Rings Australian opals.

Rings Australian opals.

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Rings Australian opals look stunning particularly handmade opal jewelry with diamonds.

Rings Australian opals regardless of gender mens ladies rings with Australian opals look even more amazing with some little diamonds, this does not add a lot of cost to hand made jewelry as long as the diamonds are small not over 0.3. “Sale Now we have a great sale customers only have to buy one of our gemstones over $199 and we will hand make the ring free and guarantee the gemstone.

Rings Australian opals Goldsmith old experience but our graphic web designer did not major in English but our goldsmith is a Master Artisan, and this site has the best prices for unique opal jewelry.

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Australian opals and black opal gemstones 100% guarantee solid not treatment of any kind.


There are many choices available when customers prefer custom made rings Australian opals, many men would just prefer one quite large Australian gemstone set in a masculine design ring, some guys would prefer two Australian blue green on black stones mounted side-by-side in a unique hand made ring design.

Guys like I said previously many options as long as the designer and goldsmith have good experience, the design can have three Australian blue green on black stones mounted side-by-side in a handmade men’s ring. There are many choices with Australian opals many colors, most expensive multiple colors predominantly red. Multiple colors predominantly orange is the next, some customers would just prefer one color red, others would prefer single green or maybe only blue, you can have shads of purple lavender, you can simply save a lot of money by purchasing a blue or purple or maybe lavender or mix these colors in one stone, but if you’re talking cabochon cut shape gemstone in these colors with intense colors you will pay more, but when the gemstone is set in a hand made ring design and is finished you will stand out in the crowd.


Rings Australian opals.


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Hand made opal rings from Australian.


So many options when it comes to this particular Australian gemstone, rings Australian opals,pendants and all jewelry. Sometimes it’s the pattern of the gemstone that is desirable first of, the client wishes to have a custom ring made and the design comes second. Sometimes the stone must have certain colors and must be black opal, you can have all these colors mixed or individual also sitting on a white back stone, some people think this particular color is more feminine but it always up to the customer preference. Sometimes stones can be very difficult to find if the request is very unusual with no measure of leniency.

One of the most beautiful and affordable gemstone in this group is the Australian crystal which has all the colors of the rainbow also, and like I described above single color or multiple colors, you can have two colors in one stone and three or four colors in one gemstone, many patterns many shades, if were talking very good quality gemstones black back is always more expensive than very good crystal and very good crystal is more expensive than very good white, but in some cases very good Australian boulder can rival very good crystal opal .


Rings Australian opals.


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Australian hand made opal rings by custom made jeweler.


It does not matter if ladies ruby sapphire jewelry have diamonds, but diamonds do enhance custom-made jewelry. Ladies rings with Australian opals look more amazing also with diamonds, small diamonds do not add a lot of cost to handmade jewelry as long as the diamonds are small 0.2 but certainly not over 0.3.


rings Australian opals

Heritage Australian opal jewelry site, the gemstones come from Heritage mine.

Jewelry rings Australian opals.

There are many choices available when customers have jewelers hand make their ring, many ladies would just prefer one or two carat Australian gemstones set in a very elegant feminine design ring, some women would prefer their designer ring with two Australian opals and no diamonds but diamonds do truly add and enhance the gemstone when it comes to designer rings with Australian opals and the same applies to ruby sapphires unique rings,”diamonds help to enhance the main gemstone.



 opal mining map ,australian opal mining,australian opal mines,

My gemstones are mostly black opal mined at location name lighting ridge.




opal mine,opal mining, lightning ridge opal mines

Our opal gemstones come from this mine, the only heritage mine left at 3 mile lightning ridge the country of Australia.




rings Australian opals

Custom made jewelry rings Australian opals by Graham Black.




handmade opal jewelry

Hand made opal jewelry image.




Custom-made opal rings

Picture of Australian opal rings design with diamonds .




handmade black opal rings,handmade black opal jewellery

Opal jewelry from Graham Black.




handmake opal ring

Hand made opal rings and jewelry.




australian opal rings

Custom-made Australian opal rings and jewelry.




handmade opal rings

Men’s rings ladies hand made opal rings.




 jewelry custom made

Custom made men’s rings ladies hand made opal rings.




my opal mine,lightning ridge mine,opal mine,opal mining

Best quality opal discovered in this Australian mine.

Custom opal jeweller .

Please contact us for custom made rings Australian opal, direct from the primary producer miner and the Goldsmith wholesaler.