstone October opal ring handmade with natural opals are beautiful with only natural multi-color opals stones, or maybe the Goldsmith if you prefer can add to your ring design by placing a few sparkling clear diamonds. On their own clear diamonds can be bland, but diamonds always add a little bit extra to the main color gemstone like opals, that is always a lot bigger and centre of attention placed in the centre of the ring, Opals the centerpiece of the jewelry design.

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Birthstones October Rings Opal Gemstones Are October Birthstone .

Diamonds can enhance jewelry this includes rubies and sapphires particularly when surrounded with diamonds in the ring design, bottom-line diamonds certainly add some sparkle. Small diamonds 0.3 will not break the bank budget,and diamonds truly enhance most gemstones that have single colors,like red rubies are lovely but stand out with clear diamond, as amazing pigeon red color ruby with clear faceted diamonds in the design will give the feature red gemstone a great whitish boarder contrast.
Blue color of sapphires and most gemstones look excellent but stand out with clear diamonds in the design ring, and this goes without saying with all single color stones. Jewelry all look so much more amazing and greater if the goldsmith adds clear diamonds,wow diamonds works much better with other colors, because amazing colors will also give the blandness of clear diamonds a great colorful contrast.


Birthstone October Rings Handcrafted Jewelry for October birthstone people.

Bottom line good multicolor bright opals for the birthstone October need nothing, they are so unusual every opal has a unique footprint.Opal are one of the only stones that are brilliant on their own in a jewelry that need to have the birthstone October rings design. Good quality natural opals are possibly one of the only gemstones that can stand out on their own in a beautiful ring. But if you can afford a few diamonds and have the Goldsmith incorporate them into the ring band, wow this will make the design even a greater jewelry design.

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Birthstone October Rings And Black Opal Rings And Opal Jewelry For October Birthstone People.


But if you truly want to be the person that is the talking peace of town and who can wipe out all competitors and even your friends diamond ring collection, then simply surround one good opal in the ring with 0.2 diamonds 0.3 diamonds,money will go up a little for 0.3 diamonds but again not that expensive. Diamonds size 0.4 and particularly when you get into 0.5 you will need to increase your budget quite significantly, yes have a big increase in the money you want to outlay, if the Goldsmith places 0.5 diamonds around the birthstone October rings design.
So I recommend 0.3 rocks are fine, work excellent in the design and then you will be the person that has the amazing ring, that friends and everybody will be talking about.

Just remember you found the right place you are now outsourcing natural opal rings direct from the primary producer miner discoverer explorer wholesaler, who also is the artisan Goldsmith ring designer. You have found the right place at last, the only place in the world where you can find good Heritage quality black opals, which is at the end of the earth Australia in the arid regions where people rarely go, but you have gone direct and will cut out so many cost, if you have graham handcraft you’re birthstone October rings.

This birthstone special and unique opal gemstone mining location is a place where only gem dealers go to purchase opal gemstones at the lowest prices wholesale, and knowing that they are natural opals direct from the source, this site you are going direct to the most famous mining opal discovery ever found, Graham will also handcraft beautiful natural opal rings, plus graham opal mine has been officially Heritage listed by the government in the country of Australia, because the opals are known to be of the best quality ever discovered anywhere in Australia and the world.

Opal rings handcrafted natural opal rings direct from the miner discoverer explorer,and who also is the Goldsmith designer, guys I cannot emphasize that you are cutting out all the middle people and truly getting a great bargain. Natural opal rings can cost as little as $150, or a few hundred more dollars can be spent on a natural opal, all budgets Graham caters for up to nearly $1000 if you need more amazing gemstones, and if you want to have a natural opal that is truly amazing start looking at higher prices one and a half thousand dollars. And there are opal rings handcrafted natural opal rings in between all these prices, $400 500 to 600 $700, and then for the bigger budgets $2000, opal rings 2500 the list goes on natural opal rings for all budgets dollars. Pricing is very complex difficult yes, pricing is easy for opal specialist only, but don’t worry because you had found a link direct to the primary producer site and opal specialist jewelers.

birthstone october rings,opal rings

Birthstones October Rings Specialist In Australian Opal Gemstones Handcrafted Jewelry In October Birthstones.

Like I just previously explain please relax because you have come to the right place, wholesale natural birthstone October rings and opal gemstones, this site you are going direct to the miner discoverer that is also a Goldsmith that will handcrafted beautiful natural opal rings, and his opal mine has been officially heritage listed by the government in the country of Australia.
Every natural opal is unique so it does not matter what your budget is you are getting the only one of a kind, that took over hundred million years for evolution amazing mother nature to make your natural opal.

Birthstone October Rings Handcrafted Jewelry For October Birthstone.

Big spenders will handover $5000 and you can have a natural opal that cost $10,000 and prices can keep climbing like diamonds for good quality black opal $20,000 $30,000 for the most amazing one-of-a-kind opal rings handcrafted natural opal rings.
And all these prices can be for the gemstone alone, but mostly prices I have just quoted are handcrafted opal rings, that consist of 18 carat gold. Most natural opal rings for a few hundred dollars will be set in solid sterling silver, as the price of 18 carat gold would be worth more than a few hundred dollars just for the gold alone and not including the gemstone goldsmith artisans cost.

How much you pay for your birthstone October rings or opal gemstones will depend on where you purchase, most people purchase direct from their local retail shops, these jewelry shops have outsourced the natural opal rings from jewelry manufacturers, that has outsourced the gemstones from gem merchants, cost are starting to go up as now there are more people getting involved, the gem merchants have travelled to the far reaches of the world to purchase direct from wholesale companies, that are usually based on the mining feels. And maybe once in a lifetime if very lucky the miner might find a big deposit of opals 1 million dollars or two, so will sell directly on the field to the local natural opal merchant.
This is why the cost goes up so much as international gem merchant travels to the remote mining towns, perches the opal from specialist merchants, and then he or she must travel around the world to Goldsmith’s businesses wholesale jewelry manufacturers, traveling and airplanes not cheap and accommodation, gem dealers do not want to rough it to much so they usually book reserve the only good hotel in town. But like I have tried to explain you will cut out all these costs, because here at the only official government Heritage mining site in the world, we are supplying via the Internet that eliminates all these cost.

Of course middlemen they need a rental car that are reliable quick safe rental cars and are not cheap in Australia, they drive back to the city fuel cost going up every year, and of course they like to eat at good restaurants, have insurance sometimes security they need. Wow I cannot emphasize that the Internet is amazing as there are a few small natural opal miners primary producers, that have websites in good positions for you to find easy on the Internet. So please take invented of these other sites also, and go direct to the most far away places in the most far away countries with the Internet, where normally it would not be safe to travel particularly for caucasian traveling to Africa purchasing diamonds, or if you were traveling to Burma caucasians stand out in such countries and are usually harassed by the military middlemen stand overs and criminals.

Birthstone October Rings Handcrafted Jewelry For October Birthstones.

You are lucky with Graham he discovered opal back in the 1990s, where his open cut mine was cheaper to undertake, the government bond was only $8000, to-day in 2017 about $70,000 with big cost in rehabilitation also,the bond $70,000 will not be returned if the miners do not for-full the government contract. This is why there is not much black opal coming out of Australia any more, as mining cost are to expensive and the Internet out of the question these days because costs are getting to expensive to be in a good position so the public can see your items that are available. As Graham’s cost was low back in them days, and still has natural opals from this most amazing official government heritage location in Australia, at very responsible prices. Graham loves his Goldsmith work and loves to see people wearing his Australian opals so he passes on all these costs and savings direct to his customers.

Primary producer miners trade goldsmiths luck to avoid the middle people merchants dealers like the plague also, and if they have a love like graham does for his work, then they will be happy to pass on the saving to you and keep on providing a unique service,for the birthstone for the month of October.

There has never been a more famous opal discovery mining location anywhere else in the world that rivals such magnificent quality opals, and there is no other location in the world that an opal mine has been recognized heritage listed by their government to my knowledge.

Australia is known to produce the best quality natural opals in the world, and every single last one of Graham’s gemstones are natural opals 100%, with out any treatment of any kind, direct from the miner at miners prices direct to the public, saving jewelers and Goldsmiths a lot of cost cutting out all the middle people, all customers people welcome. Normally when purchasing this type of jewelry with gemstones including opal rings handcrafted natural birthstone October Rings, from shops you will normally have to pay about 75% more for October birthstones.