Natural Opal Ring.

Natural Opal Ring.

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Natural Opal Ring Handcrafted.

Natural opal ring guarantee because the natural opals come from the only official Government Heritage opal mine in the country of Australia. Most of the worlds natural opals are discovered come from Australia. All natural opal ring hundred percent guarantee money back in full if ever found otherwise that the opal is not a opal gemstone and from Australia. The opal mine has a government Heritage listing not only because the famous history of the location of this natural opal deposit, but because the quality was known to be the finest and best natural opal deposit ever discovered.

Natural opal ring are all 100% solid opal gemstones all from Australia, and our natural black opal rings are all handcrafted opal rings and opal jewelry, the vast amount of semiprecious natural opals are discovered in Australia, and certainly the finest and most beautiful quality natural opals comes from Australia also, all natural opal rings guarantee opals no treatment of any kind all are unique gemstones with a choice in many natural opal colors shapes sizes. Natural opal ring can have soft pastel colors or dole colors and bright colors and even a choice in electric bright colors, dazzling opal gemstones are one of nature most amazing wonders of the world, that take over 100,000,000 years to make . Natural opal comes from nature, evolution takes 100 million years to make natural opal and is 100% natural organic found under the ground at different depths. You will never see in your lifetime two identical opals unlike other gemstones. Natural opal rings are not synthetic or man-made non-organic non-natural that are made in labs by people not nature. Often named Gilson or synthetic gemstones, made of synthetic or mixture of glass and chemicals like plastic.

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The Internet these days is still the best way to find such unusual gemstones set in rings, like natural opal rings and jewelry, and still the most affordable as there are a few sites if you study them all are selling direct from the miners in Australia, unfortunately no handmade craftsmen making jewelry and mining at the same time. If you look very hard back through the pages, you will get a good deal on a solid natural opal gemstone only.

natural opal rings

Natural opal ring 18 ^ white gold,handcrafted jewelry.


Natural opal ring handcrafted.

Jewelry is very expensive to custom hand make, so you will find most of the sites selling mass produced natural opal rings, designs all identical besides the natural opals. Graham site is great value because you are going direct to the only official Government Heritage mine in Australia, officially listed because this discovery was known as the best deposit. Graham loves Goldsmith handcrafted jewelry work will design and work with your design and works at wholesale jewelry prices.

You will find his prices on handcrafted Goldsmith about 75% down on prices at gem shows and jewelry shops boutique outlets. Graham’s Internet prices very good about 75% down from others because you’re buying direct from the manufacturer the tradesmen or Goldsmith and opal primary producer.

You’re saving big money because you’re not buying these rare gemstones, from the top end of down town jewelers, the rental prices for these downtown jewelry shops are enormous, all cost are passed on to the consumers and the business owners have to buy opals from the middleman gem dealer. Gem dealers merchants travel to the mining sites, and then around the world to the jewelry shop cost going up all the time. The labour cost in America European Union Japan for Goldsmith work expensive. So now you know why you have to pay so much for beautiful gemstone natural opal rings and jewelry downtown.

natural opal jewelry

Natural opal jewelry silver handcrafted jewelry.


Graham doesn’t have these costs with his Internet business and can pass the savings onto you, but when gem dealers travel to Australia to buy direct from him, this is not the only cost they have many cost, air tickets hotel rentals and car rentals plus return flights. And then they have to go to different countries to work different gem shows, Germany gem show or Tucson gem show in America, more air tickets, cost more car rentals and of course expensive rental of store gem sellers booth at gem shows. This is why you are paying about 75% more as they are not expensive they have to recover all these expenses, all expensive must be placed on the consumer, so this is why Grahams prices are so low because you’re buying direct and from one very fair primary producer.

natural opal jewelry

Natural opal jewelry handcrafted opal jewelry.

All Graham’s designs have natural opal in the rings, and all are fully guaranteed natural opal rings, money back if found otherwise within 90 days of being posted, you will not need to returned because all Graham’s jewelry has solid opals, the policy states that all jewelry is natural opal rings etc from Graham’s site,and can be returned as long as the natural opal ring is in the same condition when purchase not damaged, and returned in the same condition with a recognize testing certificate from your country stating the opal is not natural or otherwise. You will never have to do this but you have to be responsible and all cost for insurance and postal the customer must accept.

Please relax never mind you will never have any issues with any natural opal rings purchase from this site, but rest assured. Our policy will state clearly now full money returned back to the client, if not solid and genuine Australian opal gemstone that is placed into your ring that you purchase from Graham Black website.

You will find around the world including first world countries developing countries and Third World countries lots of natural gemstones but also lots of non-natural or synthetic gemstones, and as long as they are clearly stated natural no treatment of any kind, solid gemstone but with treatment enhancement, or simply Gilson or synthetic not natural. And then everything should be priced accordingly to the grouping naturally, this is where you need to do some homework research on pricing before purchasing.

Natural opal ring handcrafted.

natural opal bracelets

Natural opal bracelets solid silver,handcrafted jewelry.

Natural Australian opals can also be classified into a few more groups doublet being 50% the upper color natural, glued to often synthetic or sometimes dark natural base opal material. You can also have triplet opal which is three layers, on top of a doublet you have synthetic clear cabochon top cap.You can also have small chips of opal cut and polished placed tightly together into jewelry designs including opal rings, this is called mosaic jewelry.

You will find in first world countries most of the jewelry that had gemstones are stated clearly, but it always buyer beware but unfortunately around the world including Africa and Asia and South America many are synthetics not natural.

And this also goes without saying at gem shows including Tucson, I have seen synthetic gemstones including non-natural opal in rings. So guarantees gem testing certificates that come with the stone is a great way to do business, anywhere in the world and this includes buying a second-hand car, and most things.

Many gem and jewelry guys cannot afford to pay for the very expensive gem services and testing, always have the merchant before purchasing clearly right on the receipt solid natural jewelry, also get him or her to state gemstone treated or not treated on to the receipt.

This does not give you any guarantee if the gemstone has been priced accordingly, but do your homework. But if you see any opal rings and jewelry, all gemstone – pressures and semiprecious, ruby ,sapphires, it does not matter jadeite all stones jewelry with an insurance assessment valuation certificate, then the price will be set at International replacement price retail, if the natural ring is damaged. You then can clearly see how much the very professional gem expert price the ring jewelry for, so you can clearly see if you are getting a good discount buying wholesale or retail.

Natural opal rings by Graham are all handcrafted opal rings, no two designed the same, every ring is handcrafted and every item of jewelry is handcrafted by goldsmiths artisans that have worked in the jewelry industry all their lives.

Natural opal ring handcrafted.


Graham handcrafts all types of rings and your favorite designs are welcome. Only placing the best natural opals into every handcrafted ring. The opals were discovered at the most famous location in the world, which is now officially government recognized, this mine has officially been listed heritage mining site. Sydney is the capital of the state where this most amazing Australian opal heritage location is situated.

You can cut out all the top end of town opal specialist and save lots of your hard earned money, going direct to the primary producer of this natural gemstone mineral. Handcrafts the ring with only 100% guaranteed natural opals from the best location in the world Lightning Ridge Heritage location. You will save a lot of cost as jewelers in your country have to out source natural opals, from specialist jewelers that purchase opals from international gem dealers. Gem dealers cost are huge and have to be passed on to the consumer, gem merchants are always traveling to and from Australia.

This is why you’re saving so much as I cannot emphasize that gem dealers then travel around the world marketing showing their gemstones to different purchasing managers of jewelry boutiques. Jewelry shops boutiques they have to pay big prices for their goldsmiths in Britain European Union America Japan Dubai.
Don’t forget the fabulous promotion sale on now, the special deal is clients purchase one Opal 199 dollars the goldsmiths artisans will handcrafts free one ring basic design free of charge, clients only have to pay for the amount of gold or silver that is needed, insurance postage to your address all free of charge.

If you are looking for a very detail handcrafted ring with maybe diamonds or other gemstones incorporated into the design, then you will have a very small minimum charge for the extra time that very large detail handcrafted rings take to custom make.  You will have something special in regards to your jewelry because you will have the only opal of its kind, as you never see two matching identical opals, the perfect engagement ring unique gemstone unique handcrafted design, and uniquely affordable as such natural opal jewelry would usually set you back 75% more than Graham’s magnificent special offers.

There are many ways you can purchase direct from the trolley cart, you can e-mail and arrange for check to be sent, there is a very small waiting time unto the cheque is cleared in to the account. You can also direct debit into the account or if you prefer cash payment via your favorite electronic transfers like Western Union, let as no how you prefer to pay for a natural opal ring all handcrafted designs.