Black Opal Ring.

Black Opal Ring.

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Black opal ring designs are very popular in the USA.

Black opal ring lot cheaper hear because you have gone direct to the primary producer goldsmith designer that open cut his own Australian opal mine. Here you are going direct wholesale prices to Mr Graham Black site and shopping cart, with the best deposit of Australian opals ever discovered from the only official government Heritage listed opal mine in the country of Australia, Heritage listed because the quality is the best deposit of opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world.

Black opal ring and jewelry Amazing Offer Sale for Customers, Custom made jewelry at the best prices here, Graham has better prices then you will fine any where for handmade opal jewelry, simply if you buy one of the black opal over $199. Graham will hand make free of charge one custom ring design jewelry free of charge.

Black opal ring if you have a new design in mind using Australian black opals, then Graham is the man to see his gemstones come direct from the best quality Australian opal mine in the world, the only heritage Australian black opal mine location in lightning Ridge Australia.

Graham mine has the only government official listed Premier State Heritage Register opal mine. List as item of environmental heritage LEP National Trust of Australia Register.

Graham learnt the art of goldsmith in the country of Australia while he was a teenager, where shortly after a client gave him a fabulous multiple color black opal from Lightning Ridge, for him to make one 18 karat large gold man’s ring.


Opals Australian National Women’s basketball team name Opals, Head coach Jan has one Australian black opal from Graham’s famous black opal mine, which is next door to where the famous black opal named Halley’s comet, the Guinness book of world records largest uncut black opal gemstone that was discovered in modern time, and was discovered also in the same year 1986, the year when Halley’s comet could be seen from Earth. About Graham Black Opal official Government Heritage site in Australia more information at black opal jewellery. The head coach stated Graham’s black opal jewellery will remain Jan’s preferred lucky black opal jewellery to wear with pride . The coach has carried and worn a piece of lucky black opal during all the major campaigns whilst coaching the Australian Basketball team, throughout Jan’s world Championships of 2002, the Athens Olympics of 2004, medal 2006 World Championships and Silver in Beijing Olympics.


After finishing the ring Graham fell in love with the Australian black opal, the national gemstone of the country. Shortly after Graham went to the outback of Australia about an 11 hour drive west from the capital Sydney, there he met some old mining guys that had all the experience, but needed a young guy to help as it was mid summer very hot, Graham relished with the challenge and persisted learnt this very rare and unique prospecting skills, Graham also took up the challenge and learnt how to cut and polished the rare red on black opal, many miners wanted an Australian opal ring design for them and Graham was the perfect man as you do not find goldsmiths in the outback of Australia easily.

Black opal ring designs.


Now working overseas with 40 years experience Graham can hand make rings at great prices, custom made at little cost and this is why he has been successful, as in first world countries goldsmiths are very expensive. So next time you’re in Bangkok looking for an Australian black opal ring designer check out Graham’s jewelry designs.

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Australian black opal rings handmade rings.


Bangkok is now the capital of Asean the jewelry capital of the 10 South East Asian countries when merge in late 2015. Bangkok will be similar to the European Union the capital Brussels Belgium,Bangkok will have lots of jadeite from the country of Burma now known as Myanmar along with the best red ruby’s in the world, gemstones from Indonesia and Vietnam sapphires from the country of Laos and Thailand will all turn up in the capital Bangkok.

Our Artisan goldsmiths are trained in the traditional European style of jewelry workmanship and Graham’s prices are very fair as his over heads are a lot less than his competitors in first world country like America USA, all his opals are wholesale prices direct from the mines in Australia,your designs are handmade in Bangkok which is not a first world country his over heads are a lot less than what you would pay in America for custom jewelry designs.

Your next trip here when you’re buying gemstones and jewelry to take back to America check us out we have a good range of commercial grade Australian opals from lightning Ridge,  the Australian stones come in many colors light purple, dark purple color on black, purple color crystal,purple fire, this opal color can have play of color, and this color can have no play of color,light blue color on black, dark blue color on black, blue color crystal, this opal color can have play of color, also this color can have no play of color, light green color on black, dark green color on black, light green color crystal, dark green color crystal, they all unique unlike most gemstones that are used in jewelry around the world the Australia national gemstone is something unique . More variety to choose from ,orange color on black, orange crystal, light red color on black, dark red color on black, light red crystal,this opal color can have play of color, and this color can have no play of color.

Australian black opal ring.

Australian multiple color black opal with all these colors mixed in the one gemstone, all combination dark blue green color crystal,dark blue green black opals, blue green orange opal colors, even colors like crimson red Australian gemstones are the strongest have the best and brightest fire, you can have a multiple color predominantly red color Australian gemstone but does not have good play of color what we call commercial grade less expensive then gem simply because little fire.

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Black opal ring custom handmade high-quality rings.

Fire black opal ring for the last of the big spenders purple blue green even yellow color orange red all mixed in to the one gemstone, with beautiful intense opal fire ver good play of color for the person that wants the rarest of gems, and most expensive from lightning Ridge Australia what is known in the trade as gem red on black multiple color stone.

Guys if you need a custom-made opal fire ring with diamonds also, if you have about 10 days on your next holiday in Thailand when you get off the plane in Bangkok come and see us the next morning, after you wake up at your hotel have your favorite breakfast. After getting the business shopping side of your holiday all sorted out head off around Thailand enjoy and let us do all the work.

After your holiday from most likely South Thailand beaches coming back to Bangkok pick up your jewelry, you’ll be very happy with the design and prices. The next day you will be on your plane back to America and no problems with customs just put the Australian opal diamond ring investment on your finger and there will be no American duty. And this is why our jewelry appreciates so quickly because you bought the main gemstone at wholesale price direct from the Australian miner that custom handmade the item in a developing country.
Your next holiday away from America will be very easy as we speak the same language ,fluently so there will be no misunderstanding as you can have this problem with the locals here easily. Rest and enjoy your next holiday away from home America because you are in good hands, as Australians are your most reliable partners in the region, that together we defeated the Imperial Emperor Army of Japan that attack pearl harbor in 1942 then attacked the USA in the Philippines,shortly after evacuated the Philippines Australia invited the Americans to come and join us in Australia there was 175,000 American servicemen based in Australia at the time, the first defeat to the Japanese was on their way to Australia, where the Australians defeated them in Papua New Guinea and made them retreat back into the ocean the way they came.

Australian black opal ring.

Most Australian stones are not calibrated because they are more beautiful more expensive then the stones that come from the country of Ethiopia, so they can be symmetrical 0.5 karats one carrots 1.5 karats 2 carats gemstones and the list goes on 10 carats 20 carats Australian gemstones etc . There is a lot of non-symmetrical shapes simply because it is a waste to cut of nice colors, opals are like jadeite you will find sculptures carvings, in many colors along with polished finish stones ready for the silversmith goldsmith.
Remember your stone is unique when replacing stones in damage jewelry you will not find the exact colors and patterns as the gemstone that needs replacing, there is a give and take that needs to be noted, when you are bringing customers re-pair opal rings repair from America, or if you are simply traveling and you have with you your ring that needs repairing or replacing of the gemstone.

The most common and affordable color is purple and lavender in Australian gemstones,similar then comes blue colors light to very dark blue gemstones, when you start looking and thinking about purchasing beautiful multiple color blue and green turquoise colors with fire, then you will notice the difference in prices. Australian opal rings can come in beautiful shades of green orange from very dark black base green orange to very elegant light green orange crystal, when you mix all these colors with red in a lovely 2 carat Australian black opal N1 or dark semi black gemstone you are talking money. You need to have main gemstone surrounded with small clear diamonds, the contrast will be fabulous and the design will be a unique jewelry item that will be very special.

I also recommend when using in jewelry commercial grade Australian opal set in rings, you also add some small clear diamonds as they are not expensive 0.3 karats. When you start designing and using 0.5 carot diamonds you will notice the increase you pay which will be in US dollars, 1 carat good quality diamonds were talking more US dollars, but there is Australian opal rings American style designs that will suit everybody’s budget.

Do not forget we will make your design that you have in mind as this is the time now the American dollar is at its highest in many years and the Australian dollar is no longer as strong and going down,the way the Thai economy is going and the way the rest of the country’s in south-east Asia is opening up to business, Thailand might have to consider devaluing their currency in the near future which will only make your American dollars a lot stronger and better buying power when you consider purchasing your next Australian black opal ring in Bangkok.