Handmade Opal Ring Beautiful Amazing Jewelry.

Handmade Opal Ring Beautiful Amazing Jewelry.

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Handmade Opal Ring about 75% Off Natural Australian Opal Ring.

Handmade opal ring promotion on now purchase from this site Wow the only official Heritage Government site and Sydney the Capital of this state, the Government submission read about 3 mile opal mines & graham’s 3 mine mine in Australia, Opal more rarely, specimens contain precious opal. And these are surely among the most beautiful natural objects on earth, characterized by red/black gems of superlative brilliance.

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Handmade opal ring with natural Australian opal gemstone.


Handmade opal ring and all the opals are from graham’s official Government Heritage opal mine in Australia, officially recognized for having the best quality opals gemstones, opals will not change colors even after 30 years the opals will have no movement no cracking and no crazing. Unlike a lot of opal gemstones from the country of Ethiopia that can have cracking and crazing problems, this is the case with all types of gemstones including ruby’s sapphires and even diamonds, every very good jewelry boutique will always purchased there gemstones from reliable sources, like graham’s website to avoid faults and cracking problems.

Handmade Opal Ring About 75% Off The Same Opal Ring In Your Country More Expensive.

Handmade opal ring promotion on now 75% Off customers retail price for the same opal jewelry item here, in your country the same Australian opal jewelry is a lot more expensive about 75%. This site guarantee all natural opals with certificate for all handmade rings at wholesale prices. You can cut out all the middle people merchant gem dealers so save money on exporters that travel from your country to Australia, also cut out the goldsmith handcrafted workmanship in your country very expensive also, particularly for very detailed elaborate jewelry designs and finish work, so save lots of money. Here working with Graham on this site are artist first and business people last.


Handmade Opal Ring And Black Opal Rings.


Don’t forget in your country when you go shopping at your retail downtown jewelry shops, the owner of the business will have to pay very expensive monthly rental prices, so all these extra added costs are passed on to you the customer. This website can cut out all expenses boutique downtown rental cost, and pass the savings on to the customers as Graham can cut out the gemstone dealer as this merchant has to travel down to Australia, pay for air ticket car rental hotel insurance, travel to the mining location in the desert outback. The gem buyer merchant has to spend weeks sometimes in Australia looking for particular stones there customers have ordered, then this middleman has to go all the way back to their country again more cost air tickets again, maybe they bought rough opals and have to pay for the gemstone to be cut and polished expensive in your country. Guys hear all about graham’s opal mine, information View wikipedia about famous opal discovered next door to graham’s opal mine, where all his handmade opal rings come from.


Handmade Opal Ring And Opal Jewelry.


Then the middle people in the business have to start marketing their gemstones around jewelry boutiques and outlets shops in your country, some will buy some opals and then the owner of the jewelry outlet will have to pay the designer and goldsmith to hand make the opal ring. Graham is one of the only truly opal jewelry specialist in the world, he has the opal mine so naturally he cuts and polish every stone he finds, big savings for the customer and best of all 40 years in the industry goldsmith designer, so many professionals businessmen are cut out. All savings can be passed on to the customers, this allows graham to do what he loves the most he is an artist first and last and not a businessman and loves to work with every opal he discovers and unearths when mining, all rough material is taken back to the studio cleaned in the tumbler orientated and cut and polished, and when graham is not mining he will hand make opal rings and jewelry take photographs of the finish handmade opal ring, price the jewelry at a very low wholesale price and place photographs and information on the website. Every opal is fully guaranteed Australian natural opal, jewelry is guaranteed stating percentage of gold clearly stating percentage of silver if preferred in your handmade opal ring design.


Handmade Opal Ring.


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Handmade opal ring natural opal silver design jewelry.


Handmade opal ring or opal pendants necklaces and all handmade opal jewelry with single color or multi colors in the black opal group or N1 to N2 body tone grading system, are the most amazing opal gemstones ever discovered anywhere in the world, including Mexican fire opals and South American crystal and bolder opal or Ethiopian majority crystal opals. Black opal rings are more amazing then all the different types of Australian opals including white and crystal or semi black and bolder, these amazing gem quality black opals are only discovered in one place in the world Lightning Ridge Australia. You will never see one gem quality black opal in your jewelry shops in your country, unless you wonder the jewelry stores and only the best name jewelers in color gemstones in town, and then they might be able to show you one very good, one very amazing handmade opal ring or opal pendant necklace jewelry if you’re lucky.

And this is why very good quality black opal jewelry are such good investments, the gold in the ring is not going to get any cheaper, only go up in the future and really good quality black opals are never ever discovered in good quantities, numbers to ever supply the International handmade opal ring market and jewelry market.