Carved Opal Sold Gemstone.


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Carved opal Sold gemstone guaranteed natural Black opal.


Carved Opal Gemstone from Australia.

Carved opal Gemstone wholesale black opal red multicolor opal size about 3 quarters inch by 6/8 inch
Australian opal, majority black opal cut and fully polished natural opal 100% solid Australian gemstones, guaranteed in writing or if found otherwise full money back in return policy,price US$271 bargain. Graham Black Opal, promotion 1 free custom-made ring work free of charge when purchasing one opal stone over $199

Carved opal gemstone.

Gemstone October Birthstone.

Natural opals from Graham’s opal mine that was announced officially by the state government in Australia that his opal mine, opals are among the most beautiful objects ever discovered, containing gem quality opals, and this is why his workplace was officially Heritage listed. There is no other opal producing area in the country that has been officially Heritage listed in the state capital Sydney Australia, or to my knowledge any other state of Australia.
Australia is known to produce the best quality natural opals in the world, and every single last one of Graham’s gemstones is natural 100%, with out any treatment of any kind direct from the mine at miners prices direct to the public, saving jewelers and Goldsmiths a lot of cost cutting out the middle people, so many people down the chain, merchants gem dealers brokers and shops etc.

Carved opal gemstone.

Guys don’t miss out as there is not many miners that can afford,or have the ability time to make and have websites in top search position on Google, that will allow customers to take advantage and go direct, to the only place in the world that has these amazing black opals, from the hot dry outback of Australia where rarely human beings people can ever venture.
Wholesale black opal from Graham Black Opal Specialist, the primary producer discover cuts and polishes all opals, handcrafts rings and all jewelry only making unique one-of-a-kind designs, selling direct at the most affordable prices for custom-made opal jewelry from officially Heritage listed opal mine in the state capital Sydney Australia, graham for all your carved opal gemstone .