Rings Opals.

Rings Opals.

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Opal Rings Specialist Jewellery.

Opal rings opal jewellery site has every thing you need to know these days about opal gemstones, unfortunately most of the the jewelry industry is mass-produced in countries like India or China, third world countries with lots of corruption and very little quality control, integrity is always a big issue in business. Graham always recommend choosing handcrafted custom-made rings from first world countries, as your country goldsmiths are like goldsmith in his country, with official Government checks and balances and providing good legal system for customers. But the difference here you are you going directly the graham’s Australian mine and saving a lot by cutting out the middleman that travels back and forward from Australia to your country supplying goldsmith with this gemstone.

opal ring with diamonds surrounding opal in 18 ^ gold

Multi colour opal in a beautiful handcrafted setting.

THIS WEBSITE IS A GREAT OPAL JEWELLERY PRICING GUIDE. Pricing opal first check to see if its all natural 100% solid Australian gemstones, study the patterns carefully as you will most likely never see any synthetic patterns 2 of the same identical stones, otherwise they would be synthetic as you do not see 2 very symmetrical identical patterns shapes and sizes, And this will give you a great guide in the future to help you recognise and red flag possible synthetics. Understanding natural opal patterns is the first step in the guide to recognizing natural stones, also white or black and grey color bottoms backs and sides of the stones usually natural and showing some white sand uneven conclusions and sometimes with colors mixed in, but synthetic black and white reveal mixed colors and the same pattern as the top completely the same on the bottoms also.

Opal Jewellery.

Best quality Australian opals that are fully guaranteed natural gemstones here. Articles on graham’s website on the subject of the Australian industry and articles on the history, articles about how to clean opal rings jewelry many articles on this website. Information articles about cutting and polishing Australian gemstones, great articles on famous stones with photographs videos showing location of the biggest open cut opal mine in the industry. Articles on how to hand make jewellery along with outbound links to youtube videos with inbound links to similar post on custom made jewelry handcrafted.

Safest investments handmade gold jewellery with nice opals and all nice gemstones, as good as money cash on hand as most people in the world can cash there gold rings or their gold jewellery in, immediately in China and all South East Asian countries including India and receive local currency at the international going price in local cash. Gold is heavy to carry so a good quality gemstone weighs little 5 cts to 1 g and can increase the value of the gold ring hundreds times over the International gold price of the day that you will receive, hey great idea if you’re travelling on your next holidays and have your bankcard blocked for some strange reason, lose your handbag wallet but your necklace it’s like your own personal safe wearing all the jewelry all the time, you never have to take the jewelry off and you can hide your investment for safety reasons under your outfit for safety, we’re handbags can be snatched and sometimes targeted in many countries South America and Africa blah blah.

Australian opal ring.

These type of gemstone from Australia are the best quality in the world on their type, and the most amazing of all opals, and the very best opals come from around the location known as Lightning Ridge, and particularly the deposits that was discovered from the official government heritage mines 3 mile road on the outskirts of town, in the far north-west of the state of New South Wales Sydney the capital.
Opal gemstones from Australia beyond a doubt best quality and recognized as the most amazing in the opal jewelry industry, with the most beautiful patterns clearly showing in the gemstones, patterns including Chinese writing characters and fabulous patterns peacock harlequin shapes, also shapes of butterflies of birds truly amazing patterns with cosmic formations patterns and so many more, with beautiful high dome cabochon gemstones and flat stones and semi-cabochon, with all the colors of the rainbow on black bodytone also known as N1 or N2 to semi-black N3 to dark grey bodytone N4. Base not only on the black back of the gemstone, but the particular layer that colours immediately sit directly on top of, if black then also known as being in the black opal group, but yet the very bottom and sides of the gemstone can be greyish colours.

I hear you say land is a good investment yes but depending on the country in these uncertain times, but if you’re on holiday you can turn your gold ring into cash in many countries and in all of Asia, pressures metals gold jewelry and very rare gemstones like Australia opals are your best investment in the future, great to have on hand as backup, cash when traveling if needed to sell at today’s price, not at a fire sale price or second hand. The world use to based everything on English pound and gold, so who knows the future if people get away from the American dollar, maybe bit coins could be the replacement for world currencies, but I doubt it more like gold and precious gemstones. American economy slow European union splitting up currency down, Russian problems British pound down China economy slow and Japanese money yen down. For a long time now banks no interest profit or very little, what about American dollar what is the future for the USA dollar, most strong countries their currency going down often these days.

Opal Gemstones.

This website has Articles on rings and post about his opals and history of the opal industry, plus many more post articles on his website all the information you need to know about this gemstone and particularly Australian opal gemstones. Articles about everything you need to know about how to purchase an opal ring or jewellery.
Also in this most famous 3 mile area of Lightning Ridge crystal is discovered, beautiful crystal clear transparent crystal, along with semitransparent crystal with multi color. His gemstones all have unique individual colors and patterns unlike many other gemstones, diamonds etc all cut the same all graded the same all identical. The Heritage mines at Lightning Ridge gemstones come in a huge range of different colors mixed colors with single colors or 2 or 3, 4 and 5 colors, and with very little pattern or if your budget better fabulous patterns. Opals for every budget from the lowest to commercial grade medium grade opal gemstones to the highest most expensive opal ring on the international color stone market.