Opal jewellery store.

Opal jewellery store.

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Opal jewellery Store online.

Opal jewellery store Amazing Offer Sale for Customers, free Custom made jewelry simply if you buy one opal over $199. Graham will hand make free of charge one custom ring or pendent design jewelry free of charge. Best prices here Graham has better prices then you will fine any where for handmade opal jewelry.

Opal jewellery store jewelry stores at wholesale prices, you will not find more affordable custom goldsmith. Cut out all the middle people and go direct to the primary producer, Australian opal gemstone specialist in the Industry . Graham the only opal expert with Government official Heritage listed opal mine, because the stones are known as the best quality, listed as item of environmental heritage in LEP National Trust of Australia. Free honest certificate the only opal producer from the Capital of the black opal Industry in the Premier State the Capital Sydney Australia.

Opal jewellery store 15 years ago it was very difficult to find an opal jewellery stores, but today not only countries like Australia and Hong Kong America Japan have opal jewellery stores, but you can go online in all countries these days.

Heritage stones from opal specialist Graham, best prices for unique opal jewelry and the best quality opals ever discovered direct from Goldsmith Master Artisan that did not major in American English, but you will not find more honest affordable custom jeweler, please excuse the graphic web designer also because the guy’s from India.

Because the country of Ethiopia has found in recent times a large deposit of crystal mostly low grade and commercial grade, today you can find this jewellery in many more countries India Thailand China South America Africa, but as cities in these countries are so big its often still difficult to find specialist opal jewellery store,getting more difficult to find Australian opal this is where eBay and websites with many more major online jewellery stores you can find in the comfort of your lounge room or office computer with smart phones.

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Opal jewellery Store online.

Before this large deposit was discovered in Ethiopia, Australia was the major supplier well over 90% was mined there. The much more inferior cheaper crystal from Ethiopia has confused jewellers, destroying the Australian supply but if you are looking for the best quality regardless of your budget pressures gem commercial grade, semiprecious low grade Australian is still the only option, on-line Australian opal jewellery store at Graham Black Opal Jeweller.

Opal jewellery Store.

We have a special opal jewellery store offer, if you purchase one of our gemstone over $191 dollars our master goldsmith is free, your jewellery design with opal from Australia will be custom-made free.You only have to pay for the gold used, a limited amount of silver is free for a ring design or pendant, if you need extremely detail custom goldsmith artisan work with other gemstones incorporated into the jewellery design with the opal, then you will have to pay a little bit extra cost for this special sale, we give money back guarantee for at least 30 days, if the jewellery is not made to good international standards and the opal gemstone is not solid Australian with no treatment of any kind, and the photographs on our site resembles the item you purchase from us, “If found otherwise no questions asked money back,” please return it to us in the same condition.

Fine us on google maps, this is the location of the opals used in our custom-made jewellery at Graham Black Opal jewellery store longitude-latitude -29.462290, 147.968577 only Heritage listed lease mine today, where the best deposit of top quality opal gemstones were discovered.

Australian industry produces the most outstanding-most highest quality-best opal gemstones used in quality jewellery around the world. Unfortunately a lot of inferior Ethiopian opal is being sold on eBay opal jewellery store as Australian opals, along with the Australian opal jewellery ebay seller have on display. The jewellery is usually manufactured in India and the gemstone is not Australian but from the country of Ethiopia.

Opal jewellery Store .


Black opals on ebay,” wow over 90% of opal sold as Black opal or Semi-Black opal gemstones N1 N2-N3-N4 on Ebay and around the world “would not be classified as black opal by lab’s for example, the largest Geology institute GIA headquarters based in the United States of America would not list them as black regardless where the opals are sold, “in a jewellery shop or online internet, but a word of warning, “Do not buy stones without a proper grading report”, for example, GIT, IGI, GIA are very good. Be very careful when dealing with an unknown grader & never trust an in-house grading report.

As I am the gemstone producer miner I know what I found and where in Australia so I do not have time to have all my stones tested by Geology institute grading labs, I do have quite a few reports from institutes on the opal jewellery store, I simply advise people to purchase one gemstone then simply have GIA institute test, if the gemstone is not solid without any treatment they will give you a report in writing . I give 30 day minimum guarantee 100% money back no question asked.

Opal jewellery Store.

Handmade opal rings.

I like to give 30 day minimum guarantee 100% money back no question asked if found otherwise, my guarantee is good, starts the day of delivery to you. This way you know what you have, then simply have your jeweller make a ring for you but unfortunately this will be very expensive in your country as jewellers labour is around $500 on the goldsmith work only, this is not including silver or gold.

I like to provide a great deal on opal jewellery ebay or my jewellery website : Simply contact as any time to ask about great deals, we sell our stones at wholesale prices direct from the only heritage lease mine in Australia. Simply e-mail us some clear picture of Australian opal that you can purchase from another site, and we will try to better the price or at least match the price and custom make your jewellery design still free of charge, as long as you purchase one of our stones over $199 from our opal jewellery store.